Why stomach hurts


  • Dyskinesia of esophagus
  • stomach Dyskinesia
  • Dyskinesia of biliary tract

  • Dyskinesia of the digestive tract - the
    diagnosis means dysmotility and esophageal peristalsis,
    gastric, biliary tract or bowel. All this is due to sedentary
    lifestyle and poor diet. The love of spicy dishes,
    spices, irritating the mucous membrane of the digestive tract,
    It leads to disease. In these difficult times it is impossible to
    avoid stress.

    All this affects the development of dyskinesias
    digestive tract ...
    In addition, dyskinesia of the digestive tract are more prone to women.
    Young girls often torture themselves strict diet. Wrong,
    irregular eating small meals often provokes
    disease. The cause of dyskinesia of the digestive tract are also
    neurotic disorders, conflicts and stressful situations,
    endocrine disorders, heredity.

    Dyskinesia of esophagus

    Dyskinesia of esophagus characterized by the violation of its tone (atonic), sometimes occurs even paralysis of the esophagus.

    What is the reason? The appearance of dyskinesia associated with esophageal lesions
    of peripheral and central nervous system. Furthermore, if
    decreasing muscle tone of the esophagus, it can also lead to

    Symptoms of the disease. Often there is chest pain, frequent belching and
    regurgitation, difficult swallowing, diarrhea occur

    Diagnosis. It is necessary to exclude esophageal cancer, which often has similar symptoms.

    Treatment. Contraindicated exercise is recommended
    light diet. Meals should be frequent and fractional (4-6 times a day).
    Appointed by the soothing, antispasmodic and holinoliticheskie

    stomach Dyskinesia

    stomach Dyskinesia
    It occurs when it is broken motor function. improper
    power, after infectious diseases can be observed
    ptosis of the stomach. Then, it decreases the tone and there atony or

    Sometimes the tone of the stomach on the contrary increased. The highest degree of increase of the stomach tone is its spasm.

    What is the reason the appearance of the disease?

    • Why stomach hurts Atony of the stomach may occur in myocardial infarction,
      peritonitis, pneumonia. In certain serious infectious diseases,
      after previous surgery.
    • Hypertension
      the stomach is observed on the background of common diseases, characterized
      spastic condition of the muscles (lockjaw, some species
    • In addition, the disease may occur
      result of changes in gastric motility, which occurs when the ulcer
      stomach, gallstones, etc. Sometimes it is a consequence of
      mental stress, stress.

    Symptoms of the disease. For gastric atony characteristic heaviness in the stomach,
    the urge to vomit, a dull ache in the stomach. Symptoms rapidly growing,
    there is a life-threatening situation.

    Hypertension asymptomatic or characterized yazvennopodobnom pain.

    Treatment. When atony gastric intubation used in order to extract the contents
    stomach to restore its tone. Treatment of the underlying disease,
    which led to the expansion and atony of the stomach. Combating dehydration
    administration of drugs that stimulate toning and increase
    gastric motility.

    Hypertension treated with sedatives. holinoliticheskimi,
    antispasmodics. Observe sparing diet,
    proper work and rest.

    Diagnosis is based on radiological and gastropically research.

    Dyskinesia of biliary tract

    Dyskinesia of biliary tract - A very common disease in our time.

    Its appearance is connected with hormonal disorders.
    There is a reflex, as a complication of peptic ulcer disease, colitis,
    appendicitis. In addition, often the result of insufficient
    food, sedentary lifestyles. It has two forms -
    hyperkinetic and hypokinetic.

    Symptoms of the disease:

    • pain in the right upper quadrant aching or cramping in nature;
    • sweating;
    • pallor;
    • increased heart rate.

    Treatment. Proper nutrition, normalization of lifestyle,
    adequate sleep, thermal physiotherapy and antispasmodic
    holinoliticheskie funds.

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