Insomnia: how to cope with it?


  • What is first - depression or insomnia?
  • Myths about insomnia
  • Take or not count sheep?

    Insomnia: how to cope with it?Insomnia is one of the signs of unhealthy. And what do you want, sitting opposite the monitor, reading our site tired little man?! Among modern citizens, overloaded with stress, through one suffering from the syndrome of chronic fatigue, deprived of fresh air and the joy of movement, absolutely healthy person - a real rarity.

    What is first - depression or insomnia?

    Sleep is as important to preserve health, like air, water and food. Nowadays, about half of the inhabitants of the planet faces any problem of sleep disorders. There are more than 90 diseases causing his disorder entailing serious physical and psychological consequences. This depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress and much more. And the emerging problems with a dream exacerbate already available diseases. The same depression, chronic fatigue, nervous disorders. So to stress, which caused insomnia joins stress from the most insomnia.

    According to statistics, half of adults suffer from some of the dream disorders, at 13% these problems are so heavy that they pose a threat to health. Unfortunately, most people with «Sleepy» problems do not discuss them with a doctor. Meanwhile, the consequences of these problems are unsafe for life. For example, the simplest consequence of insomnia - fatigue is most often referred to as the cause of an accident, because of which there was almost a third of heavy car accidents with fatal outcome. Approximately 50% of deaths on the road occurs due to the fault of the drivers, many of which suffer from nights insomnia, without giving it due value.

    Myths about insomnia

    Many naively believe that a glass of red wine or a portion of whiskey helps to fall asleep and sleep. Yes, alcohol can cause drowsiness, but deprives you deep sleep and makes it more often to wake up at night. Regular «treatment» insomnia alcohol generates a tendency to increase the dose, in addition, the risk of alcohol addiction increases.

    In addition, alcohol increases appetite, and overheating in the late evening can limit the movement of the diaphragm and make it difficult to breathe. Abundant food will make your digestive system overtime, not letting you sleep. However, a completely empty ricking stomach can also upset your dream. The last meal must be no later than two hours before sleep.

    Someone says he is soothing a cigarette, a cup of tea, shower. However, caffeine and nicotine have a stimulating-irritable effect on receptors. The soul tonic effect can also prevent relaxing for sleep.

    Others say that «Sport will help get rid of stress, and I will sleep as a murdered!». Indeed, physical education is a mandatory component of a daily program for restoring human resources, but at least three hours before sleep should be discontinued, because physical exertion does not contribute to relaxation.

    Take or not count sheep?

    To sleep for you to torture, and the morning was kind and vigorous, please note that simple recommendations.

    • Go to bed at the same time. Stick up certain hours for sleep, even on weekends. Try to make the same actions before bedtime, giving your body to know that it's time to sleep.
    • Sleep in good bed. Mattress, which is too small, too soft, too cruel or too old, maybe «Suggest» healthy sleep. To sleep well, you need to choose myself a bed, which provides maximum comfort and good support to your body. Get rid of too high pillows. Sleep clothing should be easy and free.
    • Stroll. Calm walk in the fresh air before bedtime is very useful.
    • Get rid of noise. Turn off the TV and radio. If your partner snaps, offer him a medicine from snoring or apply earnest yourself.
    • Take care of the air in the bedroom. Use air conditioning when hot and wet summer, and humidifier - winter. Support the temperature in the room plus 18-22 degrees. Clean the bedroom regularly to be less dust.
    • Do not think about problems. Plan your next day early in the evening. Try to solve complex problems long before the deposit. In bed you just need to sleep. Reading books, view the TV Transfer to another place. And then the old tested way to consider sheep, we hope not useful.
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