Gonorrhea. The symptoms, ways of infection, treatment


  • Ways of infection with gonorrhea
  • The main symptoms of gonorrhea
  • Complications of gonorrhea
  • gonorrhea Treatment

  • Ways of infection with gonorrhea

    • sex (in any form of sexual intercourse);
    • household (when using personal hygiene items, toilets, towels, linens general);
    • possible infection of the newborn during the passage through the birth canal mother, sick with gonorrhea.

    The main symptoms of gonorrhea

    Gonorrhea. The symptoms, ways of infection, treatment

    Men and women have symptoms of gonorrhea are usually different. Moreover, women are often symptomatic disease does not manifest itself.

    If it affects the genitals

    • males: painful frequent urination, discharge from the urethra, often purulent character, itching in the genital organs;
    • in women: purulent discharge from the vagina, itching in the genitals, pain in the lower abdomen, intermenstrual bleeding, painful urination.

    With the defeat of the pharynx

    • features similar to features of angina usually symptoms are not very bright.

    With the defeat of the rectum

    • itching around the anus and inside the rectum, mild purulent discharge (may be absent), as a rule, is asymptomatic, confused with hemorrhoids and helminth carriage.

    With the defeat of the eye

    • purulent discharge from the eyes, eyelashes sticking, signs similar to the symptoms of purulent conjunctivitis, redness.

    With the defeat of the oral cavity

    • acute stomatitis.

    Complications of gonorrhea

    First of all, gonorrhea dangerous because whenprolonged duration can cause infertility. Women with gonorrhea organism spreads to the pelvic organs, causing inflammation of the uterus - ovarian and fallopian tubes (adnexitis, salpingitis). In infants is more common eye disease that can lead to blindness. In men, gonorrhea affects the egg and its appendage (orchitis, epididymitis).

    gonorrhea Treatment

    Untreated gonorrhea, as well as in the wrongtreatment, gonorrhea takes usually chronic, protracted course with periods of exacerbation under the influence of alcohol, spicy foods, sexual arousal, sexual intercourse, etc.

    The major importance in the treatment of gonorrhea haveantibiotics and sulfa drugs affecting gonococci. In acute gonorrhea fresh enough of this treatment. Patients complicated, torpid and chronic forms of gonorrhea requires complex therapy. The doctor must find you a comprehensive individual treatment, but in this case we can speak about the successful cure of the disease!

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