How to prepare a child for a trip to the south?


How to prepare a child for traveling south?A trip to the South Sea for us, the inhabitants of the Northern Country, where most of the year about the warm sun have only to dream, this is a fairy tale that warms the heart with cold rainy evenings. If there is a child in the family, parents consider their duty to take outdo in the resort, in order to strengthen the immune system and accumulate forces to deal with the expectant infections in their homeland. But this is useful to travel to other climatic zones? When you can go on a trip? And how to help the baby quickly adapt to new conditions?


Under the acclimatization, the process of adaptation to new climatic conditions. Adult man adapts to the heat, the sun, high humidity of the air pretty quickly, as a rule, within 3 days. Since the child's body is imperfect and the main mechanisms of regulation are not yet debugged, at least 10 days will need acclimatization. During this period, all organs and systems of a small organism will work in reinforced mode, which means that the risk of failures — Reducing immunity, aggravation of chronic diseases, allergies, colds and other infections. In addition, the digestive system of the kid is not a long time «New» food, and can react in intestinal disorders. The organization of the cape will require additional efforts from parents, and unexpected diseases can overstate the long-awaited vacation.

When can you export a child to the sea?

Pediatricians strongly recommend refraining from traveling to the sea and in other climatic zones with children under 3.

If the rest with the child is still welcome, it is necessary to plan it at least a month. Short-term tours for 7-12 days will bring more harm than good. The baby will be capricious, worry, hurt and there is bad, all this will give parents alone trouble.

For the trip to benefit the health of the child, its duration should be about 4 weeks.

In three years, the child can already be taken out to the south. By this time all the main vaccinations will be made, the baby will be protected from many infections, its immunity will grow and less time will need to acclimizes. In addition, Pado easily adapts to adult food and parents do not have to take care of a separate menu, and the risk of intestinal disorders will be minimized.

How to travel with a child under 3 years?

  • To travel, it is recommended to choose not a hot season, when the air temperatures does not exceed 28-30 0C, and water in the sea warms up to 24-25 0WITH.
  • It is necessary to take care of the baby's nutrition, take a mixture with you, put in advance with the tour operator the possibility of baby food.
  • You need to travel solely in comfortable conditions: by plane, in a separate coupe, in a soft car type «lux».
  • On the trip you need to take a children's first aid kit, you will agree, run among the nights in someone else's city in search of medication — The pleasure is not pleasant.

Who is closed to the sea?

How to prepare a child for traveling south?In what situations it is strictly forbidden to bring the child to the south?

  • In the case of acute viral infection (ARVI). It is not necessary to hope that runny nose and cough will be held under the warm rays of the Sun. It will only be worse, because the temporary decrease in immunity due to acclimation, will open the road to complications.
  • With acute bronchitis and exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. In addition to the fact that bronchitis may complicate pneumonia, a collision with a new environment can lead to the development of allergies and bronchial asthma.
  • With inflammation of the lungs. Here explanations are unnecessary, it is a severe disease that must be cured at home.
  • Infectious diseases of the urogenital system. A trip to South and sea bathing can lead to exacerbation and climbing infection, the development of pyelonephritis.
  • Acute diseases of the digestive system, especially intestinal infections. The voltage that the digestive system is experiencing when adapting in the new food will be redundant in this case.
  • Any injury.
  • Incomprehensible bleeding.
  • Facial states.

Basic Danger: Burns and Heat Blow!

Child thermoregulation system is imperfect. Adult heat — then baby is hot! The fact that the crumb suffers from the heat can be judged by his red-free leaning, wet from sweat forehead and hair. If it happened that the child overheated, remove it into the shadow, spray it with the skin with water, let's get drunk and waving a towel or sheet of paper, create a cooling movement of air around the chad. If you are in the room, prepare the baby bath, while the water temperature should be slightly less than the body temperature. You can apply wiping with a wet towel, pouring and other cooling procedures.

To protect the child from sunburn, always apply to him on the skin sunscreen with the maximum degree of SPF. If the skin of the baby burned and blushed in some parts of the body, at first cool it, putting a cold compress, and then apply «Panthenol» or anyone «Babushkino» Means, for example, kefir, Prostokvash, serum.

If blisterings appeared on the skin, if most of the body is burned by the sun, if it is sluggish, dried, or vice versa, restless and plastic, if it is sick, tear, if he has convulsions, call the brigade immediately «Ambulance», Emergency Medical Events are needed.

Never do it!

  • Do not leave a child one if he fell ill and feels bad.
  • Do not lubricate the place of burn with oil, greasy cream, alcohol-containing solutions.
  • Do not use dubious folk remedies in the treatment of burns, like urinotherapy.

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