Diet with duodenal ulcer


Treatment of duodenal ulcers lies not only in the reception of medicines. Removing only for medicines, but without changing his lifestyle, the patient risks not to get any effect on therapy. Recognition of the defect of the mucous membrane is possible, which is fraught with unpleasant complications. Therefore, diet with a duodenal ulcer — This is what should be started with the disease.

What are the general principles of a diet with a duodenal ulcer

Diet with duodenal ulcerPreviously, a diet with a duodenal ulcer was completely devoid of chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli. Only strict adherence to these rules was allowed in the treatment of the disease, and for a very long time. This was due to the lack of effective drugs acting on the causes of the disease and the pathological chain of the mechanisms of its development. Doctors tried to achieve ulcer scarring and created all the conditions for this. The diet was one of these methods.

Currently, views on the treatment of ulcers are revised due to the emergence of information about the causes of ulcerative disease. Drugs are developed to eliminate etiological factors and reach remission. So long-term use of diet number 1 has now become irrelevant. What are the general principles of modern nutrition of patients with ulcerative disease?

Slowing power mode is ensured by the elimination of three stimuli:

  • mechanical;
  • thermal;
  • Chemical.

To reduce the mechanical impact of the patient, translated into fractional nutrition with small portions. The large amount of products eaten at a time stretches the wall of the stomach, stimulating its secretion. Acid, falling into the duodenum, exacerbates the development of a ulcer defect, slowing down recovery.

Thermal impact is also stimulating the secretion factor. Too hot or too cold food can run a mechanism for producing hydrochloric acid, worsening the results of treatment.

Chemically on the gastric mucosa and duodenum affect sharp, spicy, fried, smoked, fatty dishes, sour, salted, sweet food. Elimination from the diet of these products «Soothes» mucous membrane, forcing it to produce less acid.

Principles of diet-and-therapy for duodenal ulcer

The basic principle — Diet should:

  • Reduce the activity of acid and gastric juice enzymes due to food properties.
  • reduce the reflex case of the duodenum;
  • Stimulate fabric regeneration processes in the area of ​​the ulcerative defect.

This is achieved by a stepped transition from one to another species of a gentle diet.

In the first 3-5 days, the patient is prescribed a strict gentle diet with the exception of the products described above. Food techniques must be frequent (every 3-4 hours), small portions. Cashitz-shaped consistency of dishes or jelly. The diet should be rich in proteins due to easily durable meat without live and skin (chicken breast, rabbit meat, turkey, veal), and vegetable fats. Eliminate simple carbohydrates, flour products. Limit the salt to 6 g per day. Prohibited Cheese and cottage cheese, sour cream and fermented food, vegetables, raw fruits, sauces and spices.

Diet with duodenal ulcerDuring this period in the patient's diet, mucous soups and cereals, fish soufflies, milk and cream, eggs are present — Only skeyka, fresh berries or fruits, fastening tea, can with milk or cream.

After the poeker of the sharp process, go to a slightly advanced version of the diet. Less gentle nutrition is allowed, but strong stimuli is still excluded. Food is prepared for a pair or cook, they also use it in crushed form, can be as mastered. 75-100 grams of white craresters per day, fish and meat steam cutlets, beds, meatballs. More often use milk wipe porridges, cereal and dairy soups.

Such a diet holds over the next 5-7 days. If the dynamics of recovery is good and the patient quickly goes on amendment, it is transferred to a standard diet. At the same time, the strongest stimuli must still be excluded:

  • sharp spices;
  • alcohol, coffee, strong tea;
  • smoked and canned food;
  • fried, acidic, salted food;
  • Products rich in rich fibers: radishes, cabbage, radish;
  • Rich plants essential oils: onions, garlic, mint, sorrel, spinach.

This diet is adhere to for another 2-3 weeks, gradually expanding the line of admissible products. Ultimately, the patient must go to the usual power mode with the exception of only those products that it does not tolerate.

If you correctly stick to the diet with a duodenal ulcer, the recovery process will take enough time.

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