Garlic against acne, allergies and a bald head


Black bread with flavored sunflower oil,salt and garlic flat ovalchikami ... Delicious! But even if you can not chew garlic cloves, apples, garlic you need. This is one of the least expensive product. It will extend and make your life easier and save you from a host of health problems, which every day spoil your mood.

undeserved insult

undeserved insultGarlic is not always considered a gastronomicsophistication. Popular among Italian farmers and the Indian poor, he gained contempt of wealthy Englishmen and wealthy Americans who thought the spicy vegetable food of the lower class.

As time passed, blurred social boundaries, andThe West has learned with interest and respect the experience of the "backward" peoples. Oriental spices, including garlic, have settled in almost every world cuisine. Pilaf without garlic? Guacamole without ostrinki? Sweet baked meat? Hard to imagine.

But the taste of garlic - not the main thing, and not the first of its dignity. The merit of garlic - in exceptional health benefits.

1. Garlic prevents cancer

Not any type of cancer, but at least rectal cancer, colon and stomach. However, be careful: no drugs with garlic extract does not safeguard against cancer. Only fresh vegetable.

2. Garlic protects against viruses

Thank antioxidants, which in garlicexcess. You do not get rid of all the viruses at once, but if you eat garlic, not only on holidays, stop to pick up each volatile bacillus. And if they get sick, you will suffer disease easily and quickly, without complications.

3. Garlic regulates the level of sugar

It is no coincidence diabetics recommend garlic seasoning food. Spicy vegetable gently helps the development of natural insulin.

4. Garlic heals skin

In particular, we are talking about acne. It is unlikely to be held for a week, if you will every day to eat garlic whether polgolovki inflammation of the sebaceous glands. However, topical application of garlic - in the form of compresses on the affected acne areas - quickly helps to improve the skin's appearance. It is best to put garlic on the night and morning, wash thoroughly.

5. Garlic eliminates the bald

Another method for external use of garlic. Research approved the national experience: Garlic helps to grow hair where hair loss has begun. Crush the garlic in the mashed potatoes, and every day, massaging, rub into my head.

6. Garlic saves from ticks

Scientists have said that those who regularly eat garlic, rarely complain about tick bites.

7. Garlic regulates the pressure

Hypertensive garlic just shows that if there is it every day, the pressure will be less likely to jump to exorbitant levels.

8. Garlic cures psoriasis

Anti-inflammatory effects of garlic helpsreduce the symptoms of psoriasis. In periods of sustained remission and during relapse eat garlic: it is able to significantly reduce the frequency and ease the severity of the disease.

9. Garlic helps with herpes

You probably should not do garlic compresses whengenital herpes. But in the ordinary when on the lip jumps "cold", garlic is indispensable. Only begins to appear herpes - even the first itch, a pimple when he has not grown, - attach a clove of garlic. And the bubble inflated decline if "cauterize" his garlic.

10. Garlic helps to remove splinters

Not torture, raskovyrivaya skin needle and tweezers. Splinter will itself, if applied to the affected area with a piece of finely chopped garlic. Secure the garlic with a bandage and leave it alone for an hour.

11. Garlic weakens toothache

If all of a sudden toothache, put on the sore spot garlic plate. The pain subsides.

12. Garlic easier for allergy

Garlic allergy-sufferers need, especiallythose who was suffering from pollen allergies and other volatile compounds. Garlic esters reduce airway inflammation and impair the body's response to allergens.

13. Garlic helps in osteoarthritis

Garlic, onions and leeks reduce the pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and slow the course of disease. Eat inside.

14. Garlic helps to lose weight

Garlic helps to lose weightSly garlic in a special way affects the fat cells, preventing them to grow exponentially. Eat garlic and lose weight!

How much garlic?

When it comes to compression and rubbing,Use the amount of garlic, which is specified in the recipe. For splinter - a small piece to cover the skin puncture site. For the treatment of psoriasis - more, depending on the affected area.

In all cases, when the garlic is useful to use inward sufficiently cloves one day. But fresh. Marinated, stewed, boiled and fried, garlic is just flavored seasoning.

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