Why do we write out "Anaferon", "Arbidol" and "Oscillococcinum"?


Why do we write out "Anaferon", "Arbidol" and "Oscillococcinum"?
Everyone one who treated sore throat or bronchitis
antibiotic, remembers how, after the second or third tablet formulation of its state
dramatically improved. Zabolev "a cold", only caused by a virus, it
He recalls the means which has helped so quickly. The trouble is that, despite the
Similar manifestations of the disease, such as an effective cure for the virus, both from
bacterial infection, have not yet established. And the reason is this: the virus itself
is on the border of the animate and inanimate world, it is only a high molecular structure with the
a drop of hereditary information. "Come alive" virus, but is embedded in
host organism (human or animal). Therefore, fighting the virus, so we
or else have to kill their own part of the cells into which the virus populate and
organized its own metabolism and reproduction [5].

"Come alive" virus, but is integrated into the host organism (animal or human).

Preparations for the treatment of SARS dumped in a big pile and called
"Antiviral" by analogy with the antimicrobial. In this heap completely
Various drugs are indeed antiviral and reportedly affect
immunity, drugs against symptoms of "cold" and a tablet
magical unexplored properties.

Let us names all the drugs that are crying out for yourself with
showcases and TV screens.


"Otsillokokktsinnum" - A BAA from duck liver, which is not and can not be clinical trials
it can be eaten, and this does not become worse. The confusion enters
Latinized name, like the word "Expelliarmus," which sounds loud,
but it does not mean anything decisively.

despite the end of "-feron" and sending to a class of its own protective substances
organism, interferons, has nothing to do with them. Although it should influence
their magic is not described in the medical literature as [6].

Both drugs are not helping with the flu and SARS. If you are at least
just notice their positive action, you have not helped the drug, as well
that some of the above.

  • Why do we write out "Anaferon", "Arbidol" and "Oscillococcinum"?Placebo effect. In other words, the belief that
    drug help, waiting for recovery, that is optimistic. The emergence of faith in
    the effectiveness of the drug may depend on many factors, among which
    recommendation for you means an authoritative person (doctor, senior
    a relative, a close friend you trust), and a considerable price
    (The belief that the road can not be useless), and inspiring
    respect for packaging, and omnipresent advertising, program the subconscious. Placebo
    no effect on viruses and bacteria, but copes with pain
    psychosomatic nature.
  • Tripping of protective mechanisms of the body.
    In other words - recover naturally. Western medicine is not
    is engaged in treatment of viral respiratory infections, since treatment or
    no, they go away in about a week.
  • Simultaneous reception with homeopathy effective
    means. Taking homeopathic medicines and also to relieve symptoms
    SARS, you get the effect only on the past, but you can sincerely believe,
    that transfer the disease on their feet helps to homeopathy.
  • Homeopathy is not harmful. It is useless.

    But if you believe in its effectiveness, some state
    she is able to facilitate.

    Immunostimulants and immunomodulators

    With a very simple and very pleasant stimulation of the immune system
    we are familiar with from childhood - a vaccine against influenza. Her high
    efficiency, it helps to prevent the disease or have had in the erased
    form. Vaccination is best done in 3-4 months prior to the peak incidence, but not
    later than two weeks before the peak of the epidemic (it is not so difficult
    predict, as it seems, and even farther from the medicine man knows that
    most flu-like time - winter) [3.5]. The bad news is that the virus,
    ready to attack us in the cold time of the year, more than a dozen species, and against
    these vaccines do not. However, the dose of antiviral vaccines can buy
    in pharmacy.

    Best selling products group and immunostimulants
    immunomodulators - "Grippferon", "Amiksin", "Viferon" and
    Other challenges in the neighborhood with the listed in the window allocated funds
    against the flu and colds.

    A part of these drugs substances such as
    interferon "viferon" and "Grippferon" tilorona in "Amiksin" and mysterious
    polymer in the same vehicle do not possess antiviral activity
    and do not stimulate the immune system.

    Tilorona not passed even in the large-scale Russian
    clinical trials, which could be trusted (not to mention the
    foreign: anywhere but in Russia, not heard of these substances), as well as no
    compelling clinical trials of interferon either abroad or in this country - for the treatment of SARS.

    interferon group should be considered in detail. These
    formulations made from donated blood, isolating a human interferon-alpha.

    At some point, researchers thought of interferons,
    that we found the very cure for the virus that does not confuse the host himself
    the virus and destroy the invader with his crafty biological methods through
    stimulation of cells and other substances.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that large protein molecules are not
    so easy to deliver into the body. In the stomach, they are digested to the individual
    amino acids as ordinary food can not pass through the nasal mucosa ( "Grippferon")
    [1.4], Barely penetrate the mucous membrane of the rectum, if at all penetrate ( "Viferon")

    However, there interferons for intramuscular administration.
    They are expensive and have a fairly strong side effects on the liver, which is difficult to
    meet with the foreign protein. They are used in such a truly
    desperate situations, as the treatment of hepatitis B and C, when the damage caused by
    the body is less than the expected benefits. Treatment of the common cold and the temperature is not
    costs and expenses of the victims [5].

    Chemical stimulants immunity inspire hope, but ... strange.
    Most of these drugs have been studies in the laboratory, they are wonderful
    They operated in test tubes by affecting the biochemical reactions as they wanted
    poster. But then the tubes did not get. Most drugs ( "tilorona", "Arbidol"
    "TSikloferon", "Neovir") have not been clinical trials on humans, their
    the action is not proven by randomized double-blind
    studies that are the gold standard for drug testing [4.6].


