Vaginal Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention


  • Cancer Vagina
  • What are the risk factors for the occurrence of vaginal cancer
  • Preventive measures for the occurrence of vaginal cancer

  • Cancer Vagina

    Distinguish several types of vaginal cancer. In 85-90% of cases in women
    A flat-belling cancer is diagnosed, which develops from cells,
    lining vagina (epithelium).

    This is
    View of cancer arises mainly in the field of cervix. Crayfish
    develops for many years on the background of prematum changes -
    Intropherapy Neoplasa Vagina (VNV).

    5-10% are adenocarcinoma. Most of them occur in women older than 50 years. Special
    The type of adenocarcin is a light-cell adenocarcinoma - more often
    diagnosed in pregnant women previously receiving the drug
    diethylstilbastrol in order to prevent miscarriage.

    Tumor - Melanoma - is 2-3% of the total number of tumor
    Vaginal diseases. This type of cancer is usually located in the lower
    Vaginal departments and varies in size, color and nature of growth.

    In 2-3%, the vagina tumor is represented by the sarcomas that arise in
    The depth of the wall of the vagina. There are several types of sarcoma.
    Leiomiosarcomas develop from smooth muscles and usually strike women older than 50 years. Rabbomiosarcoma arises from transverse-butcheled (skeletal) muscles and is usually diagnosed in children under the age of 2 years.

    Cancer Vagina is 2-3% among the tumors of the female reproductive
    (sexual) system and is usually developing at the age of 45-65 years. Light cell adenocarcinoma is more common in 19-20 years.

    In 2004, in the United States, according to preliminary calculations, 2160 will be revealed
    Cancer Cancer Vagina. At the same time, 790 women may die of this
    Diseases in the same year.

    Currently known some factors that increase the risk
    The occurrence of cancer vagina. However, the presence of one or more
    risk factors still does not mean the occurrence of the tumor.

    What are the risk factors for the occurrence of vaginal cancer

    Age is a risk factor when
    Flake carcinous vaginal cancer. More than 50% of cases of vaginal cancer
    meets in women after 60 years.

    DiethylstylBastrol (DSB) is hormonal
    The drug that was widely used in pregnant women until 1971
    In order to prevent miscarriage. 1 out of 1000 women whose mother
    DSB was used, a lightweight adenocarcinoma of the vagina or
    cervical cervix. Especially dangerous was the use of the drug during
    first 16 weeks of pregnancy. The average age of sickwash
    The light cell adenocarcinoma was 19 years old.

    Vaginal Cancer: Risk Factors and PreventionAdenosis Vagina. In the norm, the vagina is waved
    Flat cells - epithelium. In 40% of cases after the start of menstruation
    Zones of glandular cells can appear in the vagina, as in the uterus.
    This phenomenon is called adenosis and can slightly increase the risk
    the occurrence of the free-calorie adenocarcinoma of the vagina regardless of
    Reception of DSB.

    Infection caused by human papilloma virus
    (HPV). This group includes more than 70 types of viruses that can
    Call papillomas. Different types of viruses cause various papillomas
    In many areas of the body (on the palms and soles, lips and language,
    Male and female genital organs and rear aisle). Viruses are transmitted
    from man to man sexually. These viruses are found in
    cells of some vaginal tumors.
    Early sexual start, the presence of many sexual partners,
    Ignoring protective equipment increases the risk of infection with papilloma viruses

    Cervical cancer and Prepucolastic changes in the cervix
    Increase the risk of flake bug cancer vagina. Radius
    Therapy, conducted earlier on the cervical cancer area, also
    Increases the risk of vagina cancer, possibly due to damage
    DNA of vaginal cells.

    Irritation of vagina In women applying
    The uterine rings in the fallout of the uterus leads to chronic inflammation
    Vagina and some risk of risk of fledelled cancer.

    Smoking, especially in young age
    Play a role in the development of vagina cancer. Such an assumption
    Made on the basis of the fact that women suffering from vagina cancer,
    often diagnosed lung cancer, which is directly related to
    Tobacco consumption.

    Preventive measures for the occurrence of vaginal cancer

    The best way to reduce the likelihood of vaginal cancer is the elimination of known risk factors.

    As mentioned earlier, reducing the probability of viruses infection
    Papillomas of a person, rejection of sexual intercourse in a very young age
    and with many partners, as well as smoking, will contribute
    Reducing the risk of vaginal cancer. Treatment of prematubolic diseases of the vagina will help to prevent them in a true cancer.

    The anti-cancer society of Russia recommends:

    • All women are encouraged to participate in screening in 3 years
      After the start of sex life, but not later than 21 years. Screening (smear from
      vagina with microscopic examination) to hold annually.
    • Starting from 30 years of age in the presence of 3 normal indicators of smears from the vagina screening to spend every 2-3 years.
    • Women aged 70 or more years at 3 and more normal
      The indicators of smears from the vagina can be recommended a refusal to
      Further screening. The exception is women who suffered cancer
      cervix, infection caused by human papilloma viruses and availability
      Weakened immune system.
    Women who suffered the removal of the uterus and cervix may not participate in
    Screening. In case of preserving the cervix after the operation follows
    adhere to the above recommendations.

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