We make a home first aid kit

For this article, we will admit the following: You are not a doctor and not a man of an extreme profession (otherwise you also know everything you need on this issue); Medicines and medical assistance in principle are available, but not necessarily instantly (that is, you are not on a desert island, but the pharmacy can be closed about the holiday, and the ambulance is stuck in traffic).

We make a home first aid kit
If you are a doctor, you probably have an impressive first aid kit in the house, and you even know how to apply it. But why a first aid kit for people without medical education? First of all, then to wait for a doctor as a sustainable form. As well as for those situations where you can do without a doctor without a doctor - or when the doctor is not available for technical reasons.

For this article, we will admit the following: You are not a doctor and not a man of an extreme profession (otherwise you also know everything you need on this issue); Medicines and medical assistance in principle are available, but not necessarily instantly (that is, you are not on a uninhabited island, but the pharmacy may well be closed about the next holiday, and the ambulance is stuck in traffic).

General recommendations

As practice shows, it is more convenient to store the first aid kit in one large box, but in several places in accordance with the appointment and availability requirements
As practice shows, it is more convenient to store the first aid kit in one large box, but in several places in accordance with the appointment and availability requirements. General rule for all drugs - not in the light and not warm. Some are stored at room temperature, some in the refrigerator.

Each medicine must be recognizable, and very desirable in native packaging. Inserts are better to store together with medicines, you can pull the pharmacy elastic or just fold into the same box. Separately, we note that keeping the first-aid kit in the bathroom - not the best idea, since according to the law of Murphy at that moment when it will need someone goes into the bathroom. Yes, and excessive dampness is not useful for all medicines.

The law of Murphy was first formulated at Edwards Air Base in 1949, and sounded like this: «If something can be done wrong, this person will do!» In the future, many different wording of this law emerged, even whole compilations. The general essence comes down to the fact that if some kind of trouble can happen, it will happen, and at the most inopportune moment.

Once in half a year it is necessary to conduct a review of all medicines, replenish the reserves of the necessary, throw away the overdue.

Urgent home first aid kit

Urgent home first aid kit
First part - Unfortunate urgent drugs. Should be stored in an easily accessible place, including children from 5 years (naturally, children need to tell and show what and why). It is desirable that the necessary item can be delivered by one hand, all the same. Our site advises to keep «Urgent first-aid kit» in the kitchen - just because it is there it is most often.

So what will be in «urgent» home first aid kit? In order to understand this, let's see what happens to us, what will need to react urgently? First ones come all sorts of cuts and burns. So, we will put a couple of bubbles of hydrogen peroxide (you can more, but no less, otherwise you risk finding out that the cherished bubble ended exactly when you need it), put cotton wool (convenient when there is not only classic wool, but also cosmetic cotton pads , pre-printed) and add something from burns (panthenol, fries or analog), better in the form of spray - you can quickly apply one hand, for longer enough. You can also add a leukoplasty (a lot and different things - to stick the wound to the wound so that it does not fall into it, which is not necessary), a pair of sinks of bandage, green, elastic bandage. Unnecessary will not be tweezers (to get off-in, for example) and scissors (cut the bandage and leucoplasty). By the way, several pieces of the leukoplower are also better printed in advance - remove from paper wrap, but do not remove the protective film. If it is not cut on the strips - cut off 2-3 strips of 1.5 cm wide.

In the first-aid kit, you must put it uncomply cut in advance pieces of the plaster
also in «urgent» The first-aid kit is needed nitrogletsin (from the heart), but-shp (spasmolitic), activated carbon or smect (with poisoning). At the same time, if the drug is potent, it is better to put a complete bubble with pills, but almost empty - to accidentally not accept more than you need. Better add then.

If the family has diabetics, allergies, or people suffering from other diseases, in which urgent help may need (for example, older people with pressure problems), appropriate drugs also place here.

In the same first aid kit, our site recommends putting a piece of paper with brief instructions - in which case, what and how much you need to take. The dosage is worth indicating both adult and children's. In the critical situation, it is much more convenient than to look for the necessary information on the inserts to drugs, which are also often written in small font. And sometimes amazing at all «Reasonable» - On one side of the leaf, the dosage of the acting drug is written, on the other - its contents in one tablet.

And in this «urgent» A home first aid kit is to put some amount of money in a polyethylene bag - so that if you have to go to a traumopuncture or soon, it was possible to quickly take and not think over this moment (although theoretically help should be free, but it may be necessary to purchase a medicine or device, and simply «give thanks» doctor).

