Causes of the appearance of noise in the ears


Causes of the appearance of noise in the ears
Noise in ears — The complaint is pretty
Flame. It can be the main character, or accompany other symptoms.
They need to pay special attention, because the holistic picture of the disease
Need to determine the cause of noise in the ears.

Noise can be different: hum, crackling, hiss, whistling, ringing against the background of reduction
Human or, on the contrary, hyperactus (increased sensitivity to sounds).

Distinguish objective and subjective noise in the ears. Objective is heard not only
Patient, but also to the examination of his doctor. Such a phenomenon is rare and
associated with changes in blood vessels in the organ of hearing, pressure in the eardrity,
abbreviations of Eustachius pipe. Subjective noise is heard only the patient,
and the causes of noise in the ears in this case can be held as in the pathology of the auditory
analyzer and other organs and systems.

The noise in the ears may accompany the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • pain inside the ear or sense of pressure;
  • redness and swelling of the skin;
  • selection of ears;
  • heat and general weakness.

Causes of noise in the ears

The external causes of noise in the ears

Often noise in the ears occurs under the influence of external noise in people, by the nature of their
professions long-standing with him, or lovers listen loud
Music in headphones. Excess sound oscillations perceived by ear, with
time damage the receptors in the snail, violating their normal work, and
the brain perceives their signals as noise.

Pathology of sounding

The cause of noise in the ears is widespread in this group — Sulfur plug.
It prevents the normal sound, in connection with which the oscillations are transmitted
not completely. By the same mechanism there is noise with inflammatory processes
in outdoor ear.

Middle Otitis — Inflammation of the middle ear or drum cavity. How
The rule is associated with infection and accumulation of inflammatory exudate,
Supporting sound hardware.

Pathology of sound-perception

Causes of the appearance of noise in the earsIn case of Menter's disease, the volume of fluid in the inner ear and the ololyta,
in it, cease normally contact with Cortiev receptors
Organ. Noise in the ears accompany the decline in hearing acuteness in the affected ear,
Attacks of dizziness.

Neurosensory touginess — Reducing hearing acuity due to hearing damage
receptors, cochlear nerve, or hearing centers in the brain (injury,
Tumor, stroke), is also accompanied by noise in the ears.

Labyrinthitis — Inflammation of the inner ear. The process is involved
Vestibular apparatus, dizziness, nausea joined the ears,
Coordination violation.

Pathology of other bodies and systems

Cervical osteochondrosis — The disease leading to the deformation of the cervical
spine and squeezing of the vertebral arteries involved in blood supply
Inner ear.

Atherosclerosis arteries — leads to a narrowing of the lustration of vessels and, as
Corollary, insufficient blood flow to the labyrinth.

Hypotension and hypertension — Despite different mechanisms, ultimately both lead to a circulatory impairment in the hearing body.

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