How to get rid of dandruff


How to get rid of dandruffThe emergence of such an unpleasant and at all aesthetic defect, like burdulous scales or dandruff, — This is not only a cosmetic problem, but also physiological. Sometimes she affects eyebrows. Do not rush to immediately buy an expensive shampoo from dandruff or all kinds of cosmetics to get rid of unpleasant whites «Tracks», or follow the advice of traditional medicine and experience different kinds of masks and drugs.

To really part with the dandruff for a long time, you should figure out and find answers to the following questions:

  • what type of skin on the head;
  • What care get hair (health level, appearance, use of a hair dryer);
  • What water temperature during hair washing;
  • which nature and color dandruff;
  • which provoked its appearance;
  • How long does the leather scraps detachment.

Having understood in all nuances of the ailment, it will be much easier to choose adequate and, most importantly, effective treatment that must be comprehensive.

We look into the microscope: dandruff on the head

In Latin, the skin problem is called Pitiriasis — in translation «bran». Dandruff is not a separate skin disease, and performs symptom, consequence of the main pathology of the scalp or the problems of the whole organism. In medicine, it is considered as a light shape of seborrheic dermatitis.

The reasons for the appearance of dandruff:

  • stress, depression;
  • sensitive skin;
  • impairment of metabolism (silence dysfunction);
  • transitional age;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • pregnancy;
  • fungal skin lesions;
  • incorrect and defective nutrition;
  • Hereditary predisposition (physiology of the scalp).

The phenomenon of dandruff on the head appears if the peeling of scalp scales occurs very quickly and long period of time. Unoperable reactions of the head of the head for supercooling, the composition of water when washing the hair, shift shampoo, any type of allergen (allergic peeling and itching of the skin), sharp climate change, strong nervous shock, improper nutrition.

Sometimes the causes of the appearance of dandruff lumps inside the body:

  • digestion disorders;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • avitaminosis;
  • pathology of the endocrine system.

Signs of dandruff

The signs of dandruff attributes:

  • The appearance of white, yellowish or gray scales on her hair and clothing;
  • The formation of plaques, horny tubes, the head of the head is similar to the orange crust;
  • itching, depth and redness of the scalp;
  • Hair becomes dry and brittle, with forked ends (dry seborrhea), very fat and droked (fat seborrhea liquid) or the head of the head is dense, inelastic, with the formation of comedones — black acne (fatty seborrhea thick);
  • Permanent loss of hair.

How to get rid of dandruff

How to get rid of dandruffIn order for the treatment to be correct and complex, you should contact a trichologist or dermatologist. After a thorough examination, it is possible to consult a specialist: a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, immunologist and other.

Pay attention to the fact that treating dandruff follows with medical lotions and shampoos, and not cosmetic.

The faster you find out the main reason, the faster you will understand how to get rid of dandruff.

The list of substances included in therapeutic agents and effective when dealing with dandruff:

  • Antifungal and antimicrobial «Pyritonin Zinc»;
  • fungicidal «Cyclopirox»;
  • Bactericidal and antifungal «Clotrimazole»;
  • Fungicide and fungistatics «Ketokonazole»;
  • Antifungal «Bifonazole» (longer holds on the skin);
  • Insecticide disinfecting «Birch tar» (well updates skin cells);
  • Organic anti-inflammatory antiseptic «Ichthyol» (contains sulfur and normalizes cell recovery);
  • antimicrobial salicylic acid (reduces the operation of sweat and sebaceous glands, contributes to the best leather exfoliation);
  • Antibacterial «Klimbazol» and «Persulfide Selena».

Well established themselves against dandruff paste «Sulsena», shampoo «Lowords», «Seborin», Herbal and lactic masks. Selection of funds are purely individual, and it is possible to judge its effectiveness by passing a full course of treatment, including:

  • external use of funds;
  • Treatment of the main disease (if any);
  • vitamins;
  • Preparations that increase immunity;
  • compliance with the diet (elimination of sweet, acute, fatty, salted, alcohol);
  • soothing;
  • Psychoconsulting on indications;
  • healthy lifestyle.

Observing all the rules, you can forget about the problem. If you do not follow and not care for yourself, dandruff may arise again, and then you have to start all.

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