Hypotalamic syndrome: diagnosis and treatment


  • Diagnosis of hypothalamic syndrome
  • How to treat hypothalamic syndrome

  • Hypotalamic syndrome can manifest in different ways. Someone defeat the hypothalamus leads to the jumps of pressure, someone has fatigue to the fore, someone gets a whole complex of symptoms superimposed on each other and disguised under other diseases. Meanwhile, it is possible to cope with hypothalamic syndrome only with special treatment. To choose it correctly, you need to identify the disease in time.

    Diagnosis of hypothalamic syndrome

    Hypotalamic syndrome: diagnosis and treatmentThe exact diagnosis in the hypothalamic syndrome is vital, as the tactics of treatment depends on it.

    The most informative diagnostics method is magnetic resonance imaging, in the pictures you can see signs of increasing intracranial pressure, consequences of injury and hypoxia (lack of oxygen), tumors.

    It is necessarily a study of blood hormones - various disorders require various treatment. Biochemical blood tests reveal metabolic disorders.

    Ultrasonic examination of internal organs and glands of internal secretion (thyroid gland, adrenal glands) allow you to identify violations, the signs that could be mistaken for the hypothalamic syndrome.

    How to treat hypothalamic syndrome

    In the treatment of hypothalamic syndrome, the cause of its occurrence is necessarily taken into account. Therefore, the techniques are selected individually. Sometimes a good effect gives the etiological (aimed at the cause of the disease) treatment - for example, with tumors, infections. In acute and chronic infections, anti-inflammatory, resorption therapy.

    In the hypothalamic syndrome, which arose as a result of injury, the improvement often occurs after a decrease in intracranial pressure after the use of diuretic preparations.

    In case of violations of carbohydrate exchange, insulin is introduced, with endocrine disorders use stimulating or, opposite, hormone production production, directly drug preparations are prescribed a diet with a limitation of easily durable carbohydrates and animal fats, sometimes drugs that are overwhelming appetite. Therapeutic gymnastics is also necessary for treatment, but it can cause an increase in blood pressure, so the dosage, increasing loads under blood pressure control are recommended to this patient.

    The observance of the mode of sleep and wakefulness is also of great importance - violations of the regime can lead to a deterioration in the state of the patient.

    Hypotalamic syndrome requires constant observation and treatment under the control of the doctor.

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