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    In winter, any walk with a child in the fresh air becomes a real simulator for children's immunity. This is due to the fact that opportunities to maintain and strengthen the health of the child in the winter period are completely different than in the summer. If in the summer, the main wellness effect is achieved at the expense of solar and air baths and vitaminization, then in winter it comes to health.

    Can the cold be useful? - Parents know that supercooling is the right way to the cold. However, winter frost has a serious wellness potential due to the workout of the body thermoregulation system. The thermoregulation is the automatic transition of the body to the mode of increased impact of heat in the heat and low - in the cold. Normally, this process takes a few seconds, but under conditions of continuous control of the temperature and humidity of the external environment, which create modern parents, the ability of the thermoregulation system to properly react to the change in the ambient temperature is reduced, as it practically does not train from the very birth. As a result - frequent colds caused by single episodes of hypothermia due to industrial feet or draft.

    In winter, active games in the fresh air help to strengthen the thermoregulation system of a children's body and immunity, as they have a number of features:

    • Simulator for immunityFirst, a frequent transition from home heat into the street cold and back forces the child's body to constantly adapt to the jumps of the external environment.
    • Secondly, the regular effect of moderately low temperatures increases the resistance of the body to infections.
    • And finally, the conditions «Moderate cold», That is, ambient temperatures are not lower than 15-20 degrees, improve blood circulation and blood saturation with oxygen.

    For a healthy child, staying in the cold is necessary and useful, but a child with a weakened health of this benefit will not feel. Its thermoregulation system is seriously weakened and does not cope with the load, so the surrounding temperature jumps «shocked» organism instead of training it. The regulation of the body temperature begins to retard, as a result of which the child is quickly transferred (especially if caring parents try to insulate it and put on it the molding movements and obstructing air circulation thick sweatshirts). If it is moving quickly and sweats, his body actively gives heat, and, it means, at the first stop, the child finally freezes.

    How to help a frequently ill-friendly child stay healthy without refusing winter walks? - We still need to start hardening since the summer, take care of healthy nutrition and observance of the day. These are effective ways to train the protective forces of the body, however, almost all of them require regular spending time and effort. But when the child's immunity must be strengthened quickly and efficiently, it is recommended to refer to immunomodulators. Anaferon Children's refers to drugs with and immunomodulating properties and antiviral activity. The medicine contains ultra-low doses of the active substance, which ensures the gentle influence on the immune system. Therefore, Anaferon Children's suitable for long-term use, which allows you to protect the baby almost for the entire epidemiological period.

    Walk on health without fear sick!

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