Cosmetic and plastic surgery: what is the difference?


Cosmetic and plastic surgery: what is the difference?

Cosmetic or surgical?

For those who hope
through the surgeon to fix the real rather than the imaginary appearance defects or
the effects of trauma, plastic surgery is recommended. That this is the
Basically the difference cosmetic and plastic surgery.

However, many
people call plastic cosmetic surgery. Medical insurance does not
cover cosmetic surgery, however, it provides for the payment of basic
plastic surgery (for example, after a car accident or fire). daily
world performed thousands of cosmetic and plastic surgery, and many clinics
offer discounts and even a loan in order to attract customers.

For many people, funding
cosmetic surgery remains an unresolved issue. Some women are ready to go into debt,
to make lifting or correct the shape of the nose or breasts. Cosmetic and
plastic surgery performed pretty quickly, if not broken facial
bone (in this case, perform a radical operation that can take several
hours). In any case, it is important to remember that this is a surgical procedure, albeit
insignificant. You should never rule out the risk associated with any

Complications from cosmetic and plastic surgery

As we mentioned, any
Cosmetic and plastic surgery - a surgical intervention, which
It may lead to various complications, and even lead to death
outcome. Although such cases are rare, the operation may result in injury
or serious injury. Before deciding on any operation, carefully
weigh all the "pros" and "against" vote and possible risks: whether the game is worth the candle? Most
common complication of any surgery - infection. Good doctors understand
that the risk is great, and take appropriate measures. Sometimes the surgeon
It prescribes a patient antibiotics to prevent the development of
postoperative infection.

Typically, cosmetic and
plastic surgery was uneventful, if the patient does not suffer
serious diseases. The postoperative period usually goes pretty
painful, and on the operated portion visible hematoma. Undoubtedly,
most of us find a cause of discontent own appearance, ie,
reason for the visit to the cosmetic surgeon, but get to the end is not solved
everyone. Think carefully about what you expect from the surgery, and answer
the main question: is it really can not do without the intervention of the surgeon?

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