Get rid of lice for 1 time!


Get rid of lice for 1 time!Summer, when the whole of the Datvora was drunk around the villages and camps, — Temporary calm before the Pediculous epidemic (lice). According to statistics, every third child is infected with lies and nicks on vacation. Children attending Nasry and Gardens, as well as the schoolchildren of junior classes, more often than others come back home with pediculosis. That is why children from 4 to 12 years old should be regularly verified for the presence of lice and GDID!

Lice and shortening in children

Many parents are concerned — Whether children and teenagers are dangerous? Wrench do not pose a danger to life of a person. But, pediculosis can significantly spoil the appearance, as well as cause a strong discomfort in an infected person. The strong combing of the title bite can cause the emergence of various mineral diseases. Especially hard itching is transferred to children! Because of the parasitic dermatosis, the child violates and even the development may arise.

Problem: how to get rid of lice?

Fortunately, the times have already passed when one of the effective funds from lice was shaving! Also earlier, preparations containing chemical insecticides were used to get rid of lice. These poisons were fatal for insects, but also for a person were also harmful.

Employees of the Russian Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor carefully studied the problem of pediculosis in our country in recent years.

It turned out that previously used funds against lice began to cause addiction to the current components! And almost none of the funds could have been able to destroy the nicks (eggs) of lice.

Science against wedge

In front of the experts were tasked: create an effective and safe Means from head and pubic lice.

Under the direction of Professor Department of Disinfectology MMA. AND. M. Sechenov, head of the disinsection department, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor with. BUT. Roslavsevoye, Employees of the disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor Developed universal Means from wedge — Lotion and spray «Pedicial ultra», which in just 1 application completely destroys the lice and nis.

Get rid of lice for 1 time!

Get rid of lice for 1 time!In the composition of the equipment from lice «Pedicial ultra» Interesting natural active substances, the combination of which causes a double blow to insect and allows you to fully get rid of lice and GDID.

Anis essential oil Destroyingly acts on lice and GDID, creating an oil film that blocks insect breathing.

Isopropyl alcohol Provides additional effect — Dehydrates and destroys the protective shells of lice and nom. Penetrated through the walls of the shells of lice and nnid, the isopropyl alcohol is dragged by the anise oil molecules, blocking the respiratory passages of insects.

Anise oil, As part of the funds «Pedicial ultra» also renders Soothing and anti-inflammatory action, Removing the irritation of the scalp, caused by itching, and Reducing children's irritability and plasticity.

Available tool «Pedicial ultra» in the shape of Lotion — 50 ml, suitable for processing short hair, and Spray — 150 ml, which is very convenient for hair below shoulders, and Favorable volume allows you to handle the hair of the whole family.

Remedifies from lice «Pedicial ultra» through pharmacy networks and it can be purchased at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the project was not funded at the state level in due. That is why, next to the high-quality domestic agent of lice «Pedicial ultra» on the shelves of pharmacies still compete more expensive, but not always effective, foreign drugs.

For effective disposal from the pubic and head lice and GDID at a time, as well as for the purposes of prevention, buy a remedy for lice «Pedicial ultra» In the pharmacies of your city!

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