Application Dufalaka

When need «soft» Release the intestines, people often resort to laxatives of different origin. Someone recalls the folk methods, and someone prefers to apply proven laxative drugs. These drugs include Duhalak.

The active ingredient of the drug - Lactulose. This is a light powder that is easily solicing in water. Syrup does not contain dyes and flavors. It is a viscous liquid of a yellowish shade with a sweet taste.

Produced in one dosage form - in the form of syrup.

100 ml of duphalak contains:

  • lactulose;
  • purified water.

The drug is packaged in plastic containers for a hundred, two hundred and five hundred milliliters. Together with the syrup in the package there is a cup with divisions. For one-time application in the pharmacy for sale small sachets with laxatives (fifteen milliliters). In one cardboard packaging contains ten packages.

How valid

Duphalak, constipation, intestines, intestinal cleansing, body cleansing, laxative

The main effect of the drug is aimed at softening the carts and stimulation of the intestinal reduction. In addition, Duhalak helps facilitate the patient's condition when poisoning.

Dufalak applies with the following diseases:

Laxative prescribed with frequent or chronic constipation. Duphalak can be prescribed with hemorrhoids, in front of surgical operations in the rectum, if suspected of a putrid dyspepsia syndrome.

The medicine is not absorbed into the blood and splits in the intestine. If one-time dose of syrup is seventy milliliters, Duhalak is completely metabolized. With a rise in the dose - the medicine is unchanged.

About contraindications

Duphalak, constipation, intestines, intestinal cleansing, body cleansing, laxative

As mentioned earlier, syrup has a sweet taste, so MyMedinform.COM recommends taking medication at its discretion: you can breed with water syrup or take without breed.

Daily dose of medication must be divided into two receptions and use the measuring cup.

If you are appointed medication once a day, you should decide on time and take the medicine every day at the same time - for example, every morning after breakfast.

Dosage Dufahalaka must prescribe the attending physician, based on the individual characteristics of the body. For the treatment of constipation, an adult appoints the initial reception of fifteen to forty-five milliliters, the subsequent - from ten to twenty-five milliliters. Regular laxative effect should be expected after two days of taking syrup, then the dosage can be reduced. If in two days the expected effect did not come, then the dosage should be increased.

In case of liver diseases (liver prema), it is first necessary to make a laxative at thirty-forty-forty-five milliliters three times a day, and then the dosage of the laxative is adjusted depending on the result obtained.

In some cases (with severe forms of intestinal disease), Duhalak can not be taken inside, and in the form of an enema: three hundred millilitres of medicine is taken for seven hundred milliliters of warm water.

In the treatment of salmonellosis for two weeks, Dufahalaka dosage is fifteen millilitars three times a day. Then the break seven days and the resumption of the taking syrup in the same dosage, but with an increase in the reception frequency up to five times a day.

Duhalak Children

Duphalak, constipation, intestines, intestinal cleansing, body cleansing, laxative

The laxative drug is allowed to take to patients of all age groups. Safe syrup and children. Contraindication to the reception are the obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract and galactosemia.

How to take syrup to children:

  1. Children up to the year - two and a half millilita.
  2. Children from year to five years - five milliliters.
  3. Children from five to ten years - ten milliliters.

Adjust the dosage of medication has the right only attending physician. Our site recommends not to increase your own dosage of the laxative medication.

Children can give undiluted syrup or dilute the drug by ordinary water.

In extreme cases, Duphalak is prescribed and newborn, but before this nursing mom is invited to adjust its food and watch the baby. If the method does not help - prescribe a drug.

The children-artificials are more often inflamed by constipation, so pediatricians are often prescribed Duhalak. Many parents are experiencing that the newborn will not be able to empty independently - the syrup with lactulose is not addictive.

Application of laxative during pregnancy

Duphalak, constipation, intestines, intestinal cleansing, body cleansing, laxative

Often a pregnant woman is tormented by constipation, and the correction of food does not help, then doctors prescribe a Dufahala. Syrup is absolutely safe and will not harm the health of the future child.

Lactulose acts on the body of a pregnant woman in this way: contributes to the softening of the wheel masses, increases them and gently helps to free the intestines. With long-term reception, syrup does not output minerals and salts from the body and even beneficially affects pregnancy.

Among the undoubted advantages of Dufalak, the main thing is possible - the ability to take a medicine during breastfeeding period. Syrup does not have a negative impact on infant.

Duphalak is considered a universal laxative means, it is addictive, it can be given to both children and adults, the main thing is to adhere to the instructions of the attending physician. be healthy!

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