Aid kit
Experience shows that it would be good here to have at least a pair of disposable syringes - «Insulinovy» and «Standard» (Naturally sealed). So, just in case - if suddenly the emerging ambulance has problems with the lack of instruments data.

Next big block - What should be stored in the refrigerator. Usually all creams, ointments, as well as some injection drugs and drops for the nose, eye and ears are coming here. From the mandatory - children's cream (helps from any scuffs and irritations), and, perhaps, all. The rest is only if necessary and for the appointment of a doctor (you can, just in case, keep a bubble drops, but it is precisely those who have already helped or who advised the doctor).

Main home first aid kit

Dome first aidkchka
And, in fact, the main home first aid kit. With its configuration it is useful to calculate the maximum period of autonomous existence - how many days you should have enough medicine at the worst situation. When calculating it is worth considering holidays (rarely more than 3-4 days in a row), possible difficulties with a campaign in the pharmacy, especially if in the apartment only one person can potentially do it. To take into account more serious options like the global cataclysm is not worth - anyway, sooner or later the drugs will expire. The only exception is rare medications with a fairly large shelf life. For them, you need to add more about the search for the search and delivery of the required medication.

The main home first aid kit is the most convenient to organize the principle «what's from what disease». It is more convenient to use a cardboard box of sufficient sizes with inclised partitions or several smaller boxes.

First block - from stomach problems. Here you can store a large stock of smects and activated carbon (used in poisoning), laxative, manganese (weakly pink solution - for Stomach washing In case of poisoning), mesim forte or analogue (enzyme set to help the stomach during overeating), Linex (with dysbacteriosis). Latest (Linex) more correctly put in the refrigerator, and in this compartment, the first to put the cardboard with the inscription «Linex», description of the action and dosage (write off from the liner) and the signature «in the refrigerator in the door» or where he lies with you. Here is the same (in the block of the main home first aid kit, and not in the refrigerator) can be put and no-shlu or analog. You can also add «Gastric drops» (tincture of valerians, mint, hunter) - from nausea.

Main home first aid kit
But an anesthetic here is not a place, because when pain in the stomach it is impossible to take them, but you need to immediately turn to the doctor, without lubricating the clinical picture.

Next big block - cold and flu. It is here that the place of various antibiotics, as soluble and no. Actually, various drugs are suitable for various drugs in various versions of influenza, so it is better to clarify the doctor at the beginning of the next influenza wave «Fashion» This season - and purchase packaging for your home first aid kit.

In addition to antibiotics, Essubin type immunostimulants may be here, and the tag mustard, warming essential oils... In general, who is used to enjoy. It is logically putting here and a thermometer (after all, at high temperatures, we first suspect the flu), and the antipyretic (which specifically you personally will tell you the doctor), and cough syrups (those who do not require the refrigerator - we do the same , as with Linex in the previous block). Here, our site advises to put a crib on folk remedies - so, the temperature is well knocked down by the compress from vinegar and water, the influenza headache can take the soft massage of the neck and inhalation to the measure of hot steam, with essential oils of a tea tree or eucalyptus and T.D. You can also put the packaging of vitamin C - but write on it a marker that it cannot be taken in parallel with most of the modern drugs from the flu (they already contain the necessary dose of vitamin, and its overdose does not lead to anything good).

Vitamin C helps to resist any stress and inflammatory processes in the body. But it is impossible to stock in advance - it is not postponed. Contained in almost all acidic vegetables and fruits, but is destroyed when stored or heat treatment. Most of all it is in black currant, rosehip, strawberry.

Next home first aid kit in some way Duplicate «urgent» First aid kit. There is a margin of all that is in her - but not in micro-like, and as much as we consider it necessary, given the shelf life and the maximum period of autonomous existence.
We make a home first aid kit
You can also put women's gaskets with tampons, as well as condoms - if you do not prefer to store it all elsewhere.

Separate block - Episodic symptomatic drugs - OT headache, Rinse OT dental pain, Valerian (soothing) and t.D.

And in the last unit home aid kit must lie What is currently accepted regularly. Often such medicines are stored simply on the table or where it is convenient to put - but so they are easy to forget about them, and besides, they can get into the hands of children. It is better to fold them all into a separate box, it is put on the printer to the printer a reception schedule with a dosage, and a pen or pencil to put the checkboxes in it.

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