Impotence treatment

Doctors define impotence as a complete sexlessness, when a man loses the ability to make Koitus. Power loss - tragedy for any man. Very often, this trouble overtakes even young men under the age of 30. What are the reasons for impotence and how to deal with it?

Impotence treatment
Power loss - tragedy for any man. Very often, this trouble overtakes even young men under the age of 30. What are the reasons for impotence and how to deal with it?

Doctors define impotence As complete sexual impotence when a man loses the ability to make koitus. Immediately make a reservation that impotence, the emergence of which is due to such diseases as diabetes, hypertonic disease, chronic depression, our site will not be considered. To cure such impotence, it is primarily necessary for the treatment of major diseases.

Types of impotence

Impotence sometimes two types: organic and psychological.

Organic impotence begins gradually. First, spontaneous night and morning erections are disappeared. Then the normal erection disappears, although sexual attraction and ejaculation are saved. In this case, ejaculation occurs either very quickly, or vice versa, it is possible to achieve ejaculation only after long and exhausting for both partners of sexual intercourse.

Impotence treatment
Psychological impotence arises with strong experiences and problems in relationships. Unlike organic, psychological impotence begins spontaneously - in one «beautiful» Day, after a family scandal or tightening from the boss, a man suddenly loses an erection.

Remember that impotence is not an independent disease. It is always a concomitant disease with other diseases: for example, with an endocrine system disorders, or when violation of activity The spinal cord when the sites are blocked responsible for the blood member. In impotence, a comprehensive examination is necessary, which will reveal the main disease.

Impotence is full or partial, it can occur from the very beginning of sexual life (primary) or after several years of normal sexual life (secondary).

Cases of complete primary impotence not so much. This type of impotence is due to serious physiological disorders - pathology of genitals or pathology of the nervous system that manages them. Secondary impotence often occurs when a sexual attraction to a partner is fired or not satisfying a woman with fear. The man is so deeply experiencing this moment that the erection disappears - this is especially true for young men who have no big sexual experience and is not enough confidence in their power.

Very important remark from our site: impotence can not be treated without control of the doctor. A competent doctor will be able to identify the true cause of impotence (psychological - problems with his wife, or organic - diseases that caused impotence) and appoint the necessary treatment.

Psychotherapy and sex therapy

Psychotherapy and sex therapy
If the cause of impotence was bad relationships with women, then 1-2 sessions of psychotherapy happen to get rid of impotence. An experienced doctor will help a man to cope with stress and believe in their strength. But the assistance of a psychiatrist will be effective only if the impotence has become a consequence of family turmoils, and not other diseases.

Council for women: if your man is not indifferent to you, in some cases you can independently spend a session «Psychotherapy». But consider, acts only if your favorite is not sick.

So, for the treatment of impotence you will have to use... Own body. The fact is that the kind of female genital organs is an unusually powerful sexual incentive. All you need is patience and love. Select a time when your man is not tired, send it to the bathroom to relax, and then show it striptease. The chip is that it is impossible to give him to touch you. Understand slowly, and when the clothes are not at all, you will immediately demonstrate his genitals several times. Kraspy in front of him, change the postures, so that he constantly saw your genitals, but he could not touch them (the forbidden fruit is very sweet, and the man in nature is a conqueror, he can't not want to try to enjoy your «Apple»). Many men such «session» tried from starting impotence, so dare!

Medical treatment impotence

Medical treatment impotence
Medical treatment of impotence reduces drugs that stimulate erection.

This is all famous Viagra. Its action is manifested only in response to sexual arousal. Dose Viagra will determine the doctor. Most often assign 50mg per reception, but depending on the state of the patient, the dose may vary from 25 to 100mg. You can take Viagra 1 time per day. The tablet begins to act in half an hour after the reception, and its action is saved to 4-6 hours.

Another medicine - Johimbin - you need to take long courses for 3-4 weeks. If the doctor does not indicate the dosage, take 1 tablet three times a day. However, the effectiveness of Johimbine for the treatment of impotence is very and very doubtful, so be sure to consult your doctor.

Also, in the treatment of impotence, injections are used in the body of the penis. The doctor introduces the drug prostaglandin E1 in the cavernous bodies. This substance has a vasodilatory effect. With sexual stimulation after injection, blood sticks to the cavernous bodies and an erection appears. After the doctor prescribes a patient, a man can make injections and independently. Our site would like to indicate the importance of compliance with dosage. And the injection should be done no more than 3 times a week with a break for at least a day. The production of prostaglandin in a male body occurs and naturally, but excessive uncontrolled injections can lead to a direct opposite effect - the substance will not be produced at all. The most efficient (and expensive) in the treatment of impotence is the Edex preparation.

Still use the introduction of drugs into the urethra, but this method is very uncomfortable. He causes burning and itching in a sexual penis, and you can only have sex in a condom. This technique is used very rarely.

Vacuum Emergency Therapy

With a mechanical method of treating impotence with the help of a cylinder worn on a penis, a negative pressure is created in the cylinder, and this causes blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis and erection occurs. So that blood remains «in place», On the base of the member imposes a dense ring. This makes it possible to make love for half an hour.

This method is not suitable for all. First, the presence of such an appliance does not hide from the partner. Secondly, ejaculation becomes very painful due to the compressive ring, which is based on the penis throughout the sexual intercourse. Well, finally, hemorrhages may appear on penis, a short sense of numbness of a member and other problems.

Surgical methods

If the above methods of treatment of impotence have already been triggered and did not give results, the patient will be offered to make phalloprothetics. This is a small surgical surgery, during which the silicone prosthesis is implanted into the sex duration.

There are several types of phalloprotheses. The oldest (and uncomfortable) are hard prostheses. These are paired elastic silicone straighteners. The inconvenience of them is that the prosthetized member will be constantly in the erected state. This method of prosthetics is now almost not used.

Prosthetics with plastic prostheses Mulleable 650 and Malleabl 600m gives the best result. Member no different looks, but it is worth raising him with hand and straighten, and he remains in this position. This is achieved due to the fact that inside a plastic prosthesis is a rod from a special alloy, which «remembers» Position led him. After completing the sexual intercourse, the penis need to be lowered by hand.

The most modern are hydraulic fooloprotheses of Ambor and Ultrax. This is a whole design. The cylinders are implanted in the penis, in which there is a liquid. Cylinders are connected to the container, which is placed next to the bladder, and finally, the pump located in the scrotum. When an erection is needed, you need to squeeze the pump (scrotum) with your fingers several times, the liquid from the tank is pumped into the cylinders and an erection will occur.

Surgical methods for the treatment of impotence
Ambitor consists of two components - a pair of silicone cylinders and pump. To reach the erection, the pump is enough to squeeze 3-5 times. The disadvantage of Ambicor's prosthesis can be considered that two rods do not give an increase in the thickness of the penis, and in the calm state of the penis looks a little less natural.

Ultrax prosthesis consists of three components - pump, reservoir, cylinders. Pump is placed between the testicles. The advantage of ultrax can be considered that «Boat readiness» Member will be more solid than with natural erection. Due to the cylinders, the thickness of the member will increase, which can not not like women. The disadvantage of ultrex can be considered the high cost of the prosthesis and the high probability of breakdown (the prosthesis consists of several parts, do not forget) with negligent operation.

And ultrax and ambicar give the opportunity to have sex as often as you want it.

Our site recommends that you: If you have the slightest problems with the erection, immediately contact the doctor. After all, prevent disease is much easier than to treat!

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