Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: Treatment


  • Methods of treatment of chronic pelvic pain?
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: treatment antispasmodics
  • Vitamins and magnesium in patients with chronic pain in the back or abdomen

  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: TreatmentChronic back pain, back and stomach, in theirlower divisions are called pelvic pain. Pelvic pain - this is not a diagnosis, it is just a syndrome that can accompany a wide variety of diseases, a condition requiring the differential diagnosis of the causes of search and selection of optimal treatment.

    Chronic pelvic pain syndrome oftenaccompanies gynecological, urological diseases, diseases of the intestine, back and joints, nerve fiber injury, myofascial disorders. Often, chronic pelvic pain associated with depression, stress and violence.

    Methods of treatment of chronic pelvic pain?

    The choice of method of treatment of chronic pelvic pain, above all, depends on the cause of its occurrence.

    • Chronic back pain, inlumbosacral junction, in the abdomen, in the crotch area, extending to the anterior surface of the inner thighs and external genitalia is typical for women suffering algomenorrhea, disparenuriey, vulvodynia, ovulatory disorders. At gynecological pain always indicates its relationship to the menstrual cycle. Pathogenetic treatment of chronic pelvic pain caused by functional disorders are usually involves the administration of hormonal contraceptives and progesterone drugs. As symptomatic drugs simple analgesics and antispasmodics apply.
    • Chronic back pain treatmentsIn the presence of inflammatory anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in the genitals.
    • Relieving chronic back pain, abdominal pain, perineum after birth injury, nerve damage, muscle tone disorders help physiotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture.
    • When myofascial syndrome applied the blockade of trigger points and muscle relaxants.
    • In depression, post-stress condition and chronic pelvic pain syndrome, patogeneticheskoelechenie includes prescription of antidepressants, the use psychotherapeutic techniques.
    • Surgical methods of treatment and preventionchronic pelvic pain are shown in endometriosis, benign and malignant tumors of the reproductive organs, intestines, and other problems that can be corrected surgically.

    Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: treatment antispasmodics

    Treatment of chronic pelvic painChronic pain in the lower back, abdomen,caused by spasm or dilation of a hollow organ, such as the reduction of the uterus, fallopian tubes or intestines, pretty well removed antispasmodic drugs. Inflammatory processes that cause reflex spasm of blood vessels and smooth muscles, blood flow is also a violation susceptible antispasmodic therapy is actually chronic pain in irritable bowel syndrome.

    The use of antispasmodic drugsIt is recommended at the very beginning of the formation of chronic pain. When this preparation is used should be maximally effective and safe at the same time. Treatment of chronic pain in the back and abdomen with spastic colitis should not give rise to unwanted side reactions in the form of hypotension, and dyspepsia. Thus, when the pain is selected spastic preparation having selective action on the smooth musculature of hollow bodies, for example, of drotaverine hydrochloride.

    Vitamins and magnesium in patients with chronic pain in the back or abdomen

    In recent years, found that in the development ofgynecological disorders, emotional disorders and the formation of increased neuromuscular excitability plays an important role of magnesium deficiency and vitamin B6. In modern stereotype of power, many lack the trace element and vitamin B6. Deficiency exacerbates the use of diuretics, cardiac glycosides, antibiotics, caffeine, estrogen-containing contraceptives and other drugs.
    Appointment of organic magnesium salts (orotate,lactate, citrate and others) in combination with vitamin B6 significantly improves chronic pelvic pain accompanied by deficiency of these substances.

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