Migraine - ailment of aristocrats - and all the ways to get rid of it


  • Migraine: What is it?
  • Migraine is two species
  • Scalpel - New Panacea?
  • What is missing in a home first aid kit?
  • Refrigerator will help us
  • Hatha Yoga and the smell of mint on the guard of our nerves

  • Migraine - ailment of aristocrats - and all the ways to get rid of it

    Migraine: What is it?

    Probably, almost every person at least once in his life experienced terrible pain in
    The head, from which the Bulgakovsky Pontius Pilate shouted: «I poison me,
    poison!». Migraine – Acute pulsating pain, covering most often one side of the head. Lost «happiness» Maybe from four hours before
    Three days. Usually migraines, although accompanied by many unpleasant
    sensations, generally harmless to the body.

    Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Bernard Show, Lion Tolstoy, suffered migren.

    Migraine is two species

    Simple (ordinary) Migraine. This type of migraine is usually
    Localizes in the eye of the eyeball, temple or darkky, from where
    applies across the entire head. Artery acts on the temple,
    which unpleasantly pulsates, face skin pale. May be accompanied
    temporary immobilization of eyeballs, twin images,
    dizzy, violation of speech and sensitivity, as well as attacks
    pain in the stomach, vomit and nausea.

    Classical (Ophthalmic) Migraine. This type of migraine is found
    Much less often and is only 10% of all cases. Related effects
    - Summary disorders: fuzzy image, decrease in sharpness
    Perceptions, all kinds of tumping and even temporary blindness.

    Loud sounds, bright light, mental tension, sharp movements, cough and sneezing usually enhance pain.

    Above the definition of the nature of this disease, doctors fought with long
    Pores: Hypocrat and Hypocrat and Hypocrates were attached to research, and Avicenna. Alone
    Scientists believe that the violation of intracranial
    blood circulation. Others insist on platelet pathologies. Even Serotonin mention, «Substance of joy», which, according to physicians, contributes
    Very severe narrowing of vessels. While we drink coffee, brandy
    or tablets, serotonin content in blood plasma decreases, he
    goes to the most part in the urine, and the vessels are sharply expanded, which responds with a sharp pulsating pain.

    Statistics argue that women suffer from
    Gemikrania (migraine) in two or three times more often. In addition, it is found out most
    «dangerous» age – 18-35 years old.Migraine - ailment of aristocrats - and all the ways to get rid of it

    Other reasons for migraine: strong stress, fatigue, overheating
    in the sun, consumption of products-«provocateurs», dehydration.

    As a result, one of the specified reasons or their combination occurs
    Vessels: Separate brain sections begin to experience
    lack of blood, and therefore oxygen. Hence the pallor, visual and
    Other violations. To smooth this process, in the brain expands
    Other, adjacent vessels. Because of this, the pulse oscillation increases
    Westerns walls, which is a painful stimulus… And voila! We already
    lie with a layer and can not move.

    Scalpel – New Panacea?

    Masters Osteopathy (type of manual therapy)
    affect the skull bones. Pressing on different parts of the head and on
    The temporomandibular joint, restore blood circulation and
    microcirculation, whose violation and leads to migraines.

    Doctors invent all new ways to combat migraine. Recently
    invented a special operation. In the US, they made an assumption that
    migraine – This is a muscular spasm, which leads to pinching nerve. BUT
    Therefore, it is necessary to work on the muscles!

    «Before intervention, we make the patient injection, which is temporarily
    – For several weeks – paralyzing the necessary muscles, – says the founder
    American Migraine Study Center in Cleveland, Brahman Surgeon
    Gaiuron. - If a positive effect occurs during this period, that is
    The attacks stop or leak easier, you can proceed to operation.
    All manipulations occur through a small incision, so afterwards
    No traces remain. The operation takes about an hour and is held
    under general or local anesthesia».

    Igloreflexotherapy in all its manifestations
    (Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Auriculotherapy, Tsubo-therapy) – Very effective
    method. Treatment in this case occurs through the vegetative nervous

    Essence of the operation – In full or partial removal of muscle causing migraine. It may be muscles in interbra, part of the muscle on
    Back surface neck, nasal partition or chewing muscle. By
    statistics, improvement or complete cure takes place in Migraine - ailment of aristocrats - and all the ways to get rid of it90% of cases. But
    Doctors say that the operation is better to produce, only making sure,
    what can not do without it.

    In Russia, so far such operations are not common. It remains to be treated by more traditional methods.

    What is missing in a home first aid kit

    The most common method of treatment is medication. Go to move
    Aspirin, Analgin, Citramamon and stronger analgesics. For example,
    codeine and dihydroeine - very strong painful, but they can
    Call addiction. Therefore, instead, it is better to try to take
    But-Shpu, Spasmalgon, Diclofenac or Sedalgin.

    They can help, especially in combination with strong tea
    or mineral water. In addition, you can try more indomethacin, orthophen, ibuprofen, naproxen and others. Help I
    Coffee-containing agents: Ergotamine, Bellergal - or just a cup
    Strong coffee.

    Headaches – Direct relatives depressed. Where nervous stress –
    Migraine snapped there. Therefore, it will be worthwhile
    Antidepressants (amitripticlin and doxepin). You can also try
    Preparations that affect the exchange of serotonin: Zomig, imigrana or gloss. But
    In any case, you need to remember that your migraine – only yours, and therefore the same
    medicines can become panacea for one person and be absolutely useless
    for another. So first you should visit the attending physician, and then go to

    Refrigerator will help us

    There are folk remedies.

    Folk wisdom says that the headache can be somewhat soften
    Apple. Also helps applying fresh crusts to temples

    And, of course, you should be cautious, using the so-called
    products-«provocateurs». These include hardMigraine - ailment of aristocrats - and all the ways to get rid of itE Cheese and Smoked
    (ham, salami), pickled herring, Coca-Cola, Nuts, beans and
    sausages. Be careful to be with alcohol, especially with dry wines, beer,
    Champagne. Probably, you ourselves noticed more than once how often migraine
    begins in the midst of a fun party. Champagne pours river,
    Cigarette smoke smokes under the ceiling, you just found an interesting
    interlocutor like here – BAC! – headache.

    Hatha Yoga and the smell of mint on the guard of our nerves

    Often, various spasms are associated with psychological problems.

    However, it is possible to get rid of stresses and more pleasant way.
    Scientifically proven that aromatherapy – effective way in fighting
    many diseases of the nervous system. To get rid of migraine
    Specialists use Mayoran oils, lemon, basilica, daisies,
    eucalyptus, rosemary, pines, spruce, lavender, mint, roses, ylang-ylang.

    However, not for all they are equally useful. If you find «Nothing» smell,
    It not only does not help, but will strengthen the migraine (because strong smells –
    First stimuli).

    Well helps and exercise. Active people can adopt a few exercises from Hatha Yoga.

    Whatever way to combat migraine you choose, remember: the most important
    – This is a careful attitude towards himself. Excessive zeal at work and at home,
    Crazy diets and various overloads harm health. So more often

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