Oncology and human immune system


The immune system of a person and OncologyToday we will talk with you about the most topicaldiseases of our time - an oncology. To be more precise about its relationship with the human immune system. Without going into the specific details of interest only to narrow specialists, we can confidently assert that the basis of oncological process always lies malfunction of the immune system, and more specifically, its anti-tumor component. The fact that the human body during its whole life atypical cells continuously occur and it is not a disease. During normal operation of the immune system such cells immediately are recognized as "foreign" and destroyed without any outside interference. It follows that a major cause of cancer is a progressive malfunction of the human immune system, which does not recognize any abnormal cells, or does not allow them to self-destruct signal (apoptosis). And that is another option - a serious failure of antitumor immunity at the cellular level. And this problem is not a "low" of immunity, ie, it can not be solved simply by going immunity (immunostimulation), there is no point in duplicating the immune system cells when they are sick, it is necessary to treat them, restoring their natural functions. That is why in modern oncology focuses imunomodulyatoram, drugs, designed to restore the immune system malfunction. We would like to highlight in this line immunomodulating drugs with anti-carcinogenic properties - this is truly a breakthrough in cancer treatment and prevention. In simple terms, the preparations of the spectrum have a dual effect - they work and as immunomodulators, activating and restoring anti-tumor immunity of the person, and how cytostatics, ie have a direct impact on the atypical necrotic cells. Especially in the line of such preparations would like to mention the therapeutic drug Immucor GA-40, which is a complex of polypeptides of natural origin, whose size allows it to pass through the cell membrane. Thus, we can safely say that with the advent of modern pharmaceuticals immunomodulator with anti-cancer properties, acting at the cellular level without the side effects of cancer treatment goes to a whole new level.

We would like to note the high efficacy of these drugs for the prevention of cancer recurrence or in remission.

Oncology and human immune system

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