"Protargol" - our contemporary


"Protargol" - our contemporary"Protargol" - a brownish-yellow powder withoutodorless, slightly bitter, slightly astringent, changing under the influence of light. The basis of the action of this antiseptic - the principle of suppressing bacterial silver ions at a certain concentration. Like any drug, an aqueous solution of silver has its supporters and opponents. "Protargol" today regarded by many users from different points of view, and therefore deserves more detailed and detailed consideration. It is known that for many years has been the views of the "protargola" diverge, with the medical statistics gives the following data: for - 82% - against 18%.

Pros and cons "protargola"

Silver in a specific concentration doesIt has the ability to kill or inhibit the growth of certain types of bacteria - that's a plus. Important advantages of the drug should be attributed the fact that "Protargol" is not addictive and can be used for quite a long time. Also worth noting is its affordable price.

However, being a heavy metal, silverable to accumulate in the body and slow output. Once in the blood, its ions are carried and deposited in the liver, skin, spleen and kidney, bone marrow, endocrine glands, in the lens and cornea of ​​the eye - is a minus. In addition, among the disadvantages noted a small shelf-life of the drug, as well as the opportunity to purchase it only in pharmacies, where there is a prescription department.

Why are negative, you may ask, for silver -noble trace element? Yes, but what our body excess "shine" in the literal and figurative sense? Such "silver stocks" when the body accumulates more total grams of silver can cause the occurrence of the disease called argyria.

American "silver fever"

In America in the 30s of XX century oftenargyrosis been cases in connection with the reception of the drops from the common cold containing silver. In the 1990s, noticeable surge in the use of colloidal silver, which fell in the category of "food supplements" and does not require a special permit.

US Department of Health and remains today in positions cautious use "protargola", giving the right to choose and determine their relationship to the drug to consumers.
However, it should be noted the studiesAmerican authors, who claim that colloidal silver is absolutely harmless to humans and plants. The authors argue that the aqueous solution of the metal or silver - proteinate where metal concentrations as high as 30% - has the ability in the complex therapy to effectively treat a runny nose, nasal congestion, and offer to consider it as an effective tool in adenoids in children.

Myths and Reality of the "protargola"

"Protargol", introducing an aqueous solutionsilver, capable of forming a protective film on the mucosal surface. It is known that the use of "protargola" and reduces the sensitivity of the skin mucosa, constricts blood vessels, suppresses inflammatory reactions. Also, leather, saturated with silver ions, is particularly sensitive to sunlight and subjected to accelerated pigmentation.

However, some media todayspread the myth that "Protargol" - is an effective tool in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer, HIV and tuberculosis. Such assurances can be questioned, since the solution of silver is only a local antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drug that is used in the treatment of inflammatory and purulent processes in urology, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology.

Features of "protargola"

"Protargol" - our contemporaryExperts call a number of diseases,which "Protargol" manifests itself as efficiently as possible. Among them, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, otitis, adenoids, urethritis, cystitis. If the drug is used to treat the common cold, it is recommended to apply it necessarily in partnership with the oil arborvitae, which will help prevent the emergence of a large nasal mucous dryness.

The aqueous solution of silver ions shown totreatment of eye inflammatory diseases, such as conjunctivitis. The drug is approved for use for children and adults, it recommended 2-3 drops 2-4 times a day.

For the treatment of "Protargol" ENT diseases alsocan be used for both adults and children in the form of nose drops 3-5 drops 2 times a day. Keep in mind the important recommendation: before burying a drug should be thoroughly rinsed oropharynx, and then lubricate the mucous membranes.

Urology direction involves treatment of infections two percent "protargola" as the washing of the bladder and urethra.

Side Effects "protargola"

Like most drugs, "Protargol" also has some common side effects:

  • irritation and dryness of mucous in the nose and mouth;
  • burning sensation in the nose with instillation;
  • itching and numbness;
  • redness of the eye;
  • dizziness and headache;
  • drowsiness.

Rarely, but sometimes still marked urticaria, angioedema, atopic dermatitis and even anaphylactic shock.

Do not use "protargola" during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in case of hypersensitivity to the drug or its components.

There is another feature in the use of "protargola": it can be used only freshly prepared, and it should not be stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator.

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