Bleeding during pregnancy

Very correct and simple words, I heard from my obstetrician gynecologist: «Everything will be fine. But if the water goes away, the fight will begin or, God forbid, the bleeding will open - you immediately call me». Then I did not give much attention to his words. Now everything is different. It is extremely important to suspect disorders in the course of pregnancy and quickly eliminate them.

Bleeding during pregnancy
«Congratulations you are pregnant», - Long-awaited words for many women. Yes, it is for many, because the number of years does not cease to increase Female infertion. There are many reasons, but in order not to be distracted on them (after all, the article is devoted to the ladies «pregnant»), It is worth thinking about the flow of pregnancy, more precisely, about its prosperous flow.

Very correct and at the same time simple words I heard from my obstetrician-gynecologist a week before childbirth: «Everything will be fine. But if the water goes away, the fight will begin or, God forbid, the bleeding will open - you immediately call me». Then I did not give much attention to his words. Now everything is different. That is why it is so important in time to suspect disorders in pregnancy and to liquidate them as quickly as possible.

So, any bloody issues During pregnancy, the reason for the urgent appeal to the doctor.

And for more accurate diagnosis and understanding of the importance of the issue, we offer readers our site to deal with what the bleeding during pregnancy can be connected and what may be their consequences. Initially, we define that under bleeding understands the bleeding of any volume, from several drops to profuse.

Bleeding in early pregnancy

Unfortunately, 18-23% of women open in the early pregnancy of bleeding, and in the prevailing part of them, pregnancy ends with spontaneous miscarriage. The reasons for the final result in this case are quite a lot, it is worth lifying the most frequent:
Bleeding during pregnancy

  • Stayed miscarriage. The reasons for this set - ranging from stress and ending with defects. Most often, the main symptoms are grapple-shaped periodic pain at the bottom of the abdomen, separating bleeding. With timely handling for help pregnancy it is possible to save. Better before the disappearance of the threat Interrupts pregnancy be in the hospital under medical control. The bed regime is prescribed, the lack of stress, calm, friendly environment, compliance with the regime of the day, Phyto Chai. In some cases, non-miorelaxants are used to remove the increased tone of the uterus.

It should be noted here that even after improving the condition and relief of the threat of abortion, there remains the risk of premature birth and even re-start miscarriage. Therefore, the mode and recommendations of the doctor should be observed throughout the pregnancy;

  • Chromosomal anomalies and other vices are incompatible with intrauterine or independent life of the fetus. In such cases, the starting bleeding ends with spontaneous miscarriage. The threat to the life and health of the woman in this case is minimal. The only thing in the case of bleeding after the miscarriage should be asked for medical care so that there is no postgemorrhagic shock. In such cases, as a rule, diagnostic and therapeutic scraping of the uterus produce in order to detect the residues of the fetal egg, placenta, broken vessels. The vessels will be tied up, the remnants will score and at the request of a woman will appear on the diagnosis to establish the true cause of miscarriage.
  • If such a situation arises not for the first time, a woman should be a thorough examination to establish the true cause of miscarriage;

  • Incomplete miscarriage. There are such cases when a woman may not notice or simply not pay attention to the miscarriage. And it will understand only when profuse bleeding opens, associated with the presence of residues of a fetal egg in the uterine cavity. In this case, you need to act quickly - consult a doctor and urgently make scraping. And further activities are the same as the above;
  • ectopic pregnancy. In most cases, it is permitted to 6-8 weeks of gestation and there are cases of cases when a woman only after the operation conducted by her learns about his «Former» Pregnancy. The name speaks for itself - pregnancy, developing outside the uterine cavity. It can be an ovary, maybe a fallopian tube. The main reason for the development of ectopic pregnancy is obstruction or partial obstruction of uterine pipes. That is, the lumen of the pipe is sufficient for fertilization, but is not sufficient for the passage of the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity for further development. And the reasons for the obstruction of the uterine pipes is very much: starting from Chlamydiosis and ending with various inflammatory diseases of the organs of small pelvis and appendages, which are increasingly complaining of teenagers.
  • Risk of re-ectopic pregnancy Different specialists are estimated from 5 to 15%.

    Treatment In this case, the operational - removal of the pipe (or body in which the pregnancy began to develop), sanitation (washing) of the abdominal cavity. The danger of this pathology for a woman in this case is obvious - in case of late treatment for medical care, peritonitis develops.

    Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy becomes a whole problem: a woman, especially the one that is long Could not get pregnant, to the latter will endure pain, wanting to keep the child and not wanting to realize all the danger for yourself. Young woman, knowing how to treat this state, is quite justified worried about the future conception of a child with one uterine pipe. Teenage girl who wants to hide pregnancy and make a medical abortion in the near future, it turns out in a hopeless situation - to hide the operation will not succeed. In all cases, the behavior of women drive emotions, but one thing remains unchanged - in this case it is worth it to start worrying about your own health.

  • unknown or «froker» pregnancy meets lately more and more. A week after the intrauterine death of the fetus, spontaneous miscarriage begins. Here tactics are different - after miscarriage, the control ultrasound produces and, if the pathology is detected, the extension of the cervical canal and the scanning of the uterine cavity. Many gynecological obstetricists also advise a detailed examination of a woman to establish a reason for measuring pregnancy and to minimize such an opportunity in subsequent pregnancies;
  • Bubble drift. This state at which placental tissue growth occurs. With such pathology, massive bleeding is most often developed, without pain. It is necessary to immediately seek medical care, during which the uterus is emptying (scraping) and then control hormonal status for 6 months.
  • So, the most common causes, symptoms and treatment were listed in the event of bleeding in early pregnancy. But even in the second half of pregnancy, you should not lose vigilance. This does not mean that all 9 months should be in anxious waiting for any fault in the body. But in order to have a healthy baby at the end of pregnancy, you should be very careful to all the trifles.

    Bleeding in late pregnancy

    The development of medicine is seven-year steps, and due to this it became possible to save children born from 500 grams. It's about 22-24 weeks of gestation. We call it «Having sleeve». Anyone understands that it is difficult. Very. And sometimes it is simply impossible. In this regard, now the main emphasis is placed on the preservation of the intrauterine development of the fetus to the highest possible period, for example, in the threat of premature genera. But besides this, there are a lot of other reasons and factors in which it is impossible to extend the pregnancy due to the threat to the life of the mother. As an indicator of pathology, the most threat, the bleeding. Unlike early pregnancy period, at this stage, a woman and fruit are connected more closely, the placenta with the vessels made them almost one organism. Therefore, unfortunately, in some cases, doctors have to solve a very difficult question about whose life to save. Of course, your mother's life saves.

    Therefore, it is so important in time to suspect «Nesladnoe» and seek help. So, in the late period of pregnancy, the causes of bleeding can serve:
    Bleeding during pregnancy when pairing placenta

    • Placenta detachment. The risk of such a fortune increases: multiple pregnancy, prestitution and arterial hypertension, Injuries of the belly, multi-way, use of toxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine). When pairing the placenta, the main symptom will be pain. Bleeding happens in most cases. Possible uterine abbreviations, pain around the abdomen. When observing the fruit - its condition will also deteriorate sharply.

    In such a situation, the issue of operational delivery is emerging, perhaps amniocentesis for determining the level of surfactant (substance necessary for a child for normal respiration). If the state is stable, then to reduce the contraction of the uterus is used tocolitics (magnesium sulfate) and necessarily monitor the state of the fetus using KTG (cardiotokography);

  • Prelation of placenta It is common enough. The placenta will be offered in the area of ​​the internal zervical canal. Bleeding arises due to the rupture of blood vessels in the place of attachment of the placenta while thinning the wall of the uterus. Blood brightly (maternal). In this case, the fetal disorders does not occur, only the maternal organism suffers. The diagnosis itself is made on the ultrasound. In such cases, bedding is shown, intravenous administration «Magnesia», The fetus stimulates the ripening of the lungs and the production of surfactant. Rhodework only operational after the ripening of light fetus.
  • The above listed causes directly related to pregnancy and fetal status. In addition, there are reasons related to a greater extent with the state of health of the mother itself. For example, cervical canal polyps, cervical erosion, uterine mioma or genital injury. Polyp of the cervical canal in its development may be complicated by bleeding, and during pregnancy the risk is enhanced. Cervical erosion It is rarely complicated by abundant bleeding, and when childbirth is passing through natural generics, it may cause to break the cervix and postpartum outer bleeding. With a combination Moma uterus and pregnancy can occur both twisted the legs of the tumor and the next necrosis and direct damage to the tumor itself during the generic activity.

    So, cute ladies, in an attempt to give birth to kid not to neglect your own health. Otherwise it may turn out the opposite. After all, the baby must have a healthy and cheerful mom.

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