How to recognize Halyazion


  • Mechanism of the development of a halae
  • Do not confuse a barley halazion
  • Halazion symptoms
  • Do not forget to visit an ophthalmologist

  • Mechanism of the development of a halae

    Halazion is a tumor education - «cone», which may appear in thicker. Gradina is painless, dense to the touch, the skin of the century above it is not changed and not fasting with the subjectable tissues. It can slowly grow, causing its owner only cosmetic inconvenience.

    Halazion is a strongly stretched meibomy gland. Mabomiye glands are in the thickness of the cartilage of the century and produce fat, which lubricates the edge of the century, their lumens open on the free edge of the century in parallel with cilia.

    If the gloa clearance is cleaned, fat can not go out and accumulates in the gland itself. Through the original walls of the gland, this fat enters the cloth cartilage, annoying it and causes the development of a restrictive shaft around the gland. Halazion can also appear after the inner barley.

    Do not confuse a barley halazion

    When people independently diagnose «barley», They are often mistaken. A, starting to treat «barley» on our own, only harm yourself. After all, a halazion, with which barley is very often confused - this is a completely different disease. So the plot of type «barley, barley, here you are cookish, what you want, you can buy» It will not pass.

    From a professional point of view, a halazion is inflammation of the gland, which is located on the inside of the century and highlights a special secret for moisturizing the eyeball. And barley - inflammation of the rowing gland outside. These are different things, and they are treated differently.

    Chronic halaezions occasionally occasionally from the gastrointestinal tract. Alone to treat them is useless and unsafe - scars that spoil the form of the eyelids can be formed in their place. Need to look for the cause and treat the disease systemically.

    Halazion symptoms

    How to recognize HalyazionSo, we list the symptoms of the halazion.

    • In century, a elastic formation of the size of a large gradiff is tested, the skin above it is moving, from the side of the conjunctiva there is a plot of hyperemia (redness) and a sulfur zone in the center. Palpation is painless or weakly painful.
    • Sometimes the fitting occurs, then signs of inflammation are joined: pain, redness of the skin of the eyelid, there can be spontaneous autopsy with the allocation of contents (pus) by conjunctiva.

    Do not forget to visit an ophthalmologist

    Especially it is necessary to warn those who for 40: do not pull with a campaign to the doctor. People of this age group are often not confused by a cosmetic defect and do not want to treat the halazion on the grounds that he does not interfere. The danger is that after 40 years can, in rare cases, a rack of a bulletium gland, which in the initial stage does not differ from the halazion.
    Therefore, all remote gradins are necessarily sent to histological examination. And although I repeat, the rack of a meibomic gland is developing very rarely, it is impossible to risk. It is better to get rid of this problem, especially since the operation is made outpatient and lasts a few minutes. Remove the grades from the side of the conjunctiva: a special clamp turns out the eyelid, cut the conjunctiva and deprive the halazion together with the capsule. Then one seam on incision. Everything! No traces left on the skin.

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