Generic "pig in a poke" or worthy alternative to expensive drugs


Generic "pig in a poke" or worthy alternative to expensive drugs Imagine a situation, the doctor prescribed to you dear and effective
medication and the pharmacy you are offered a cheaper analogue thereof,
claiming that the result will be the same. What ideas will visit you in this
Minute? Do you want to sell cheap, stale and ineffective means? Or you
discharged dorogushchy drug while it was possible to do much
lower cost? How to be in this case, your doctor or believe yet
to be led by the desire to save money? Why analogues of expensive drugs It is several times cheaper than the original
drugs, and how do they differ? Try to understand.

Generics, namely the so-called cheaper counterparts expensive drugsThey are not criminal
products are the same patented drugs, as well as their
original "brand" counterparts. Generics contain the same active
active substance, but differ from the original composition of the subsidiary
components. More often cheap analogues
expensive drugs
starting to produce when the validity period ends
patent protection for brand-name drugs, that is, when the cost of his invention,
testing and other resource-intensive processes pharmacological production
paid off, at the manufacturer there is another priority
activity, and several drug demand falls. To obtain
additional profits from drug production, some pharmaceutical
generics companies support Issue expanding their production in countries with
cheap labor and a well-developed pharmaceutical industry.
But more often cheaper counterparts expensive
appear after 12-25 years, the end of the patent on
Original, when the release of cheap analogue drugs can be organized without
help companies grandparent, for the production of generic authorization is not

According to WHO, 10-20% of all produced generics do not
pass quality control inspection. Pharmaceutical factories specializing
on the issue cheaper counterparts expensive
often buy cheap and low-quality raw materials in China,
India and Vietnam - countries that supply the world counterfeit medicines.
So, buying generic can not be sure that it is safe for health.

Generics do have the same basic properties as
and originals. But due to the fact that the auxiliary component analogues expensive drugs no different quality and degree of
cleaning of these drugs is characterized not the best way, the effect of
Actions may be less pronounced. In generics may experience side
reactions, which do not have brand-name drugs, and therapeutic action
the drug can be expected much longer.

The concept of generic can not be understood as analogous to the term "equivalent
drug substance. " The fact is that drugs with similar composition and
the same effect produced by digging under various pharmaceutical
its own brand names. Thus drugs are equivalent
not only pharmaceutical, but also biologically and therapeutically.
Pharmaceutical equivalence implies the same composition, similar
dosage forms and ways of administration of the substance. Furthermore, it is contemplated
that preparations are identical in impact. Biological equivalence means
drugs that are absorbed into the body at the same speed and create
the same concentration of active substances in common points of application at regular
intervals. Bioequivalence studies are conducted on the two dozen
volunteers and require some monetary investment and time, but even these
costs can not be compared with the test of therapeutic equivalence,
implying full detailed costly clinical trials.
Generics can be pharmacological, and even biological counterparts expensive
drugs, but they are never tested for therapeutic
equivalence, that is, may have a completely different safety profile, in other
words represent some danger for the organism.

Of course, a great advantage of generic drugs is their affordability,
which is especially important for people with low incomes. And it is only a nuance,
which may justify the use of low-cost analog expensive branded drugs
but to save on their own health can not be, because the medicine is as much
it is worth it. Buying generic, ensure credibility
the manufacturer of the drug and acquire only if there is a certificate
quality and a license for its sale.

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