Children's appendicitis. Is it possible to do without surgery?


Children's surgery appendicit
Acute appendicitis
In children, according to experts, this is the most common children's
Surgical disease, operations are carried out in 75% of cases of all diseases
Little patients. What caused such a high percentage of transactions about appendicitis in children? IN
most cases this is due to the high mobility of the blind intestine that
influences clinical signs of the disease. Pathogenesis of acute
Appendicitis in babies is represented by two theories:

  • According to nervously vascular
    Theories of the acute inflammation of the appendix associated with violation of activities
    gastrointestinal tract, which can manifest as a spasm of smooth muscles and narrowing
    vessels, inevitably leading to a violation of the power of the walls of the process and even to its necrosis;
  • Theory
    stagnation interpretation of acute appendicitis as a result of obstruction
    a worm-like process accompanied by bacterial inflammation and
    The subsequent deterioration of the lymphatic outflow, which leads to the operator of the cryavois
    Freight. It should be noted that kids up to 3 years old worm-shaped process
    has the form of a cone, it provides the absence of stagnant phenomena and, as
    Corollary, low frequency of the disease at such age.

Classification of acute disease: where and
How sores?

Children pays great attention and according to
Classification It is divided into three main forms:

  • Catarial
    — characterized by edema and redness of the serous shell of appendix.
  • Phlegmonous
    or purulent process peculiar inflammation of all layers of a heart-shaped process
    With ulceration in the mucous membrane.
  • Gangrenous
    appendicitis — This is a deep destructive defeat of the whole draft
    the process, its structure of dark gray color is significantly thickened, marked
    purulent fibrinous overlays and necrosis walls process. Circulatory disorder
    In the vessels of a worm-like process, the development of peritonitis is fraught.

How does appendicitis in children hurt
At the beginning of the disease, the kid makes complaints
pain practically everywhere, you can later reveal a constant pain below
abdomen, in the aircraft region, which is concentrated after a while
in the right bottom. The child prefers constantly lying, pursing his feet
Calace, the course of the disease is characterized by a gradual increase in pain, she
Feels when shaking or when changing the position. Against lifting background
body temperatures up to 38c and above marked frequent vomiting, not bringing
relief, as well as the increase in the pulse. The latency of the chair is determined, when taking
It is felt by a noticeable tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall, characteristic pain in the right
iliac area with a thorough deep palpation of the abdomen. Fixed
positive symptom of brush-blubberg with a strengthening of abdominal pain
cutting hands from the front abdominal wall.

The diagnosis of appendicitis is based on the assessment
clinical picture, data laboratory testing of blood and urine, ultrasound,
Perhaps diagnostic laparoscopy. Differential diagnostics are carried out with
Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, enterocolitis, intestinal

Surgery appendicitis pays the most serious attention,
paying attention to parents for the importance and significance of timely operation,
What can prevent illiterate self-treatment. In suspected appendicitis
It should be remembered that it is impossible to use hot heating and painkillers
Preparations. Heat, slightly facilitating the condition of the child, significantly increases
growth rate of the inflammatory process, while painkillers
Preparations lubricate the true picture of the patient's state, leading to late
diagnostics, and sometimes to the appointment of incorrect treatment. Attentive mom must
Pay attention to the swollen belly of the baby, on the delay of gases and chair,
Frightened eyes and a surname skin of a child. All these symptoms — base for
Call brigade «Ambulance» and refusal to try to clean the intestine of the child with
using laxatives and enema. Used time and muming indecision
often threaten the development of peritonitis. Parents should be understood that complaints about
sharp pains are sometimes connected with appendicitis, so when such
Signs It is necessary to urgently call a doctor, and the child is put in bed.

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