The hearing aid will help when releasing


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  • Hearing devices: myths and facts

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    The hearing aid will help when releasing

    Otosclerosis - the disease is very unpleasant, since it develops hearing loss and a person is deprived of the opportunity to communicate normally with the world. Such a person is sure to help. Effective tool with otosclerosis is compensation of hearing loss using special electronically acoustic devices - hearing aids.

    In 90% of cases, the auditory apparatus rehabilitates this disease in the early stages, returning a person to the world of sounds.

    What I would like to get a patient with the flaws of hearing from the hearing aid? First of all, that his hearing impaired sounds become available to all the words of speech have become clear, and the music pickup. So that the auditory apparatus does not create discomfort - did not have its own noise so that the surrounding noise atmosphere does not reproduce to the level of irritation, and suppressed it to be conveniently located in the ear without unpleasant sensations. And finally, I would like to satisfy the aesthetic desires so that the auditory apparatus is elegant and imperceptible.

    For many years, scientists, engineers, acoustics, physicians of the advanced countries of the world are engaged in creating and improving the hearing aid. Today, the highest level of this technique has been achieved, capable of satisfying a greater half of bad people.

    Sometimes concerns arise, whether the existing hearing will deteriorate when using the hearing aid. Fears of unri-shine. To overcome the shortcomings of hearing without a hearing aid, it is necessary to strain the auditory, and the common nervous system destroying it. And the auditory apparatus will remove this tension and retain hearing. Moreover, the auditory nerves are stimulated and the sections of the brain responsible for the hearing are activated.

    Hearing devices: myths and facts

    Myth 1st

    Hearing devices enhance all the sounds equally, and it is not possible to help better disassemble.


    Five generation digital hearing aids «Make sure» distinguishing speech from the surrounding noise interference, to allocate and strengthen it, suppressing non-informative background sounds. This greatly facilitates understanding of speech, especially in complex sound situations (for example, in crowded, noisy, legains).

    Myth 2nd

    Wearing a hearing aid may result in further hearing impairment.


    Correctly selected and configured auditory apparatus can not spoil the hearing. On the contrary, if you are constantly (and not 1 - 2 hours a day and from the case of the case) use them, then your hearing body, and with him and the brain receive a sufficient amount of sound irritation, that is, constantly «Work», Recessing the incoming information, keeping and training its functions.

    Myth 3rd

    Hearing devices are too striking. Others, noticing my auditory apparatus, will consider me defective.


    Never still auditory devices were so miniature as now. They are imperceptibly hiding behind the ear (ear models) or straight in the ear (internal). Prejudice associated with auditory devices gradually go to the past. Many celebrities do not hide that they enjoy the hearing aid - this tiny miracle of modern microelectronics. The auditory apparatus becomes the same as the usual accessory, such as glasses.

    Myth 4 -

    Putting the auditory apparatus, I will immediately hear how before.


    Addictive to the auditory and adaptation to it can last for quite a long time - from 2 to 4 months and require time and some effort. Perhaps you will need several visits to the audience to further adjust the apparatus in accordance with your individual features and needs. Moreover, the less time has passed since the loss of hearing before prosthetics, that is, the less time the rumor and the brain of the person was in idle, the faster and better will be the results of the correction.

    Myth 5 -

    A good hearing apparatus is too expensive.


    Due to the development of technologies, digital devices have appeared on the market, quite accessible to people with average.

    In any case, the auditory apparatus is the best investment in improving the quality of life.

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