Frown embraces Morpheus, or sleep problems in children


  • Is the baby useful to sleep with parents?
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    Is the baby useful to sleep with parents?
  • - Sorishka 9 months. Very often he waking up at night, calms down only in our bed, falling asleep next to me and husband. But I am afraid that one of us may accidentally press it. And I would like to know: bad baby is harmful or useful with parents?

    - It has long been proven that the dream of a mother next to the child is very sensitive, so «pick up» she can't. Such a danger exists only if the woman is under the influence of certain drugs or in a state of alcohol (or narcotic) intoxication. Father's sleep deeper, so safer to sleep between mom and wall or edge bed.

    Frown embraces Morpheus, or sleep problems in children But it is useful or not to sleep baby together with parents - the question is still a controversial. But more and more doctors come to the conclusion that the dream along with his mother goes only to favor. The kroch hears the breath of the mother, it soothes him, he is better poured, and Mom, I must say, too. Studies of sleeping together mother and infant. It turned out that in this situation the mother and the baby are even moving together from one phase of sleep to another, from deep sleep to surface and back. When the mother wakes up, the child wakes up and, on the contrary. In a dream, Mom strokes the baby, soothing him.
    Opponents of the Mother and Child Sleep, believe that the baby is constantly sleeping with his father and mother, unhealthy psychological dependence on parents is produced.

    What I think about this? If a child falls asleep daily into the parent bed or at night, he can only calm the presence of a mother with dad, do not fight his needs. But two mandatory rules parents must be observed. The baby still should have his own bed, and mom with dad should not sleep with a child.

    Night fears of a child

    - My daughter has recently turned 5 years old. Until recently, we did not have any problems with sleep. Now Lisa says every evening that it is afraid to go to bed: while she will sleep, the whole city will drown, as the ship drowned in some cartoon! Or says that he does not want to die! And at night she jumps out or just something shouts in a dream. Where does a little child have a fear of death? Can I help her something and reduce the frequency of nightmares?

    - Different fears even have babies, and between the ages of 5 and 8 years old have their peak and many are associated with death. It is the fear of darkness, wars, fire, modern fear - terrorists, fear of animals - that is, what is having a threat to life. This is due to the fact that in five years the child's intellect is rapidly developing and, above all, abstract thinking is developing. The baby begins to understand in such concepts as time and space, and understand that everything has the beginning and the end. Including the end of his and his loved ones.
    Of course, this discovery is injured, fear of death appears.

    Very often it is realized in the form of nightmares. How can you help the baby who sees scary dreams? To help, as an option, can come a fairy tale «Ole Lukee». Read her daughter at night. And when the baby does not see, from an ordinary umbrella, make a fabulous, gluing beautiful appliques to it and paint paints. And after reading the fairy tale, discover this magic umbrella over the baby cot and tell me that now she will only dream of good dreams! This uncomplicated reception must reduce the frequency of terrible dreams. If the child is regularly tormented by nightmares, it is a reason to consult a psychologist.

    Also overcome night fears will help the essay of the story on the topic «What I'm afraid» and drawing. With the help of drawing, you can weaken those fears that were born by the imagination of the child, horrors from nightmares and experiences born by real events. Beautiful psychotherapy is a game.

    Rock or not kid?

    - Andryushe son recently turned month. Mother-in-law says that rocking the child is useful, I ask her not to do it, considering that it is addictive. So I give the baby just shout before bedtime, and he falls asleep. Which of us is right?

    - The rights are still your mother-in-law. The fact is that the baby, being in the womb, is shoved all the time in the oily water - it is his natural state. Passage through birth paths, new, bright, not too friendly habitat - all this stressful situation for a newborn. Praying before bed reminds his baby «Last» Life, lulls. Of course, the child gets used to the brand. But this is not a lifelong cross for parents. As soon as his nervous system is strengthened, he refuses himself from him.

    But shout before bedtime it is harmful. Long Creek is the path to the nervous breakdown and hernia. And your child falls asleep not because she calmed down, and the tired of his own crying.

    Baby sleep violation

    - Daughter 3 months and she does not sleep for more than two days or night. Wakes up with crying and put it impossible! Then again falls asleep. And so all day. What to do?

    - The reasons for such a breakdown of sleep and wake can be somewhat. Babies up to 4 months often sleep restless. This is due to the problems of digestion. Does the child have a chair? Does his colic suffer? If the baby is on artificial feeding, consult a pediatrician: maybe you should change the milk mixture.

    If a child in the morning wakes up with crying, this is a reason for anxiety - whether its headaches caused by intracranial pressure? Crying and restless sleep can be caused by other neurological problems. Therefore, you still need consultation with a neuropathologist.

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