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    Influenza is a serious thingFalse alarm?

    The epidemic of influenza expecting last year in many regions never began. As reported to journalists at a press conference on Thursday Deputy Director for the scientific work of FSU VNIIEM. G.N. Gabrichevsky Evgeny Selkova, last year's flu was moderate, and pain in the absolute majority of cases of small children (31%) and preschoolers (42%). The epidemic threshold for these categories of the population was exceeded in 30 subjects of the federation against 16 for adult categories of ill. Four deaths recorded fixed.

    Meanwhile, and in the past, and this year, experts persistently recommend making vaccinations from influenza. Vaccination, according to Selkova, in 2006 made it possible to reduce cases of postgrippose pneumonia by 35-66%, hospitalizations - by 28-60%, mortality - by 56-76%.

    WHO project coordinator Bird and Pandemic Influenge Sergey Eremin led WHO data on strains circulating in the northern and southern hemispheres that can be expected in Russia this winter. These are influenza viruses A and in types «Solomon islands», «Wisconsin», «Ohio» and «Malaysia». According to Evgenia Selkova, they are them introduced in the appropriate form in vaccines prepared for vaccinations.

    Cons vaccination

    However, as in any case, the cooking vaccination has its own disadvantages, and first of all posts-specific complications. Talk about them specialists do not like. In particular, despite the request of the correspondent «Newspapers», Evgenia Selkova refused to supplement the picture of the complications statistics and limited himself to the statement that «All cases that the media wrote, Rospotrebnadzor shot». It is obvious that with an increase in the number of vaccinated inevitably, obeying the laws of the likelihood, the number of complications will increase.

    The second reason for doubt in the feasibility of influenza vaccinations may be the vaccine itself. According to the data provided at a press conference, a lively weakened vaccine is bought for budgetary funds «Influenza», which has not been used in developed countries for 30 years. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that, according to the head of the marketing department of Tsmi «FarmExpert» David Melik-Huseynova, this vaccine completely disappeared from the sale.

    Director of the Russian Red Cross Program Activity Department Andrei Vilkovsky, however, explained that this does not mean the poor quality of this vaccine. She manifested itself well in children and adults. Its only minus - a living vaccine is complex in transportation, because it requires special «cold chain», But with this in Russia everything is fine. Meanwhile, Roszdravnadzor has repeatedly expressed claims to Russian distributors that violate the conditions for storing drugs and vaccines during deliveries.

    Profitable case

    Calls for the livestock vaccination nevertheless make their business. «The market of anti-influenza vaccines in 2007 showed a significant increase in both the cost indicators and in natural», - says David Melik-Huseynov. The increase in value volume is due to a greater degree of retail sales segment (65%). This means that the number of people who want to be hidden, but do not believe in the effectiveness of obsolete «budget» Vaccines. In physical expression, hospital purchases increased significantly.

    In the third quarter of this year, sales amounted to $ 1.17 million - by 61% more than in the same period last year. However, as practice shows, the main income of sellers of vaccines is still ahead. As a rule, people will go only when to do it already, strictly speaking, late - at the beginning of the epidemic. Accordingly, the peak of sales falls at the end of the year - the beginning of the following. In 2006, wishes to get immunity from influenza left $ 7.15 million in pharmacies and polyclinics. If the trend that manifested himself during 2007 continues, the market of anti-infamous vaccines for the first time will translate $ 10 million.

    Winter forecasts

    Judging by what experts say, the need for inspirating vaccinations is not obvious. The flu this year will be about the same strength as in last epidemic season. The peak of morbidity is expected in December - January, and ORVI doctors will fix all year. In addition to these diseases, adenoviral infection and paragripp will torment the population.

    If you are nevertheless, you warn doctors, you should not hope for the miraculous power of promotable symptomatic drugs. Apply antiviral medicines, and then the preparations that facilitate the state of the disease. And this does not mean at all that the person who became easier, recovered. He remains a source of infection, so it is not worth going to work.

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