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  • Cold treatment, cryotherapy
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    Cold treatment, cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy is a cold treatment. This concept includes all
    A complex of cryomethodes used in medicine and cosmetology. Cryosaine
    - This variety of general cryotherapy conducted in a special
    Cryaker, in which the impact on the human body
    Low temperatures. This procedure allows you to activate protective
    body forces, thanks to temperature stress to whom the human
    The body is subjected to 3 minutes. During this time he has time
    cool only the top layer of the skin in which heat
    Receptors. As a result of intensive heat exchange, a person loses
    a significant amount of calories, so cryosauna is considered beautiful
    way of losing weight. Besides a pronounced cosmetic effect, because
    The time of procedure takes place a significant improvement in skin nutrition, which
    leads to renewal of skin, cryosauna stimulates work
    Hearts and internal organs improve venous outflow.
    positively affects the hormonal background of the body, which is expressed in
    Powerful rejuvenating effect after the course of procedures. Immune answer
    The body on the impact of general cryotherapy is such that passage
    Procedures equal to 2-3 years regular hardening. General
    The impact on the cryosauna body helps with extensive
    dermatological problems impeding the use of local
    Cryomethodov. Cryosaun has a positive effect on mental and
    Emotional human background: reduces the feeling of fatigue, produces
    Relaxing effect helps reduce feeling of despondency and longing. Total
    For several Cyrac sessions, you can say goodbye to the eternal problem
    Women - cellulite.

    What are the methods of cryotherapy

    Methods of cryotherapy
    Local methods of cryotherapy include: cryopyrov, cryoissage, cryooelectrophoresis, cryodestruction.

    lies in the effects of liquid nitrogen on the skin surface. Wherein
    The thin layer of the epidermis is frozen and as a result - rises
    Tog skin, there is a narrowing of pores, small rings and acne disappear,
    The appearance of the skin is high quality. To achieve significant
    The effect of rejuvenation is made deep exfoliation. Cryopigal
    helps not only to deal with age-related skin changes, but also
    contributes to solving such problems as pigment spots, acne,
    freckles. This procedure has a big advantage before applying
    chemical peeling, since it practically does not have side effects and
    the recovery period after it is significantly shorter.

    Very shown with fading skin, acne, hair loss.
    The procedure has a pronounced lifting effect. Liquid massage
    Nitrogen is made using a wide applicator, the skin before
    The procedure is treated with ethyl alcohol. Thanks to Cryoissa
    The active influx of blood to the skin of the face, which makes it elastic,
    Elastic. At the same time, the skin surface is leveled, pores are torn,
    Wrinkles smoothed and healthy blush appears. Cryomassage skin
    Head helps to fight some kinds of baldness. Session
    cryoissage lasts only 5-7 minutes, while only lungs
    burning and tingling that passes shortly after

    Croelectrophoresis procedure lies in the introduction
    frozen drugs in deep layers of skin with a pulsating
    Low frequency current. Thanks to the reaction of blood vessels on the cold, action
    Preparations lasts up to 10 hours, while having a lifting effect.
    This procedure helps to fight premature aging,
    Eliminates skin declaration, effectively fights cellulite and fat

    Another kind of cryotherapy - Cryodestruction,
    helps to get rid of such dermatological problems as warts,
    Papillomas, Condylomes, Keloid scars, Contigago Mollusk, Nets. IN
    The course of the procedure is carried out deep freezing of the neoplasm. Again
    with liquid nitrogen. Removal occurs in just 1-2 procedures.
    Tampon or Special Applicator Mixed in Low Nitrogen Low
    Temperatures, apply to neoplasm, after which it darkens,
    hardens and soon disappears. Repeated procedure is carried out if the value
    The neoplasm was significant.

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