What is garardnerellosis?


  • Manifestations of disease
  • How to recognize gardnerellosis?
  • Medical «provocation»
  • How to avoid Gardnerellize?

  • Gardnerellas quickly multiply and their products of vital activity kill the normal vaginal microflora.

    Manifestations of disease

    In men, the disease flows in 90% of cases as violently and very rarely - in the form of inflammation of the urethra with unpleasant sensations when urinating and a drop of moonlived liquid released from the penis in the morning.

    In women in 50%, the disease makes itself felt. Sex lips blush and swell, abundant foam or watery seals from sex tract, reserving the smell of rotting fish appear. When progressing the disease, the color of the selection can vary from grayish to a gray-green shade. Patients feel discomfort: dryness and itching in the field of vulva and vagina. Often experienced difficulties in urination. Gardnerellosis can be the cause of the erosy of the cervix.

    How to recognize gardnerellosis?

    What is garardnerellosis?

    There are several ways to recognize the disease Gardnerellosis:

    • When viewed under the microscope, the cells of the smear from the vagina are visible epithelial cells (cell layer, lining the vagina from the inside), coated «Tolstoy» layer of microbes. Such cells are called called «key cells» (cm. drawing).
    • Measurement of acid-alkaline equilibrium in the vagina: the reaction becomes alkaline (normal).
    • The reaction to the detection of Isonitrile - a substance that gives the smell of rotten fish, is positive.

    After consulting the doctor may appoint you a number of effective drugs (Metronidazole, Clindamycin, Tiberal). What drug will be selected depends on the form of your disease.

    Medical «provocation»

    In order to establish that you cured, after the course of treatment, the competent doctor suits «Provocation». The day before the test, the doctor will ask you to eat something salt, sharp, drink beer. If the disease is not defeated, then the tests become positive, and if we are defeated, then for the first time you are lucky.

    It should also be remembered that in order to achieve a successful result, it should be treated with all partners and to use condoms on therapy.

    How to avoid Gardnerellize?

    The prevention of Gardnellosis is achieved by compliance with some rules, which, however, do not differ from those for the prevention of most sexually transmitted diseases, namely:

    • The use of condoms treated with Nonoxinol-9 spermicide
    • Exception of random sex contacts
    • Use within 2 hours after sexual contact of antiseptics of type Hibitan, Miramistin, Tsidipol.

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