Treatment of Basned Disease

Based disease is called an anomalous increase in the size of the thyroid gland and its hyperfunction under the action of the aggressive influence of the body's immune system. Most often, the disease is celebrated in the age range from 20-25 to 50 years, mainly in women.

The disease got its name in honor of the German Karl Bases. In 1840, he one of the first in detail documented the clinical picture of the pathological process. Today, the official name of the Based Disease is a diffuse toxic goiter.

Causes of the disease

Basedova disease, diffuse toxic goiter, goiter, thyroid gland

Basedov disease often predetermine long or short-term, but very intense stressful states, family conflicts, loss of loved ones, problems at work, protracted infectious diseases. The hereditary factor is not excluded.

As a result of such a shake, the immune system produces special proteins - autoantibodies, which, acting on the receptors of thyroid cells, cause an increase in its size and stimulate the active production of endocrine hormones.

Also in the risk area:

  • People living in the area with low iodine content in groundwater;
  • residents of large industrial settlements;
  • people regularly experiencing stress;
  • lovers of a saturated bronze tan;
  • Opponents of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Symptoms of the disease

Basedova disease, diffuse toxic goiter, goiter, thyroid gland

The choice in favor of surgical treatment of diffuse toxic goiter is made at large sizes of the goiter, which squeezes or displays the esophagus and the trachea; With the underlined forms of the goiter, with the complication of the disease of the fliccious arrhythmia, in the absence of a visible effect of treatment without surgery.

Classical drug therapy is appropriate with increasing thyroids not more than III degree. In this case, the leading role is given to cytostatic. First of all, prescribe mercazolyl (30-60 mg per day) depending on the stage of the disease. After a certain time, the patient is transferred to a supporting dose from 2.5 to 5 mg per day for a period of at least one year. If for half a year in the patient noted persistent remission, the drug is canceled, but the observation of the patient does not stop.

Therapy with drugs, which includes iodine, is strictly limited and is prescribed by an endocrinologist solely individually. Use mainly potassium perchlorate, blocking iodine penetration into the thyroid gland.

Comprehensive treatment allows the use of beta-blockers (anaprilin, inderal, index). Indications for their use - tachycardia, Cleaning arrhythmia, extrasystole.

Also apply corticosteroid drugs (prednisone, hydrocortisone).

If the patient is strongly exhausted, they turn to drug support by anabolic steroid preparations and a lining therapy.

Treatment of diseases of folk remedies

ethnoscience Pretty effectively showed itself in the treatment of initial stages of diffuse toxic goiter. However, our site strongly assures: without prior consultation with a competent specialist independent treatment!

Here are some harmless recipes that have a weakened organism good support.

With visible thickening of the neck drink infusion from the thyme. Prepare it like this: 1st. L. The dried plants are scald with a glass of boiling water and insist 20 minutes in a tightly closed dish. Fix and drink up to three times a day one cup.

The collection of the following herbs has a lining and tonic effect on the body as a whole. Take 1 st. L. Herbs of a mother-in-law, peppermint leaves, valerian roots and 2 st. L. Fruit of a hawthorn, stirred. Then 1 st. L. The resulting collection is poured with a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour and filter. Drink half a glass in the morning and in the evening before meals. Take the healing drink daily for a month, then rest 10 days, after which they repeat again for a month.

The tincture of particles of walnuts with syrup strengthens the thyroid gland. 1 cup of nut partitions need to pour 2 glasses of vodka, insist 14 days in a dark place, strain. 100 g and a glass of water mix to get a syrup that is mixed with tincture. 15 drops of cooked medicine drink in the morning and in the evening a few minutes before meals for 10 days. Then 20 days rest and take again for 10 days.

So that the shield does not become a sword

Basedova disease, diffuse toxic goiter, goiter, thyroid gland

Disease «loves» appear against the background of various stressful situations and emotional shocks, so we go from the opposite: calmly react to all problems and adversity. It is very important to create a cozy psychological microclimate in the family, where the walls are treated.

It is important is a clear and strict routine of the day: during the day - wakefulness, at night - sufficient full sleep and nothing on the contrary! Regular walks in the country in the country area, healthy food, reasonable exercise and hardening are not banal phrases, but a powerful tool for the prevention of immune failures in the body.

A very important factor in the prevention of the Basned Disease is the timely treatment of chronic infectious foci, especially those that are localized in the nasopharynxal region.

Since the disease is recognized as hereditary, it is worth contacting the endocrinologist even at the slightest signs of deviations from the norm, if there are people in the family suffering from diffuse toxic goiter.

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