The use of the preparation of Caripain in the treatment of intervertebral hernia


The use of the preparation of Caripain in the treatment of intervertebral herniaIn different periods of life from 50 to 90% of the world's population, there are pains, the cause of which are spine damage. Resistant pain syndrome is often a consequence of an intervertebral disk hernia.

Until a certain time of effective treatment of discogenic syndromes, except for the operational removal of the squeezing nerve root or spinal brain of hernia, there were no traditional methods. Depending on the type of operation in a distant postoperative period from 17 to 45% of cases, unsatisfactory results had. Most of the patients from this group were later translated into a particular disability group.

Conservative treatment (massage, medical gymnastics, manual therapy, physiotherapy, mud, drug therapy) reduces swelling and voltage of the lentern hernia fabrics, strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, eliminates pain syndrome. At the same time, the whole range of the above impacts cannot eliminate the cause of pain syndrome — Genry itself.

Currently, an effective means for the treatment of intervertebral hernias appeared in the form of a Caripain polyesman, capable of delivering patients from hernia without surgery.

Caripain includes enzymes of plant origin (papain, lysozyme, proteinase, etc.). Papain, penetrating the fabric using electrophoresis or phonophoresis, creates a depot in the area of ​​the affected disk, has a local and selective effect on the connecting fabric. With a properly selected concentration of the drug, the number and duration of the procedures, the papin causes elevated selection of collagen protein, which restores the elasticity of the loose disk tissue, increases and the elasticity of its kernel. Such images restores the normal form and mechanical durability of the disc.

The use of the preparation of Caripain in the treatment of intervertebral herniaThe enzymes of the drug in certain dosages selectively affect the hernia itself. It gradually decreases and becomes soft. As a result, the nerve root is released from mechanical pressure, its nutrition increases, the pain in the spine gradually decreases and pass. Disk seal due to fermented preparation Caripain warns further loss and hernia formation.

The effectiveness of the treatment with a caripain during osteochondrosis and many, even complicated hernias of the intervertebral disk reaches 82%. According to statistics, approximately 45% of patients assigned to the operation, having received a caripain treatment, do not need operational interference.

Contraindications to the use of Caripain are acute inflammatory processes in tissues, sequestered hernias, rough circulation disorders in the damage zone, expressed by pain syndrome and limb, requiring operational intervention.

The main testimony for the treatment of the Caripain is osteochondrosis of the spine and the hernia of intervertebral discs, the hernia of Schimorl, post-traumatic contractures of various localization, keloid scars, adhesions, arthritis-arthritis of large joints, shoulder-painting periatritis, neuritis and tunnel syndromes.

Indications, the duration of Karipain's application and the number of physiotherapeutic procedures (electrical or phonophoresis) are determined by a neurologist after a detailed examination of the patient and conducting additional examinations (blood tests, ultrasound or MRI of the spine).

The use of the preparation of Caripain in most cases will help in optimal terms, painlessly and effectively get rid of intervertebral hernia, avoiding operational intervention.

The use of the preparation of Caripain in the treatment of intervertebral hernia

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