Rape is not a sentence


  • Survive violence
  • How to help the victim?
  • Where you can seek help?
  • How is medical care?
  • How is psychological assistance?

  • Survive violence

    Rape is not a sentenceBecause of the mental injury, severe identity changes occur, which can affect both professional activities or schools and family relationships. One want to hide, and they leave the house, others - on the contrary, to be afraid to go outside, become unsupply.

    Serious sleep disorders arise, tormented nightmares with bright paintings of experienced violence. It is possible to develop obsessive fears whose character depends on the circumstances of rape: the fear of the crowd, the fear of staying at home. With a random contact with passersby on the street, at the sight of a man, an externally similar to the rapist, bouts of panic fear may occur. Typical fear of sexual life, deterioration of relationships or even a complete gap with the previous partner.

    Despite the fact that the situation in which rape, the degree of violence, surprise and humiliation differ, the sense of guilt and shame are almost always present. Even more enhance the feeling of guilt victims, those of those around who sees, only the sex side of rape. Although for the victim, above all, aggression, many consider rape sexual experience. And now a popular joke, consulting woman «relax and enjoy», speaks of absolutely not adequate understanding of this action. Rape defensive and debugs!

    How to help the victim?

    No one is ever waiting for rape, and even more so it is not prepared for him. So how to survive him?

    There are several factors from which the process of the rehabilitation of the victim of the Woman's rehabilitation is directly dependent: adaptive personality opportunities, the nature of response to life difficulties and external support. Here is the last talk in more detail.

    As a person who has just experienced a threat to life and health, the victim needs a high degree of security and protection. She needs not only the correct attention of physicians and representatives of law enforcement agencies, but also participation from people close to her: friends, relatives, loved one:

    Health care. Very often victims at the beginning do not want to seek help in medical institutions and the police. Forced here should not be! However, it is in mildly to explain to the woman that, having recovered from the first shock, it can change their mind, so the evidence and readings should still be collected if they are not useful, they can always be destroyed.

    The victim requires urgent psychological assistance! It is worth talking about it, but again not to insist. Unfortunately, many do not want to recognize its need, as they consider this a certain kind of sentence by the public. Moreover, some have a very distant idea of ​​psychology and simply do not understand how they can help. This is the root of the wrong approach. In some cases, it is even proposed «family» Hike to a psychologist: so close people will be able not only to support a woman in difficult moments, but also armed with the necessary knowledge about how to behave with the victim in subsequent life.

    Rape is not a sentenceSympathy and justification of behavior. Since the victims often doubt the correctness of their actions, it is very important to support them, explaining that the behavior in an extreme situation is impossible to predict or plan. In no case should not arrange discussions on the topic «How it was necessary to do». It will only aggravate the condition of the guilt, will support the opinion of the woman that she herself is to blame in what happened. It is also worth stopping the periods of self-vacation and self-evidence: «Why did I go there?», «why did I do so, and not otherwise?».

    Suspicion, distrust, condemnation only strengthens the feeling of guilt and prevents the resolution of the crisis. Beware once again to immerse the victim in memories of what happened in order to clarify the details. It is enough that it will have to repeatedly do during the official investigation, if such is planned.

    No stressful situations, Clarification «old» Relations contraindicated! Full ban on phrases «I warned you», «myself is to blame how many times they told you...», «You got a good lesson, next time you won't...».

    Attention and care, but in no case excessive. No need to constantly remind a woman about what happened, to fuck and sigh, sentencing, as her, poor man, was not lucky. Excessive sympathy can hurt more than the complete absence of such.

    Do not forced the sacrifice on revelations, wants to talk - listen. In the process of the story without needing, do not interrupt, do not ask questions and try not to comment. Let her talk, it will bring some emotional discharge.

    Do not impose the victims known to you to relieve methods: drink, pay and t. D. In the state of the nervous breakdown, it can fix it as the only possible form of stress removal.

    Try to avoid hugs, kisses, If a woman does not want this, body contact can cause painful memories from her. Often, trying to find support and peculiar forgiveness from a partner, a woman initiates sexual contacts. As a result, there is a dual situation: on the one hand, your refusal it can perceive to your account «I'm dirty», «that's my fault», «I'm not worthy of you», On the other hand, your consent can apply it to a severe physical and moral suffering yet. Act in circumstances, with all possible tact and delicacy.

    The victim of rape can be helped with words (no matter how shocking it sounded) that submission may have saved her life.

    In no case do not distribute information about what happened familiar or not familiar people, even from good motives! Faced by S «unexpected» sympathizing, a woman is unlikely to be grateful to you, it will only spoil your relationship and will strengthen its complexes.

    Never leave the victim «one on one» With a problem. Your help and support is needed.

    Where you can seek help?

    If the victim is addressed to the police, then it is usually delivered to a hospital or other medical institution where the following events are made:

    • Immediate Medical Assistance in Physical Damage, Traumatologist Consultation
    • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS
    • Pregnancy pregnancy
    • Forensic examination, evidence collection for law enforcement agencies.

    Rape is not a sentenceAbroad there are special centers that provide comprehensive assistance: rape victims are provided not only to the above, but also provide asylum, and also allocate employees to accompany them to the police or home.

    There are also round-the-clock phones of trust, where women can get the necessary support and requiring information.

    We, unfortunately, the picture is more depressing.

    This is due to the complexity of funding, as well as in the fact that many women due to personal circumstances rarely appeal for help.

    Nevertheless, any woman underjusted by violence can contact a medical institution at the place of residence or any psychological advice known for it, where she will help or at least tell me where and how to contact.

    How is medical care?

    • In a friendly manner, the most detailed information is collected, of course, if the victim agrees to tell about what happened.
    • Examination starts with inspection of clothing, which was on the affected during the incident. All evidence gained are carefully described and folded into separate polyethylene packages.
    • Gynecological research: inspection of damage, collection of analyzes, smears, washes.
    • If possible, blood, sperm and saliva of the rapist collect for further genotyping and identification of the attacker.
    • Preventive actions.
    • After 3-6 weeks, the victim is invited to a re-examination.

    Studies are not conducted without the consent of the woman. During the above procedures, except for the doctor there should be a woman from the number of medical personnel, even if the doctor herself is a woman. If a gynecological examination is preistent with the presence of a mother or girlfriend, it reduces the traumatic situation.

    How is psychological assistance?

    • Rape is not a sentenceFirst of all, a fully informed woman is guaranteed complete anonymity and confidentiality. If she does not have the slightest desire to go to law enforcement agencies, the psychologist does not have the right to insist or, even more so, transfer to someone about what has happened.
    • Consultation can be carried out both in a direct conversation and by phone. When applying for the help of a minor victim at her request, the presence of parents can be deleted.
    • If the psychologist feels that the woman applied is not ready for a conversation, he is shy or closes in himself, he can offer her to meet a little later in order to give her time to calm down.
    • Depending on the psychological characteristics of the victim, as well as the circumstances of the incident, the individual course of psychotherapeutic treatment is selected: it may be group therapy, art therapy and many other types of exposure.

    If during psychotherapy the victim suddenly refuses to continue sessions, the psychologist is not entitled to insist. The woman decides itself, the debt of the psychologist only to explain to it possible prospects: the latest data is confirmed by the point of view that psychological assistance should be long, since many raped psychopathological symptoms are preserved after the initial period of crisis.

    Remember that only specialists can correctly find the necessary methods of influence, and in some cases, timely appeal to the psychotherapist can save someone's life.

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