How to wash down medicine, not to harm


How to wash down medicine, not to harmClearly, this is not an idle question. As a doctor and a patient is important to know what kind of drink is not only not destroy the drug, but also help its speedy and full absorption and effects on the body.

When we wash down medicine milk or juice,morning tea or coffee, paying tribute to their punctuality and accuracy, we are sure that the treatment is under way, in no way think that got into the body and, above all, that has been left.

There is a whole list of drugs, the effect of which depends on when and in what order they are received, than to wash down, and should look like the diet in the days of receipt.

Who pays attention to the fact that many productsbeverages or weaken or even contribute to the rapid elimination of the drug from the body? Diet drinks and quality significantly affect the absorption of some drugs. For example, fatty foods reduces the effect of almost all drugs, acidic juices slow down the absorption of nutrients, milk and vegetables contribute to the rapid excretion of too many drugs.

Medicines need to drink water!

So usually sound medical advice orpharmacist, but rarely after that be the explanation why it is so and not otherwise. Now, if everyone knew and understood that the violation of such a seemingly simple and affordable rules can lead to tragic consequences, hardly began to wash down pills with tea, coffee or juice.

The interaction beverage and activedrug component of the active substance is neutralized. This is the most simple and harmless consequence of lack of attention to the doctor's recommendations. It is proved that virtually no treatment does not occur and the effect does not occur if calcium supplementation drink carbonated water. They just lose their properties, and they can drink up to infinity. This is the same reaction if they drink milk.

It is not always useful fruit juices

Juices are particularly easy to manage to change the propertiesdrugs. And in this case it is seen very popular and "therapeutic" grapefruit juice. It manages the juice longer than necessary delay the active drug substances in the body, not allowing them to display. Grapefruit juice can increase the effect of certain components several times, thereby causing an overdose, which, of course, very desirable and very dangerous.

The interaction of grapefruit juice and juice at allwith cardiac drugs, immunosuppressants, agents for lowering cholesterol, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, hormonal anticancer drugs and sometimes unpredictable.

For those who are taking medications that lowerblood clotting, it is desirable to memorize: no juices, especially cranberry! In this case the juice may be instigators gastric bleeding. Acidic fruit or vegetable juice a negative impact on the effectiveness of certain antibiotics, aspirin increase the activity. Fruit juices inactivate effect of taking antacids that reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

Tea, coffee, herbal teas - not now

How to wash down medicine, not to harmUnexpected effects of some medicationshave tea and coffee. For example, caffeine or tannin reacting with sedatives, antidepressants lead to the appearance completely opposite effect. The patient continues to be in a state of arousal and the action of the drug does not occur. Noted: if you drink tea, oral contraceptives, there is a decrease in their ability to contraceptive that often causes unintended pregnancy.

Very often patients to enhance the effect ofThey prefer to drink medications or herbal decoctions, naively believing that they increase the activity of certain drugs. In fact, everything happens with the "exact opposite". It is necessary to understand and remember: do not drink herbal decoctions drugs! For example, a useful infusion of hypericum significantly reduces the properties of contraceptives and antidepressants.

Mineral water and milk - only on the testimony

However, there is a whole listdrugs that not only should drink water and alkaline mineral water, for example, "Erythromycin" aspirin, sulfonamides, analgin. It is proved that this mineral water enhances their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

There are medications that should drink milk,is iodine preparations "reserpine", "Indomethacin", fat-soluble vitamins. At the same time we must remember that milk reduces the activity of antibiotics from the tetracycline group.

Special attention and conversation worthy receptiondrugs for "solemn" table. Medicine has repeatedly faced with examples of sedatives, painkillers or antibiotics drank strong liquor or wine directly for the holiday table. In such situations, the risk of unwanted side effects, and increased tenfold, up to the death.

Lovers of sweet carbonated drinks should be taken into account: none of them are not suitable for the medication.

Useful advice: what to drink and how to drink

  • Tip number 1: listen to the advice of a doctor and strictly follow them.
  • Tip number 2: carefully read the instructions for use of drugs.
  • Tip number 3: use common sense. If you do not know how to take a particular medicine, do not hesitate to ask a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

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