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  • Hyperactivity in combination with excessive impulsivity – This is already
    Deviation called hyperactivity syndrome and attention deficit. By
    research data, it is found in 4–9% preschoolers and younger
    Schoolchildren. And this means that in the class where 25 will study on average–27
    Man, there is one, or even two hyperactive child.

    However, to put this diagnosis on the basis of one «Her license» and
    Dispelness is impossible. Diagnosis requires special
    Brain studies.

    Real «Energizher»

    Hyperactivity of children
    With manifestations of hyperactivity, parents may encounter from the first
    Days of the child's life. Children are bad, sleep restlessly, cry much, during
    wakefulness is very moving, excited; Sensitive to all external
    stimuli – Light or noise. It is hyperactive children often
    «jump out» from the strollers in the eyes of the mother, bare beds,
    tilting the kettle with boiling water. AT 4–5 years old child is not capable
    Focus on one lesson, his attention is scattered: for example, he
    Lack of patience to listen to the end a fairy tale or play in «Silent»
    games requiring concentration. Child can not be a minute
    quietly sit on a chair, rushes, noise.

    Parents do not accidentally say that to their children «Like attracted
    Motor», And those are ready to run and jump by day. But believe it
    just a consequence of a big energy stock in a child, wrong.
    This discharge, which is necessary for the child due to its features
    organism. In addition, hyperactivity is often accompanied by restless
    movements, blow motility and excessive child-tempered child.

    The situation is exacerbated in kindergarten, and later in school. Classes
    require perfection, and the child spins-spinning, noise, distracts
    other children. At a high level of intellectual development he learns
    on the «Troika», And in the lessons it is bored. Because of its impulsiveness, the child
    often falls into different alterations, acts, without thinking, as a result
    what the diary is Pottit with the comments of teachers, and relationship with
    Odnoklassniki do not fold.

    Where did you come from «Motor»

    Of course, hyperactivity syndrome with violation does not occur on
    empty place. His primitives appear before the child appears.
    Causes can be any problems during pregnancy and childbirth,
    which are accompanied by intrauterine hypoxy (lack of oxygen).
    It is about the threat of miscarriage, asphyxia, use during childbirth
    auxiliary means (for example, forceps), rapid either,
    On the contrary, long traumatic births, smoking during pregnancy.
    Infections and intoxication In the first years of life, the baby can also augrate
    hyperactivity. There is also a genetic predisposition to
    This deviation.

    At the heart of hyperactivity lies minimal brain dysfunction (MMD).
    Precisely because of her children have difficulty studies. Currently
    Neuropsychologists, neurophysiologists, biologists are conducted by minimal brain dysfunction and hyperactivity. They tend to identify violations
    structural and functional organization of the left hemisphere, immaturity
    Lobno-hippocampal brain system (it is she responsible for regulation
    Lookage), low mental tone, increased depletion.
    It is because of these disorders that the child is so moving, impulsive, but
    This is inattentive. It is noted that the adolescent age is increased
    Motor activity disappears, but inattention and
    impulsive, on the contrary, can progress. Besides,
    Studies have shown that hyperactive children are often experienced
    Difficulties with letters and speech, utterness of complex words, patter.

    Calmness, only calm

    Parents often have difficulty communicating with hyperactive
    Children. Some seek disciplinary methods to defeat
    Naughty son or daughter – increase loads, strictly punishable
    For the provinces. Others choose the path of permissiveness and provide
    child full freedom of action. When determining the optimal line
    behavior with a child parents often lose. Of course, different situations
    Require different solutions. But first of all, parents must understand that
    Their child was so actively called them and not because it does not want to correctly
    behave. The child comes so unintently, so parent
    Emotional bursts – attacks, swearing and threats – can only
    Earl. A number of general recommendations give psychologists.

    For the child, the specific setting of tasks is very important. If you want to,
    so that the baby performed some kind of request, then its formulation should be
    extremely clear and accurate, consisting of about ten words. Not worth it
    give several tasks immediately, for example, «Go to your room, collect
    toys, then wash your hands and come dining». The child is unlikely to perceive
    such a tirade and his attention is simply «Switch» for something
    Other. It is better to seek to execute each instruction.

    The task must be limited to specific temporary
    Frames. About changing the type of activity to the child need to report in advance – For 10–15 minutes, and in the expiration of the deadline for the task let it be notified as alarm clock or timer.

    Bringing to the child anything, it is better to avoid words «No» and «it is forbidden». IN
    any situation should be trancheled calmly, not at elevated colors.

    Bruisies and bumps – Permanent «friends» active baby. But the parents are ne
    It is worth trying to constantly undergo my child: excessive guard braking
    Development of sense of independence. Better limit visits to places
    Mass accumulation of people – Do not be in the markets, in supermarkets,

    Oral instructions should be reinforced visually. It may be
    plan-calendar or colorful diary, where you are with the child
    You will record the reception time, performing homework,
    Walking and sleep.

    If it is impossible for training on a special program, it is better to choose a four-year initial training instead of three years.

    Timely appeal to specialists – psychologists, neurologists, defectologists need, it helps to completely solve the problem.

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