How to treat osteoarthrosis of the elbow joint?


  • How to treat osteoarthrosis of the elbow joint?
  • Therapy of the Located Sustav therapy, treatment for stages
  • How is arthrosis in the aggravation stage?
  • How to truly treat arthrosis?

  • How to treat osteoarthritis of the elbow joint?The deforming arthrosis of the elbow joint is less common than similar diseases of the joints of the lower extremities. Mostly people are sick, whose professional activities implies frequent monotonous movements in the elbow articulation, for example, tennis players, violinists, builders, malyary plasters. If not to treat osteoarthritis, it is capable not only to put a cross on a career, but also noticeably overshadow life.

    If the medical card has a diagnosis of arthrosis, treatment will have a long expensive. It will take a lot of patience and desire to be healthy. The main thing is to begin in time, the appointment of the medical gymnastics in arthrosis in combination with the reception of chondoprotectors, physioterpia, massage, the means of popular treatment of arthrosis of the joints, is capable of not only to suspend the destruction of the articular cartilage, but also to fully restore it.

    How to treat osteoarthrosis of the elbow joint?

    Treatment of urban arthrosis is carried out under the general principles of osteoarthrosis therapy.

    • Load restriction On the joint implies his temporary immobilization. This favors the elimination of pain syndrome and reduces the likelihood of injury of cartilage tissue of the inflamed joint. IN «Cold» The period of the disease is recommended to limit lifting weights up to 3 kg, eliminate monotonously repeated movements in elbow articulation and severe physical work.
    • Purchase syndrome and inflammation in the arthrosis of the elbow joint allows treatment of massage, physiotherapeutic procedures. Opens up opportunities for the use of chondroprotectors and intra-articular administration of hyaluronates.
    • Restoration of cartilage fabric It implies the use of funds that improve the quality of the articular fluid, stimulating blood circulation in the joint area, providing nutrition cartilage and its regeneration.

    • Medical exercises In arthrosis, it allows you to activate metabolic processes in the tissues of the joint, save and Increase its mobility.

    Therapy of the Located Sustav therapy, treatment for stages

    Medicinal preparations used at elbow arthrosis can be divided into two groups.

    • Used to relieve inflammation and elimination of pain syndrome.
    • Appointed B «cold» Period of the disease for the restoration of cartilage tissue.

    How is arthrosis in the aggravation stage?

    Methods of popular treatment of arthrosis of the jointsTherapy begins with the reception of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory funds with the ability to quickly stop pain and inflammation. In the presence of pronounced swelling, redness, constant pain is used intra-articular injections of glucocorticoids, showing a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory means and hormones is limited to their side effects and the actual absence of influence on the metabolism of cartilage cloth.

    In addition to the oral, intramuscular, intra-articular reception of hormones and the NSAIDs, electrophoresis with percutaneous administration of drugs in the joint area, laser therapy, cryotherapy and needleflexotherapy.

    How to truly treat arthrosis?

    Chondroprotectors, therapeutic gymnastics, massage, manual therapy, the national treatment of deforming arthrosis of the joints applies after the relief of acute symptoms of inflammation, which usually happens for 3-5 days from the start of therapy.

    Effectic healing gymnastics in the arthrosis of the elbow jointThe use of chondroprotectors and hyaluronic acid preparations helps to improve the nutrition and condition of the cartilage, improves the quality of the synovial fluid, allows to increase the mobility of the joint and achieve results, provided that therapeutic gymnastics for the patient with arthrosis becomes an integral part of life.

    The national treatment of arthrosis of the joints can provide an indispensable service, since the use of the strength of biologically active compounds has a beneficial effect on the course of metabolic processes in the joint tissues and accelerates the regeneration of cartilage.

    Surgical treatment of illegal joint arthrosis is shown in case of strong pains, with progressive muscular dystrophy and sharply pronounced joint contractures.

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