How to steam?


  • Food and drink
  • Relaxation
  • Security measures
  • Keep track of time
  • How to start?
  • When to go to the pair
  • And broom forgotten?
  • Breathe
  • Cooling
  • After cooling
  • Drink after bath

  • Food and drink

    How to bathe?Often the bath is combined with a rich feast and
    Limit. So: you should not go to a bath on an empty stomach, because when
    a hike in a bath man spends a lot of calories, which means it can tritely fall in
    Hungry fainting. But also go to steam after you ate a bull and drank
    Liquid bucket, also contraindicated. This is also an excessive load on
    organism. Embally, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in front of the bath.


    Hike to a bath has a strong psychotherapeutic effect.
    Simply put, in the bath man rests. Therefore, forget about the bunny day.
    Postpone on the far regiment all the problems and care. To the nervous system in the bath
    Restored, you need complete relaxation. Best in the bath lie down, then
    The body is as relaxed as much as possible and receives a maximum from the bath. Pose is allowed
    in Turkish, if there is where to lean back.

    Security measures

    Wet your head until you entered the double room for the last time
    day, it is impossible: you can get overheating. Before going to the bath, you need
    wash, wipe dry and then go to the pair. To wash
    needed without soap, because detergents are removed from the surface of the skin of fat
    a layer that protects the skin from burns while staying in steam room.

    In order to protect your head from overheating, it is worth putting
    On the head felt cap or at least wrap the head with a small towel.

    Keep track of time

    Even if you are very comfortable in the steam room, you should not
    Going to stay more than 10 minutes. Then you should relax in the pre-tribbon in
    the same time. It is mistaken to believe that after each right you need
    dip. Take a cold shower or swim in cold water
    need after two or three goals. After that, it is advisable to stay in

    How to start?

    Going into the steam room, you should not immediately rush to the upper shelf.
    Sit for a few minutes below, let the body warm up gradually. To
    Reduce the load on the heart, experienced steambags recommend lying on medium
    shelf turning with side on the side.

    Rising from the shelves, do not make sharp movements so as not to
    Call dizziness.

    Between the windows in the steam room, you can drink a glass of warm
    Tea, kvass or juice.

    When to go to the pair

    Best time for a bath — Morning after your body
    a little rested after the working day. Because during bath procedures heart
    gets an increased load, it is better not to conduct it after severe physical
    Work. Consider that bath — This is another full hike in the gym with full

    And broom forgotten?

    Broom work as a pawn, drivening hot air to
    Body. Bare broom can only when the body is well warmed
    previous starts in the pair. Start
    foole the body from the feet moving towards the neck. Fooled the body of
    The appearance of sweat, after which you need to turn over and repeat the procedure. During
    the second right can be slightly touching the body by the tip of the broom. Immediately after the guy
    With a broom you can not leave the steam room, you need to sit at the lowest level and


    Breathe in the steam room you need open mouth, calmly and measured.
    Focus on well-being: if the head begins to spin, too much
    Heart beat, you need to stop the procedure and go to the pre-banker.


    If you are going to dive in the snow after the pair
    water or become under the ice shower, the body needs to warm up as much as possible, then not
    There will be dangerous to catch a cold. When swimming in cold water, you need to avoid
    sharp movements by giving preference to smooth and calm. Anyway
    more than two minutes do not cool.

    After cooling

    After cold procedures, it follows 10-15 minutes to lie in
    Pregnant, take a warm shower, and then dry. Better not to wipe
    towel so as not to cause a new tide of sweat. Wipe only head and
    face. Dressed only after stopping the sweat.

    Drink after bath

    Usually after the bath I really want to drink. You should thicken thirst
    non-alcoholic beverages: water, mors, kvass, juice or
    Strong tea. Beware only too cold drink. Allowed
    low alcohol drinks, but in very limited quantity, no more
    Beer or wine.

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