Starry disease - varicose veins


  • What are varicose veins?
  • Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins

  • What are varicose veins?

    According to statistics, almost every second womanvarices suffer. Varicose veins - a condition in which the wall of the saphenous veins loses its elasticity, causing the blood vessels are stretched, formed knotted extensions (varix translated from Latin means "inStarry disease - varicose veinszel ").

    If you find yourself at the feet of "mesh" or"Asterisk" reddish-blue, we should not treat it lightly. This is the first alarm signal to alert you, and if you do not take the necessary measures, such as prevention, wearing compression hosiery and receiving venotoniki, the disease will develop varicose and "stars" will turn into ugly varicose veins and knots. Edema evening tired feet - a sign of a serious disease, which is called varicose veins or varicose veins.

    But we should not despair and think thatvaricose veins - is an incurable disease. You can win not only the disease, but also to completely remove all of its manifestations, including "spider veins". Russian doctors and scientists from the Center of Phlebology developed unique methods of treatment of varicose veins, allowing to stop the disease in the early period of its development.

    Varicose veins manifest in any time of year, butespecially in the summer, this disease is becoming a serious problem, give the greatest number of complications. Hot weather in itself lowers the tone of veins, ultraviolet weakens and destroys the venous wall, contributing to the emergence of new varicose vessels (tan does not hide the "spider veins").

    Furthermore, the higher the temperature, themore stress on the venous system. Therefore, to treat varicose veins recommended phlebologists closer to the summer, to the warm summer days, forget about cosmetic shortcomings, as well as pain and edema.

    Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins

    Appeared stars can be quickly and practicallypainlessly removed using a modern method mikrotermokoagulyatsii. The method consists in sealing the capillary via a high-frequency pulse with the finest of the electrode with a gold or Teflon coating.

    Here the main tool phlebologist - thinneedle electrode with a special coating, through which a high frequency current. This microelectrode introduced to the dilated vessel, the instantaneous current pulses are applied to it - heat instantly acts on the capillary without damaging the skin, and the capillary just disappears. Sessions are conducted 1 treatment every 5-7 days. Depending on the area affected, the procedure continues by an average of 10-20 minutes.

    Mikrotermokoagulyatsiya removes vascularsprocket of diameter less than 0.3 millimeters. The procedure is completely safe and virtually painless. The treatment takes place without the use of medicines, and hence there is no danger of side effects as allergic or toxic reactions.

    Application thinnest electrode diametermuch less than the diameter of the needle used to mikroskleroterapii and conducting controlled augmentation technique procedure allows to obtain excellent medical and cosmetic results.

    After the procedure in place for some of the capillariestime saved redness, which disappears completely in 3-4 days. In this sense, mikrotermokoagulyatsiya far superior laser therapy, which is the main drawback - the emergence in the treatment areas of depigmentation with unsightly and remain for years to come.

    If during the inspection phlebologist finds you not only "spider veins", and varicose veins, the best treatment for you is the method mikroskleroterapii or sclerotherapy method using the procedurefoam-form. It is this method of treatment can quickly and safely get rid of varicose veins, even large ones, and get a good long-term therapeutic effect.

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