Vaccinations against tuberculosis


  • Concept of grafting with tuberculosis
  • First vaccination against tuberculosis
  • Repeated vaccinations against tuberculosis

  • Concept of grafting with tuberculosis

    Scientists have discovered the opportunity to make a human body immunity to some infectious diseases with safety vaccinations. It is proved that killed or weakened microbes of some infectious diseases, the so-called vaccines introduced into the body, without causing the disease, make the body immunity to this disease. French scholar Calmette offered such a vaccine against tuberculosis.

    Safety vaccinations against tuberculosis (vaccination) got widespread. It is especially important to protect the infections of tuberculosis of infants, since their body is very susceptible to this disease.

    Scientists have proven that the children's grafts against tuberculosis are ill with tuberculosis much less often than those whom the vaccination was not made. If a child who has been vaccinated, despite this, nevertheless illness, then the disease usually flows much easier.

    First vaccination against tuberculosis

    The first safety vaccination against tuberculosis must be done in the first days of the child's life. The newborn vaccine is easily absorbed through the intestines; It is given inside (through the mouth). Newborns vaccination is usually held in the maternity hospital. The vaccine is given in three adhesives, every other day, best on the 3rd, 5th and 7th day after birth, but you can later. If the child did not receive a vaccine in the maternity hospital, then the vaccination can be done at home.

    Infertility that occurs in the body to a particular disease after vaccination, is not always preserved for a long time. Everyone knows, for example, that vaccinations against smallpox many people have to repeat. This is due to the fact that the protective reactions of the body caused by the introduction of the vaccine, weaken over time. The same is the case with vaccinations against tuberculosis.

    After the first vaccination, the resistance of the body to tuberculosis in the child usually weakens by 2 years. Therefore, vaccinations against tuberculosis must be repeated, as well as vaccinations against smallpox and a number of other diseases.

    Repeated vaccinations against tuberculosis

    Vaccinations against tuberculosisRepeated vaccinations reinforce immunity to tuberculosis. They are held in a two-year and seven age and in schools - in the 4th, 7th and 10th grades.

    Each mother should take care that her children will be timely made vaccine against tuberculosis. Before making a child a re-vaccination against tuberculosis in a clinic, in the nursery, in kindergarten or school, the doctor checks if the child is infected with tuberculosis.

    For this child, carefully examine, make it tuberculin samples.

    Some children doctor before re-vaccination produces inflation of the chest x-ray. This must be done if the doctor suspects its presence of a tuberculosis disease. If a child is infected with tuberculosis or sick, even a light form of tuberculosis, which manifests him in the form of minor signs (a slight increase in bronchial glands, a small hearth in the lungs), then the re-vaccination can not be carried out, as it can exacerbate with his tuberculosis. That is why it is necessary to make children repeated translucent chest. Such small changes in the lungs or bronchial glands in a child or adolescent can only be detected when he translucent the chest x-rays.

    Only after the doctor establishes that the child is not infected with tuberculosis, he is vaccinated against tuberculosis.

    Vaccination against tuberculosis enhances the resistance of the child's body in relation to tuberculous sticks not immediately, but after some time (6-8 weeks). If the child's body is weakened or if the child immediately after vaccination, there will be close communication with infectious tuberculous patients, the vaccination may not have an appropriate action, and such a child can get infected and get sick tuberculosis.

    Therefore, after the child's vaccination, it is necessary to very carefully protect against infection with tuberculosis and all measures to strengthen its body. In special attention and care, a child needs in the first 6-8 weeks after vaccination, until protective substances produced in the body. Only after this period of vaccine has its action. In families, where there are tuberculosis patients, it is necessary to temporarily isolate a child from contact with patients. If this is not possible, then the doctor of the dispensary can help put the patient at this time in a sanatorium or hospital.

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