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  • Therapies meteozavisimosti

  • Therapies meteozavisimosti

    meteozavisimosti TreatmentThe mainstay of treatment of people sufferingmeteodependent is a healthy lifestyle. It is simple to see, and perhaps boring recommendations on adherence of the day, work and rest, nutrition principles, regular moderate exercise, hardening, etc. significantly increase the adaptive properties of the body and reduce the painful dependence on the vagaries of weather.

    Prevention meteopatii symptoms - employmentlong and laborious. Very important preventive measures is to normalize the sleep (as it was established by scientists, each person has their own rate of sleep duration, but women are usually required 1.5 hours more than men); vitamins seasonal autumn and spring (especially useful vitamins C, E, group B). In times of change of seasons can provide assistance to the so-called adaptogens - ginseng tincture, Siberian Ginseng, Manchurian Aralia, Pantocrinum. However, be aware that these medications can raise blood pressure, so caution should be used for patients with hypertension, as well as for pregnant women. Before taking adaptogens should consult with a physician. Daily walks in the fresh air, a good rest during the weekend also facilitate synchronization of biorhythms and Prevention meteopatii.

    When developed symptoms meteozavisimosti,especially against the backdrop of a chronic disease, drug treatment should pick a doctor. It is necessary to clearly observe the regime of taking the drugs, since the activity of their action is also subject to biorhythms. At various pain (muscle, joint, headache) self-massage can help. Massage movements (stroking, rubbing, kneading) carried out from the periphery to the center. Good effect can give acupressure, acupuncture.

    Breathing exercises help in adaptation to hypoxia, hardening - to temperature.

    Herbal medicine has a mild adaptogenic influence. Anti-stress and tonic effect have green tea, Paraguay tea Mate, lemon balm, turmeric, licorice.

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