Basic risk factors affecting the development of gallstone disease


  • The main risk factors

  • The gallway disease has received its name by the presence of stones in the gallbladder and bile ducts. Diseases of the gallbladder, known from ancient times, deliver a lot of trouble «Knocks» And nowadays. Just imagine that the gallstones were found in the study of embedded Egyptian mummies, and at present, the stones in the bustling bubble and bile ducts are revealed on average in 10-20% of the adult population. And frequency of morbidity «Stone disease», As statistics shows, annually increases.

    The main risk factors

    Basic risk factors affecting the development of gallstone diseaseFloor. The stones in the bustling bubble are diagnosed with beautiful sex representatives 5 times more often than in men. Previously thought it was coming from the stagnation of bile due to wearing women of tight corsets. Now the true reason for this «Equality» consider female hormonal background.

    Pregnancy. During pregnancy, as a rule, bile becomes more concentrated, and it is not by chance that many women in this period feel the unpleasant severity in the right hypochondrium. After childbirth, bile comes to normal, but there are also cases when cholesterol particles stick into lumps and settle on the walls of the gallbladder.

    Multifier. Previously it was believed that the more children in a woman, the greater the likelihood of gallway disease. Most likely, however, the risk is associated with the overweight that the woman acquires with the birth of every child, and not with the number of children.

    Bright skin. The diagnostic frequency of gallstones is very large depends on the personnel of a person to a particular ethnic group. For example, the lowest incidence of gall-eyed disease in the world is marked among the peoples of Africa, where it is less than 1%. People with light skin bile disease occurs significantly more often.

    Obesity. Even a small excess of the normal mass of the body turns into a threat of stone formation, and this is especially true for middle-aged women. According to statistics, full women are 6 times more likely to suffer from gallstones, and every 10 kg of excess weight double risk.

    Fast weight loss. Often a viscous bile and sand in the gallbladder are found in the ladies that drive themselves low-calorie diets. Similar effect also has «Preventive» Fat Restriction - Breakfast Consisting of Tea and Buns with Jam, Early Light Dinner.

    Age. In people under 40 years old, the gallstone disease is rare, but the older the person becomes, the higher the likelihood of the formation of stones.

    Contraceptives. In almost all instructions on the use of hormonal contraceptives with a high content of estrogen, it is indicated that their reception can lead to a violation of lipid metabolism - this is exactly what provokes bile-imaging disease.

    Cirrhosis of the liver. With cirrhosis due to alcoholism, the likelihood of gallpoint disease is also raised. On the other hand, the moderate consumption of alcohol, on the contrary, protects against the formation of stones in the bustling bubble.

    Heredity. It is believed that the development of gallstone disease is more likely to have people whose relatives also suffered from this disease.

    In addition, some drugs serve as a certain risk factor. There is evidence that the risk of rock formation increases calcium preparations used to treat osteoporosis.

    If you, dear readers, are applicable to some of the listed provisions, maybe you will somewhat consoles the fact that the stones are found from those people who have all these risk factors. Even if you are an antique blonde, respectable mother of a numerous family, only a doctor will decide whether you have special surveys on the basis of your complaints, and not colors of hair, age, gender or the number of pregnancies.

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