Fortunately Age is not an obstacle


  • 1. A wonderful time to
  • 2. Do not sea, but the tides
  • 3. Do not be sad!
  • 4. Be healthy!

  • 1. A wonderful time to

    Fortunately Age is not an obstacle There is an opinion that it is
    with menopause wrinkles,
    overweight and flabby skin. All this is easy to explain the medical level decrease female genital level
    hormones. The changes affect not only the reproductive system, but also the whole
    body. Lack of estrogen leads to a loss of skin elasticity, and it
    It becomes less elastic. Slower metabolism contributes to the deposition of fat -popravitsya has become easier than ever before.

    However, it sounds scary?
    In fact, things are not so bad. Achievements of modern cosmetology advanced so
    forward that preservation of youth turns rather in the daily routine procedure
    grooming, than escape from old age. Beauty treatments, More
    move, proper nutrition - no promises that things will not work,
    You will still have to make some effort to preserve the attractiveness. But
    it's worth it. Already I noticed that women aged younger look better,
    because at this time she pays special attention to their appearance,
    style wardrobe.

    2. Do not sea, but the tides

    Tides are afraid of many,
    however, it is not all waiting. The good news is that a third of women have never faced
    with climacteric syndrome. According to statistics, 30% of women
    I do not know what it is. More specifically, they
    We never encountered "age" manifestations of hormonal changes. but
    Women who suffer from menopause, hot flashes - the brightest
    climacteric syndrome, which is experiencing up to 85% of women. more
    only inconvenience ladies complain of cardiovascular and nervous diseases, metabolism disorders
    substances. And those who do not have children and can not boast of a good

    It is noticed that if a mother
    grandmother or poorly tolerated menopause, most likely with the same face and
    daughter. Often it is best to feel the ones who paid the most attention
    their health. Paradoxically, - people with chronic diseases
    may be in better shape than those who do not look after their health.

    3. Do not be sad!

    It is believed that menopause
    It makes its own changes in nature: the periods of irritation and anger are replaced
    tearfulness and self-pity. Indeed, hormones affect our
    emotional condition. And sometimes in unpredictable ways. That's just,
    seemingly laughing, everything was fine. A minute later the tears and resentment
    in the whole world. And increases the likelihood of the emergence of depression.
    Even seemingly minor negative events are very emotional
    perceived by women in this period.

    Perhaps you have a
    legitimate reason to treat yourself to your favorite. Think of all the little things that bring you joy - going to the theater,
    chat with friends, walks in the park, a delicious dinner. Your goal - to enjoy
    life, and that are suitable for any means. As you know, the positive - the deposit is not
    Only a good mental attitude, but also health.

    Despite the fact that different
    women experience menopause differently, reception and support of drugs
    most of them are required. First, as a rule, begin with a non-hormonal agents
    - Eg Klimaksan®. This preparation contains
    natural ingredients that make it easier for menopause. Klimaksan® decreases
    the severity of vegetative-vascular (flushing, sweating) and psycho-emotional
    (Irritability, nervousness) disorders. It is recommended to start taking
    the drug at the first manifestations of menopause. Klimaksan® It has a convenient form
    Release - lozenges, which can be taken at any time and in

    In cases of more severe course of menopause and
    the ineffectiveness of non-hormonal means of a closer examination
    and the selection of other drugs.

    4. Be healthy!

    Often, together with
    menopause begins and serious health problems - osteoporosis,
    cardiovascular and gynecological diseases.
    The beneficial effects of estrogen on blood vessels and bones is proven.
    Therefore, after 45 years, the ECG is necessary to make regular - once every six months, and
    densitometry (measurement of bone density) - once a year. Also important
    to control their blood pressure. If there are any changes for the worse,
    required medical consultation and treatment.

    With the disease situation
    is twofold: on the one hand, after 50-60 years, the risk of development
    Cancer, on the other hand, there is an impressive list
    women's diseases, which subside with age. Among them are such terrible diseases,
    as endometriosis and uterine fibroids. So in this case, the hormonal changes
    - Absolute good. Experience shows that you can get sick at any age, and
    afraid this is simply meaningless. And here regularly to visit the doctor and take
    clinical examination is not exactly superfluous.

    Each age is good
    in their own way, and in the future you expect new interests and joy, only need to
    see all the good and go ahead!

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