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  • Signs of food poisoning
  • What to do in food poisoning?

  • Caterprises Catering: Food poisoningHow cool to go to the sea resort, in
    unknown country, attend interesting places and inspect local
    Attractions, now and then enter the cafe or restaurant to taste
    dishes of local cuisine. With pleasure absorbing gentle, slightly pinkish piece
    Meat or Cake with Unusually Aromatic, Melting Cream Cream,
    none of us even thinks that this food can threaten and,
    Despite the appetizing appearance, can cause food poisoning, which will spoil the rest at least a few

    Otherwise, called food toxicoinfection. It
    It does not develop when infected with pathogenic microbes, but as a result
    Eating contaminated by the productivity of bacteria, their toxins.
    And usually a frankly poisonous product retains a nice appearance, taste
    and smell and perceived as quite edible.

    What products most often cause Food poisoning? First of all, it is all kinds of milk
    Products, raw eggs, various types of meat, cutting vegetable dishes,
    Confectionery, especially cakes and cakes with protein cream.

    Why low-quality products are on our
    Table? The reason for what — violation of sanitary and hygienic standards of their storage and
    Processing. If, entering the cafe, you see the cakes, beautifully laid out in
    Vases standing on the counter outside the refrigerator, know: here little care about
    Visitor health. Undergraduate shawarma, steaks with blood, kebab, pastry and
    Patty sold on the street — All these disasses are likely to be likely
    call food poisoning.

    Food poisoning

    A few hours after «fatal» Messages
    nausea appears, pain in the top of the abdomen — Gastritis symptoms develop. Feeling «Nesladnoe», the stomach is trying to free himself from
    low-quality food and microbial poisons through enhanced production
    Gastric juice with disinfecting effect and multiple vomiting.
    If «enemy» It turns out to be strong, breaks the defense, reaching the intestine, then
    Begins diarrhea. In severe poisoning, the body temperature may increase,
    emerging headache, dizziness and even disorder of consciousness, but still
    Most of the food poisoning proceeds in a light form and passes
    yourself, especially if you help a sick organism a little.

    What to do
    With food poisoning?

    First of all, you should remember if food poisoning It originated
    Little child, at a weakened or elderly person, in a pregnant woman,
    Do not risk, it is better to immediately call the brigade «Ambulance».

    Next proceed according to plan.

    1. Rinse the stomach: Drinking 3 glasses of pale pink
      Potassium permanganate solution or 5% solution of drinking soda (50 g of soda per liter
      water), push the root of the tongue and call vomit. Procedure Repeat.
      It is necessary to ensure that the vomits become transparent, without impurities
      eaten on the eve of food.
    2. Take any enterosorbent — a drug,
      Possessing the ability to fix on themselves and output natural
      by pathogenic microbes and their toxins. Suitable any medicinal
      means — Activated Coal, Enterosgel, Smekt, Sorbex, Polytepan, Polysorb,
      White coal.
    3. Do not apply with no fix
      Imodium type preparations, it will only complicate the elimination of poisons from the body. At
      Lantages are recommended to adopt a laxative.
    4. Replenish lost as a result of vomiting and
      diarrhea liquid. In food poisoning more drink, better non-carbonated
      Mineral water or special rehydration solution acquired in
    5. Do not take antibiotics in food poisoning!
      The disease is not caused by microbes, but their toxins, and against them
      Antibacterial drugs are powerless.
    6. Restore the normal intestinal microflora
      Eubiotics or probiotics. Wonderfully fit such drugs as Baktisubtil,
      Bifidumbacterin, Bificik.

    If signs of food poisoning do not pass in
    two days and well-being continues to deteriorate, you need to contact
    for medical help. Food
    can be dangerous for life.

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