Complications of hirudotherapy


    Possible complications and contraindications

    Complications of hirudotherapyOften, after a session of hirudotherapy in places attaching leeches, patients note local redness of the skin, a small swelling and a light itch, which may not pass within 2–3 days. No need to fear these symptoms. This is quite normal and the usual reaction of the body. Itching can be hired by wiping the place «Ukus» alcohol or iodom. The main thing – not combing the skin, otherwise bacteria will fall into the wound and then the case may end with a furunculosis.

    It is not recommended to put leeches on the skin directly above the veins. If the leech is able to contact the wall of the vein, bleeding will arise. If it still happened, with the consequences it is necessary to fight in accordance with the rules of first assistance to victims during venous bleeding: the damaged vessel should be superimposed by a gouring bandage from lump sterile wool or gauze.

    No need to put leeches on places with loose subcutaneous fatty tissue, for example, on the eyelids, on the scrotum. As a result, there may be slowly accumulating edema or extensive hematoma.

    It is strictly not necessary to use humanity with people with hemophilia patients. This is understandable: their blood is so badly folded, and because of the additional thrombolytic action, the hirudin on the skin appears poorly healing bleeding wounds.

    It is not recommended to resort to the treatment of leeches to people with a resistant hypotension, T.E. having a constantly reduced blood pressure. On average, leech sucks for a session about 15 ml of blood. Still follows from the wound. Thus, the use of 10 leeches can cause a loss of up to 300 ml of blood, and this for hypotonists a lot – So consciousness can be lost.

    Some people suffer from hemorrhagic diathesis. The manifestations of this disease that causes several reasons, partly remind the effects of hemophilia. Patients have a long blood flow and often local subcutaneous hemorrhages occur. Leeches they are also contraindicated.

    Finally, in about one case, out of ten thousand people, there are allergic reactions to biologically substances of leeches. As mentioned, an experienced chairman was already mentioned before starting treatment sessions with leeches, should make sure that the patient has such an exacerbated reaction. If it is detected, there are two exits: either to abandon the hirudotherapy and deal with illness by other means, or use antihistamine preparations (for example, calcium chloride), which temporarily remove the consequences of allergic reactions.

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