    Finally, the actual anti-viral drugs. Again bad
    news from all the viruses that cause "cold", a medicine awarded
    Only influenza virus, for other viruses, these preparations will not operate. This "Rimantadine"
    and "Amantadine", they block the ion channels M2-flu virus, which violates his
    ability to penetrate into the cells and release their genetic information [8];
    and "zanamivir" and "Oseltamivir" ( "Tamiflu") that prevent the multiplication
    viruses and disease progression [2.7].

    Theoretically "Umifenovir" ( "Arbidol") also refers to
    antivirals, studying its effect on large groups of people in
    Russia and China, where the drug is approved, but the present evidence of research
    has not carried out [6.9].

    What does not help
    Cure of SARS and the flu?

    • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Even at high
      doses of its impact on the cause of the disease almost zero. He did not even
      It helps to relieve symptoms of the disease. However, in a reasonable amount of vitamin C
      harmless, and in diseases of the upper respiratory tract in combination with other
      vitamins can alleviate the condition.
    • Homeopathy in all forms and combinations.
    • Antiviral drugs. The exception - a few
      substances which act on the precisely defined strains of influenza and never
      taken without a doctor's prescription.
    • Immunomodeliruyuschie and immunostimulatory

    All of the above does not work, and for the prevention of

    Than to treat SARS and

    The answer - nothing. The body itself cope. You can him
    a little help if you limit your activity and until recovery
    You will often breathe fresh air, rest, sleep and drink plenty of fluids.

    "Clean" is possible only symptoms. If peace comes to you
    Only in a dream and the work has not been canceled, remove the painful symptoms
    disease and wait for recovery.


    Why do we write out "Anaferon", "Arbidol" and "Oscillococcinum"?
    This includes a group of "cold" drugs "against
    flu "," drunk and recovered for the evening. " This symptomatic treatment: the virus
    raging inside us, but we reduce the discomfort of this process. Preparations
    act on the individual symptoms or compote are against all
    the possible manifestations of the disease. Using them, it is necessary to know about the dangers that a virus
    causing the heart, kidneys, joints, and remember that anesthesia is not
    treatment and these drugs should not be abused.

    The main blow with the disease takes over, no matter how
    Strangely enough, the liver. After all, she has to remove toxins - product
    metabolism virus destroyed our cells produce protective proteins, but
    even neutralize the drugs that we have taken. You need to reduce the load
    refer to the grandmother's advice and drink plenty of water, then the toxins will
    excreted by the kidneys. However, together with the kidney toxins withdraw and salts in high
    quantity than usual. Therefore it is necessary to drink a solution of various salts
    linkage, which can be bought at the pharmacy ( "GIDROVIT") [6]. In addition, toxins are removed
    through the intestinal wall: adsorbents (activated carbon, "Smectic") may
    alleviate the condition, but only slightly [5.6].

    • Headache, aching joints, fever,
      inflammation and swelling agents facilitate the group of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
      drugs), which include ibuprofen (a part of many pharmacies
      resources with the syllable "hair dryer", which ends with the name, such as "Nurofen").
      Paracetamol has a similar effect, except anti-inflammatory. but
      uncontrolled NSAIDs leads to bleeding in the digestive tract and
      perforation of the gastric wall [2. 3].
      Attention! With flu and SARS, you should not take aspirin, which can cause bleeding.
    • Vitamins, especially the group of antioxidants (A, C,
      E), with the defeat of the upper respiratory tract are showing their most notably
      properties. It is necessary to increase their share of the food [4].
    • The cough is treated by various expectorants,
      liquefies phlegm and depressing work of brain cough center
      drugs depending on the nature of cough: Thermopsis herbal extracts,
      licorice, plantain, mother and stepmother [4.6]. With care in the treatment of viral
      infections should be used mucolytics such as acetylcysteine ​​at risk
      bleeding. In general, self-medication is not safe and can aggravate the cough, so
      necessary medical tests and doctors' prescribing same.
    • Nasal congestion and a runny nose facilitate preparations
      from the common cold. Vasoconstrictor drugs reduce the amount of well-separated
      from the nose, but very quickly, within 10 days, causing atrophic rhinitis. Besides,
      there decongestants (antihistamines), they reduce nasal congestion.
      Saline solutions are due to osmosis [2.4].
    • If a cold or flu joins
      a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be needed, which is contraindicated
      take uncontrollably and arbitrarily, without a prescription. Antibiotics
      should take a course prescribed by the doctor, not increasing and not decreasing
      dosage and duration of admission.

    Prevention of influenza and

    • Proper lifestyle, healthy eating,
      adequate sleep, daily complete rest and relaxation, hardening,
      fresh air and sport.
    • Vaccination against certain strains of influenza,
      to show the people at risk.

    Two words about the

    Non-specific immunity depends on genetics and lifestyle.
    To a large extent on how often you're seriously affect genetic
    predisposition. Slightly less, but also to a large - your style
    life. A person with innate immunity to certain virus strains
    Under no circumstances do not pick up the infection. Smoking man who loves
    alcohol, fatty foods, and stiffness in the four walls, and often will be hurt
    hard, often with complications.

    Means of enhancing the immune system so that it will resist infection, does not exist.

    Specific immunity is developed after a meeting with
    infectious agent, regardless of any severity was your

    That is the reality: a means of improving the immune system so that
    him to resist infection, does not exist. The only thing that you can
    do to prevent, above, in the section "Prevention of influenza and SARS."
    Sooner or later you will encounter in any case with the majority of infections. And here
    hard you carry the disease, or scarcely notice it will depend on the
    fitness of your body.

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