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  • Drong on the tumor
  • Homeopathy on revenue
  • Cyclic problems
  • Attack outside
  • Iron deficiency
  • Diet against Moma

  • Drong on the tumor

    Myoma uterus is a benign tumor. And it is extremely rarely turning into a cancer. Nevertheless, the main group of natural funds useful with the diagnosis is antitumor plants. They are appointed with any neoplasms and including in the world of uterus.

    This category includes fighters of Dzhungarian and Baikal, brilliated, saber, saber, white and amanita red mistletoe. It is better to use alcohol hoods from listed plants. Dosing them need drip depending on the type of grass. But remember that all these plants, with the exception of a saber, are poisonous. The use of such grasses should be extremely careful.

    Nettle from Moma Another kind of antitumor plant, which are used in the treatment of uterine misa and is called - «Motyatniki». This name is how it is impossible to better characterize these herbs and the scope of their application. Among such plants, you need to mention the Shandra ordinary, Borovoy Makeup, European Zuzynik. These grasses have two essential advantages over the first group of antitumor plants.

    First, they are in the overwhelming majority of cases of non-unites and therefore quite suitable for self-treatment. Secondly, these plants are purposefully acting on the tumors of the uterus.

    As another group of herbs, under the uterus, the so-called troopic tissue trophy regulators are used. This is a dealer, or a hustlee bird, a field of field, Medician drug. They prevent the appearance of scars and adhesions. And in the event that such problems could not be avoided, these herbs help to make spikes softer, elastic, so that they do not interfere with the authority to work correctly.

    These plants have another important role. They are the first to meet with harmful microorganisms and tumor cells. As a result, all the necessary mechanisms of the immune system are launched, aimed at eliminating the problem.

    Homeopathy on revenue

    Homeopathy cannot artificially add missing hormone or eliminate its excess. But it is quite capable of bringing his own working to a normal level. Hormonal status will be improved - Mioma will begin to decrease.

    Under the Moma of the uterus, many homeopathic preparations are applied. For example, Aurum iodatum 12, Aurum Muriatikum 12, Silicate Calcareus 12, Potassium Carbonicum 12, Lillium Tigrinum 6, Nufar 6. The medicine will act more efficiently if a doctor prescribes after the examination. At the same time, not only the physiological features of the patient, but also the warehouse of its character will be taken into account.

    To speed up recovery, parallel to the main treatment you need to strengthen the immune system. Here are the best floors - this is Eleutherococcus Spiny, Rhodiola Pink and Four-Party, Levsay Safflorovoid, Aralia Manchurskaya and Kopechnik Tea. However, these plants should not be taken with hypertension and increased nervous excitability.

    Cyclic problems

    Under the uterus, the menstrual cycle occurs very often. Healing plants will also help cope with them. Their choice depends on what kind of violations worried a woman.

    When menstruation delay, the tincture of aristologies, decoction of flowers of the Pijmas. In case of painful menstruation -, medicinal cuff, daisy pharmacy, hop ordinary. In early menstruation, the rank of ordinary, known as sleep-grass. If cyclic bleeding is accompanied by edema, it helps the moltennik fragrant.

    If moma cause strong bleeding, they will stop them to help all famous herbs - nettle dwarm, shepherd bag, thousands of millennia, Barbaris Amur. The mechanism of hemostatic action they have a double. Yarrow and shepherd bag reinforce blood coagulation. Nettle also has this action. But besides this nettle, like Barbaris, as if compresses the vessels of the uterus. And as a result of such a spasm, bleeding stops.

    Attack outside

    Nettle from Moma To strengthen the effect of herbs taken inward, well use and local treatment - Drainage, tampons and karticles. Antineopole effects are evinsing with decoction of horse sorrel root or chain. For reducing pains Apply a chamomile pharmacy.

    Parishts are used externally, applying them to the bottom of the abdomen. The basis of the Parishment is made up any substances that are long preserving heat and not preventing the absorption of the medicinal substance. In the people, it is customary as the basis to use baked onions, abnormitable pearl porridge, cornpage, cubs of mucus-containing plants. It can be flax seeds, altea root, Lesnoye, Malva, a warm infusion of zetraria Icelandic.

    At the finished base of the khards add tinctures and decoctions of therapeutic plants, such as the donoka or the Chernoshorn of the Medicinal, Blueness of the Common.

    For the preparation of tampons, use the same medicinal plants in the form of decoctions, ointments and oils.

    Iron deficiency

    Under the Moma of the uterus because of large blood losses often decreases the level of hemoglobin. To normalize the state, you need to take one of the numerous pharmacy preparations with iron. You also need to eat more iron-containing products: liver, beets, grenades, green apples, in small quantities of drinking korgore and brandy.

    In addition, it is worth taking care of the fill in the lack of vitamins and minerals. In the treatment of moma of the uterus, vitamins of group B, vitamins A and E, ascorbic and folic acid, iodine, silicon. Good use also iodine-containing plants - a series, walnut, laminaria. Taking into account the above, you can choose one of the pharmacy vitamin and mineral complexes.

    Diet against Moma

    Correct Lifestyle - the necessary Success Success. The appearance and growth of MIOM is often associated with an excess of female hormones of estrogen, which have the property of accumulating in adipose tissue. Therefore, women with excess weight need to adjust their diet: minimize fat consumption, limit carbohydrates and increase the share of protein products in the diet. Turn on the daily menu vegetable and fruit juices. Regularly do exercise. They will help reduce the share of fat and estrogen levels in your body. From this can decrease and myoma.

    Moma's growth can influence stress, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep. Build the right day of the day and try to follow him in my own health.

    And the last advice for those who prefer to treat Miom herbs. Do not forget what «behavior» Moma need to be monitored, and regularly. Even if you do not feel degradation of well-being, be sure to come to scheduled surveys. At least once every six months do ultrasound.

    Keep in mind: Often the emergence of Moma uterus precede hormonal disorders, inflammation of uterus and appendages, ovarian cysts. All these ailments need to be treated in time. With a combination of misa with a pile, endometriosis to cure such a serious bouquet of problems among only by natural means hard. It happens not even by modern hormonal drugs, and then you have to resort to surgical intervention.

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