Manifestations and Treatment Skin Atheroma Screaming


  • Skin atheroma midges
  • Manifestations atheroma
  • Treatment of atheroma, folk remedies

  • Skin atheroma midges

    Atheroma is a cyst arising due to the blockage of the rod of the sebaceous gland. Such a cyst consists of a thin white wall and a capsule formed by a dense connective tissue. Atteroma often arise from elderly. In addition to the scrotum, similar education may be celebrated in other places of accumulation of the sebaceous glands (especially on the head, neck and back).

    When examining the scrotum, the cyst gives its soreness and mobility relative to the tissues subject to. Relative to the skin of the atheroma is stationary, but firmly soldered with it. The top of the atheroma peeking out of the hydrocarbon gland is visible as a black eel head (comedone). Cyst has a rounded shape, it is elastic. Skin around atteroma slightly sweat.

    Manifestations atheroma

    Tumor grows very slowly. It is often inflamed, and in this case, pain intensify and become permanent. The skin of the scrotum becomes more sweetened, edema and blushing. In this place, the subcutaneous abscess is usually developing, which is revealed as a result of thinning and purulent melting of the skin in a lesion focus. Independent opening of the affectionant leads to the formation of a long non-healing fistula. Often, along with the pus, the contents of the atheroma or even the entire tumor is allocated, that is, with a capsule.

    Treatment of atheroma, folk remedies

    Treatment is always surgical, consisting in carrying out atheroma with a complete removal of its wall. If the arrogant atheroma broke through, which led to the formation of an affectionant, then his disclosure was shown by the operational way. In the home environment, the patient can carry out general genus and postoperative care for the skin of the scrotum using folk remedies, normalizing the state and the work of the sebaceous glands.

    Manifestations and Treatment Skin Atheroma Screaming
    Such folk remedies are represented by informs, decoction and other dosage forms obtained from vegetable raw materials containing biologically active substances. To the medicinal plants recommended for these purposes, are primarily the PION evading, the primrose of spring and wormwood bitter. Use these funds during acute inflammation and purulent process is prohibited. Before you start by phytotherapy, you must consult on this issue with a dermatologist.

    The decoction of the roots of the caustic pee. 2 st. spoons of peon roots pour 2 tea cups (0.5 l) water and bring to a boil. Then give cool, strain and use for a row.

    Decoction of the roots of the primrose of spring. 2 st. Spoons of primrose roots pour 1 tea glass (250 ml) of water and boil, after which the decoction to strain and apply for skin wiping.

    Herb Grass Priorior Spring. 1 Art. Spoon of primrose herb pour 1 faceted glass (200 ml) water, boil and strain. Ready tool to use for arms or add to the bath.

    Infusion of grass wormwood bitter. 2 st. Spoons of grass wormwood pour 300 ml boiling water and insist 25-30 min. The resulting infusion is used to prepare compresses and lotions.

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