Is there any benefit in synthetic vitamins?


The identity of the natural

Whether to accept vitamins?Afraid of "synthetic" vitamins stupid. Vitamins banks and blisters - is not marketing hype, but the result of decades of research. Substitutes natural vitamins not only provide the body the same effect as the original vitamins themselves, but also for the benefit of preservation of substances. The same vitamin C in red pepper or yellow kiwi destroyed even in the whole fruit or vegetable. The number of cuts it is reduced with each passing minute.

So canned vitamins is at least as useful as natural, of products.

Is there enough vitamins from food?

Evolutionary man has adapted to a largephysical activity, high levels of stress and a low share of comfort, that are accustomed to hunger, cold and weather whims. Under these conditions, it took a lot of food. Modern man sitting at a computer, sleeping in the warmth and comfort, no one escapes and hunts for a meal with a trolley wire instead of spears. Of course, it requires several times less energy than the wild ancestor of the forest, or a resident of the Middle Ages.

Some southern countries can boast of a largethe number of centenarians. This is primarily the area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. Those who live there eat a lot of fish and plant products, and still bask in the sun. They do not have vitamin deficiencies. An ordinary Russians it, alas, there. Do vitamins help him?

Proponents of taking vitamins

Those who say that life is not good without vitamins, based on several postulates.

  • Man does not know what a normal life, andbelieves that sleepiness, seasonal lethargy, fatigue, and frequent colds - the norm. However, the one who does not experience vitamin deficiency, life is very different: full of energy, action and joy. Try to take vitamins to feel the difference.
  • Meals average person is very monotonous. The same salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with a sprig of dill, a usual apple a day, and avocado - on holidays, as exotic.
  • Vitamins in kind are rapidly destroyed: long storage of fruits and vegetables (plus their delivery immature) - in stock, in a metal bowl in the fridge, heat for cooking, canning, drying and freezing. All this deprives products they contain vitamins.
  • Stress and too intense life accelerated consumption of vitamins.

Opponents taking vitamins

Proponents of all natural and often against the natural vitamin supplements. They are based on a number of recommendations relating to healthy lifestyles.

  • If you get enough sleep, moderate but regularengage in sports, there are a lot of fruits and vegetables, to give up refined foods, get enough rest and adjust itself to a positive, vitamin supplements are not needed.
  • Vitamins do not need the usual omnivorous manwhich is not interested in vegetarianism and mono-diet. Vitamins are not necessary before pregnancy (during pregnancy - according to medical advice), if you do not do weightlifting or anything seriously ill "cold."

Determine whether you need vitamin supplements

Whether to accept vitamins?Some of the obvious signs of ill healthsuggest which ones you do not have enough vitamins. Although we give a list of the most common, caution: take vitamin supplements only after consulting a doctor and a number of analyzes. You never know how strong your personal vitamin deficiency. To understand how much and what kind of materials you need it, you need diagnostics.

A lack of vitamin C. If the skin has become dry and scaly, if the hair dull, break or fall out if you often pick up a infection, if you want to sleep more than before, and hardly get up in the morning, if you long to heal even small scratches if bleeding gums - may you lack of vitamin C.

Lack of vitamins of group B. If you are more irritable than before, notice the difficulty in falling asleep, and sleep at night if you get tired more quickly and have little energy to active, if you have cracked lips (especially the corners of the lips), if you notice that often scratched (itchy skin in different places), if you feel dizzy when a sudden change in body position - you may have a deficiency of vitamins of group B.

Vitamin D. If you notice that suddenly deteriorated state of the teeth and gums if you have a driving foot, you inexplicably gaining weight, or for no reason lose weight, provided that you live in the northern parts of the country - go to the doctor for shortage testing of vitamin D .

Vitamin A. If you notice that more than ever, tired eyes, you are worse than you see in the darkness when the face appeared acne if you are a woman and note unusual vaginal dryness - you probably do not have enough vitamin A.

Vitamin E. If you have dark circles under the eyes, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth if you find it hard to do normal activities with moderate exercise, if you feel a strange weakness - you may have a deficiency of vitamin E.

It seems clear answer to the question whether the vitamins, there is no taking. Perhaps the response to vitamin supplements, or their lack of individuality, universal recipe exists.

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