Treatment of hemophilia and its complications


    Replacement therapy with factor concentrates

    Treatment of hemophilia and its complicationsHemophilia treatment is carried out by replacing the missing blood coagulation factor contained in the drug, which is manufactured or from a plasma of donor blood, or synthetically, in accordance with genetic engineering technologies. The factor can enter a nurse in Vienna under the clinic under the supervision of a doctor, your family doctor or doctor from the center of hemophilia, at home parents who have passed special training, or themselves patients with hemophilia, specially prepared and confident that can do it.

    Although the dried and frozen (powdered) concentrate of blood clotting factor is most convenient for storage and use, less expensive locally prepared blood products such as cryoprecipitate or freshly frozen plasma are also effective and can be used outside the clinic and for home treatment, if there is an appropriate refrigerator With freezer camera.

    The problem is the content of viruses in blood preparations. However, the preparations currently provided are produced in this way, which reduces the risk of infection with viruses as different types of hepatitis viruses and human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV), which causes AIDS. Donors usually fill the questionnaires with questions about their health, and the blood they pass is checked for these diseases. The risk of infection through the newest blood products is very small, especially through those that have been developed synthetically.

    Infection transmitted through blood

    Treatment of hemophilia and its complicationsThe most severe infection transmitted through blood transfusion and its products is HIV caused by AIDS disease. Although there are very little evidence that HIV can be transmitted to everyday life, it should be treated with great care to needles, blood and spray blood. It is necessary to use gloves, avoid injuries from the needle and protect cuts and scratches on their hands to those who introduce medications to the patient hemophilia. Needles, syringes and bubbles from under the drug need to be disposed of safe for those around the way, usually through the clinic. Different people can never use the same syringe or needle. If some part of the injection equipment is intended for repeated use, it must be carefully sterilized every time.

    HIV can also be transferred by sexual path, as well as from the infected mother of her children during the tooling of the fetus. The use of condoms significantly reduces the risk of sexual infection.

    Desmopressin and its analogues

    Desmopressin is a chemical drug that does not associated with blood. It acts, activating factor VIII stocks. It gives a positive result in the case of the average and light form of factor VIII (hemophilia A), or during the disease von Willebrand. It does not help with the severe form of hemophilia A, when the factor VIII is almost absent, and ineffective with any severity of the failure of factor IX.

    Types of treatment and complications

    Treatment must be started as quickly as possible after hemorrhage began. Pain in this case passes within minutes. In some cases, the necessary doses are required to be reused, for example, if the pain and tumor in the joint area or muscles do not pass, if the wound is in the mouth, where bleeding first stops and after a few hours it is renewed if the seams are applied or if there was a head injury.

    Antifibrinolytic drugs

    Antifibrinolytic preparations (cyclocapron, amicar) can also be used. They slow down the natural destruction of blood clots and especially help for processing wounds in the mouth or place of remote tooth. Blood preparations can also be used to prevent bleeding, as well as in front of physiotherapy procedures, exercise and sports.

    Treatment at home

    In many countries, the program for organizing the treatment of patient hemophilia at home is widely practiced. Treatment is carried out under the control of a doctor or nurse from the center of hemophilia or the nearest clinic. Parents or patients themselves learn to introduce blood drugs independently. Thus, it is possible to ensure the beginning of treatment during injuries, as soon as possible, and provide patients with relative independence, as the number of visits to the center or hospital is reduced, which take a lot of time and fall on the financial, emotional and social burden on the patient hemophilia and his family, and Also on society.

    We will ensure peace of affected part of the body

    With severe hemorrhages in joints or muscles, it is necessary to provide peace to some extent (superimpose a bus) of the affected body part to avoid further its deformation. There are various types of finished tires, and some can be easily made independently. People need to learn to impose them correctly and take into account the duration of the overlay of the tire. Excessive duration of the tire use can lead to hypotrophy (weakened) muscles or unstability of the joints.


    Physiotherapy must be carried out to strengthen the muscles and speed up the process of restoring the completeness of the movement of the affected joints or muscles after heavy hemorrhages. Physiotherapy should be started immediately as soon as the acute pain is stopped. Strong active muscles ensures the protection of the joints.

    Surgical interventions

    Surgical intervention is necessary to correct the deformation of the limbs, dental removal or for other reasons. On the eve of the operation and within a few days after it, the patient introduces significant doses of the required blood coagulation factors to maintain the blood coagulation system at an almost normal level, allowing the completion of the wound healing process. Thus, surgical intervention can be carried out on the background of moderate bleeding. However, the required amount of factor ensuring the sufficient level of blood coagulation, significantly in volume and is very expensive. In this regard, surgical procedures with hemophilia patients should be carried out only in the clinic of the doctor who specialize in hemophilia, if there are adequate equipment for observation during operations.

    Aspirin. be careful

    Treatment of hemophilia and its complicationsThe main component of all widely used painful drugs is aspirin, which affects normal blood coagulation and increases the tendency to bleeding. Aspirin also annoys the gastric mucosa. If you have hemophilia, do not use pain relief preparations containing aspirin.

    Consult your attending physician or from specialists in a pharmacy about what kind of painkillers do not contain aspirin. An alternative can be paracetamol in the prescribed dosage. Remember that all medicines, including paracetamol, as well as home care products are dangerous to health and should be kept in an inadequate for young children.

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