How to get rid of insomnia

How often do you suffer from insomnia? We hope have you got a rare phenomenon. Because if insomnia becomes chronic, it is unlikely that a simple reading of the literature on traditional medicine from it will be possible to get rid of.

How to get rid of insomnia
How often do you suffer from insomnia? We hope have you got a rare phenomenon. Because if insomnia becomes chronic, it is unlikely that a simple reading of the literature on traditional medicine from it will be possible to get rid of. In these cases, you are better off not to self-medicate, and seek medical advice. If insomnia is brought to you fairly rare, but much bother, then get rid of it as possible and on their own. Let us, together with our website will try to understand the reasons of occurrence of insomnia. Perhaps stepping over these reasons, you will find a few ways to go faster in the kingdom of Morpheus.

Causes of insomnia

Disturbing thoughts and stress - common causes of insomnia
Many of us are occasionally faced witha situation in which to sleep, in spite of all desire, it is impossible. Already on the other side, rolled over, and more than one hundred sheep were counted, and the dream seemed to have forgotten about you. Yeah, sometimes it's not easy to sleep, especially if you do not give rest to the idea that you should definitely get some sleep because tomorrow will have a tough day with any important events.

Stop! Here is the first reason. "Do not give rest to the thought", and hence all the resulting consequences as increased activity of the brain, which is strenuously working on exciting events you. Not surprisingly, that you suffer from insomnia. A way out of a situation that is surprisingly simple, because in order to go to sleep, send all anxious thoughts to rest. Even in the Russian fairy said: "Sleep on it." Try to think about some of the circumstances in which you are always able to fall asleep easily. For some, it was time to rest in warm countries, for another - it is memories of a serene childhood. The main thing is that the brain itself is rebuilt on a more sedate mode and insomnia goes away so quickly, that he woke up in the morning, you do not remember how and when the fell asleep.

Brain activity can be felt evenin cases where no problem at the time of night, and do not disturb. What then was the cause of insomnia? Perhaps it is drunk cup of strong tea, coffee or any other beverage tonic. Although, in fairness, I must say that some teas have a calming effect. But if you are not sure what kind of effect you have on the tea, it is best to replace the traditional tea drinking after dinner for another drink. For example, any natural mineral water or juice to be an excellent replacement to. Or, at worst, if anything from drinks at home left, drink a glass of plain water - from her insomnia, you certainly will not.

Another of the causes of insomnia can be yourstomach. But, rather, what you eat (or not eat) before bedtime. We do not advise you to load up before going to bed, even if the dinner came out surprisingly tasty, and leave no means want to in the morning. Fatty foods will be digested for a long time, that will not let you sleep for a while. At the same time to go to bed hungry is absolutely not a solution either. Most of all it concerns those who like to sit on a diet. Do not make fun of his body, on the contrary, eaten an apple before going to bed will benefit and will only help to fall asleep faster.

Nothing else affects so sleep as comfortable bed
Quite often people have insomniasimply because they feel uncomfortable in bed. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the situation in the bedroom interfere with sleep. The temperature in the room, stray light or sounds - all this affects how quickly you fall asleep. Before going to bed, close the curtains tightly, turn off the TV. If the room is too hot the air conditioner or just slightly open window. If on the contrary, chilly, it is desirable to have such an event in the soft warm pajamas.

Sometimes there are cases when you do not give sleepwho served your old mattress. And you like the "Princess and the Pea" tossing and turning in bed in a vain attempt to overcome insomnia. Or simply it is time to choose and buy a new pillow, because nothing else is not affected so a dream, like a comfortable bed.

How to get rid of insomnia

It will help to fall asleep reading the book thinking not strained
Sometimes the causes of insomnia are not so obvious, andmethods of disposal may vary. Universal tool in such situations will, of course, sleeping. But this method to get rid of insomnia has many negative aspects. Addictive heavy awakening some of them and, furthermore, in each case may have many side effects from continuous hypnotic. Leave this method as a last resort, if we do not help those who will talk about next.

There are many popular recipes that helpget rid of insomnia. But not every house there are components for preparation of the corresponding recipe, so we will not dwell on them. Moreover, that information on the methods of treatment of insomnia folk abound, if desired, they can be easily found. Most of our site are interested in ways to help you sleep, so to speak, "available at your fingertips."

When simply can not sleep, a good wayget rid of insomnia, find yourself some monotonous sedentary occupation. You can advise, do not strain your mind by reading books, knitting, etc. But not typesetting the text on the computer. While stress causes permanent eye fatigue, but also the light from the monitor to the body creates a false sense of continuation of the day, which, of course, will not let you sleep.

Probably many people know that sleep helpscup drunk before going to sleep warm unboiled milk with honey. If milk would not, it may be a green tea with warm or even ordinary water glass. Sometimes (but only sometimes), as a way to get rid of annoying insomnia, you can snuggle at bedtime with a glass of red wine or a bottle of light beer. This will help to relax and fall asleep faster.

Light relaxing massage - a good way to relax before going to bed
Insomnia often lies in the fact thata person doesn’t manage to relax after a busy day. This problem is especially relevant for office workers. In addition to the fact that their work is associated with constant mental activity, they acutely feel a lack of physical activity. And everything together often leads to problems with sleep, to periodically causing discomfort to insomnia. Therefore, physical activity is highly recommended. Throughout the day, for example, go to a cafe during lunch or go to the nearest store for something. In the evening after work, it is advisable to arrange a short walk for yourself. If your house is half an hour walk from work, then why not walk. And it will be generally great if you have the opportunity to swim after working in the pool, a slight fatigue after that will contribute to the best of sleep.

It will help to avoid the adoption of insomnia hotbath for a few hours before bedtime. This procedure relieves muscle tension of the whole organism, accumulated during the day. If you feel though slightly, but a nasty nagging pain (in the legs, lower back, neck), as an alternative to help and easy relaxing massage. Generally, in cases where the cause of insomnia becomes any pain (such as toothpaste), it is better to take a pain reliever, and the next morning to ask for help from a doctor.

As you can see, the causes of insomnia are quitea lot and they are all different. One sleeping pill is not a panacea for all cases. Therefore, there is no one good way to get rid of insomnia. Sometimes people cannot fall asleep due to severe stress, worries, and here you can not do without the help of a psychologist. For others, the cause of insomnia is a physical health problem, which requires contacting a qualified doctor.

What do we have in the end to all the above. That you are not concerned about the issue, how to get rid of insomnia, try, first of all, to eliminate the causes of its occurrence. Build your schedule, train your biological clock to sleep and wake at a certain time (even on weekends). Maintain a healthy way: the right system power, moderate exercise and restorative procedures - a pledge of normal full sleep. Learn to feel and understand ourselves, that's all you need.

Sweet dreams to you!

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