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    And we have quarantine! Measles«Season» Corey (typical viral infection) usually opens from the end of autumn, and the peak of morbidity falls on the middle and the end of winter. Most often, the kids are sick from one to three years. Why is this happening? The fact is that by the end of the first year of life from blood crumbs gradually disappear by the mother's protective antibodies that did not allow the infant to get sick.

    Therefore, especially if the child has not yet been made against measles, with any contact with the core patients, it is infected and ill. And everything would be nothing if the disease did not threaten complications. After all, if you do not start treatment in time (or treat the disease as a conventional cold), the classical core rash can accompany the bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs and other health care. How to reflect Corey attacks, advises an infectious.

    Omnipresent stranger

    Corey virus — the most volatile, and therefore the most contagious of all known. Like any microbe from the group «Walnut», It is transmitted by air-droplet, that is, with sneezing, cough or conversation, and after it penetrates blood. Moreover «Soul» This stranger is leukocytes — Our anti-virus army. Thus there is a paradoxical situation: leukocytes, designed to protect the body from microbes, become something like horses for a rider — measles viruses that, «Sedlala» leukocytes penetrate literally in all organs, preventing them from performing their functions.

    Eventually — The protective forces of the child cannot prevent such global «Occupation», And it does Corge a very dangerous disease.

    Caprises of disease

    And we have quarantine! MeaslesConditionally the disease can be divided into three periods.

    First period — sharp or «catarrhal». At this stage, the symptoms of measles do not differ from the manifestations of a strong cold: the baby suddenly increases the temperature to 38-39°C, weakness appear, runny nose, voices, headache. This featured is joined by frequent dry and rude («barking») cough. Child's eyes are blushing, they will disappear, he becomes a capricious and painfully reacts to bright light.

    Attention! Remember that any disease, even a banal, in your opinion, a cold — it's a reason to consult a doctor. After all, under her mask, such dangerous diseases can be hidden as a cortex.

    If the diagnosis is confirmed, the first thing is the doctor — Isolates the crumb from other children, will announce a 17-day quarantine in kindergarten (if the baby visits him) and, of course, gives the necessary recommendations for the treatment.

    Second period — rash. Classic signs of Corey — rash — appears gradually starting from 2-3 days of the disease. And the process is developing according to the following scheme:

    • 2-3 days. The first rashes usually appear on the inner surface of the cheeks (near the lower teeth) in the form of tiny white specks (Balsky-Filatova-Filatov-Sokilka spots), similar to sandy and slightly protruding over the red mucous membrane. Often they are located groups, but never merge among themselves, in appearance reminding the semolina. This type of rash is saved 1-3 days, after which disappears.
      • On the 4th day, the crumbs found new rashes: pale-red, slightly rough on the touch the foci on the forehead, the nose and the ears.
      • On the 5-6th day on the skin of the face, neck and top of the chest, the hands and legs of the sick kid appear new specks — Pink or red, which in a few hours turn into large stains of purple color with uneven edges, merging among themselves.

      Attention! Now, in the midst of the disease, mom should be especially attentive to the state of crumbs. After all, during the appearance of a rash, the baby feels very bad and, unfortunately, until the rash is completely manifested (which takes 2-3 days), he will have a high temperature and general ailment. Do not panic about this, because in this way the organism of the crumbs is struggling with the virus.

      In the same stage, it is important to ensure that the body temperature is not «bashing» Behind the mark 38.8°WITH. If it is higher, it must be confused. At the same time, in order to avoid overheating, the kid's skin is maximally, do not hunt it and do not cover it with a warm blanket. Wipe the body of the child with water room temperature, put a cool compress for Lobik, put on the legs of wet socks.

      Third period — recovery. Usually measles symptoms disappear as sharply as they occur — a week after the start of the disease. The temperature is quickly reduced to the norm, the condition of the baby is improving, rash starts to pale and disappear in the same order, in which appeared. However, to bring the crumb into the street or lead to a kindergarten, of course, it is impossible. And the signs of complete recovery include:

      • Normal temperature that keeps at least a week;
      • the absence of any violations by the intestinal work;
      • Full disappearance of remnants of rash on the skin of the kid.

      Attention! In contagious, the period from the day the signs of the disease and to the fifth day since the appearance of the rash. Therefore, if you have more little children in your family, the doctor will definitely appoint them an injection of immunoglobulin, which will prevent the disease or in case of a disease — Eliminates its current.

      This is serious
      And we have quarantine! MeaslesWhat is so dangerous to king? We have already mentioned that the measles virus is a cousin for a long time does not leave the kid's body and strongly weakens his immune system. As a result — During the disease, many internal organs may suffer, for example, bronchi and lungs, up to their inflammation. Among the complications of Corey — Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis), lungs (pneumonia), muscles of the heart (myocarditis) and others. Therefore, parents should closely monitor the well-being of the sick crumbs not only during the illness, but during the entire period of recovery. The reason for urgent reproduction to the doctor is the following:

      • The temperature is not reduced 2 days after the appearance of the rash or if it falls, and in a day or two suddenly rises to 38-39°WITH;
      • Baby complaints for pain in the ear (it is intensified when swallowing, coughing and sneezing), the child is constantly enough for the patient's ear, crying, sleeping badly, wakes up with a cry and can not calm down for a long time;
      • Cough strengthen;
      • The appearance of nausea, vomiting, disorientation in space (the baby it seems that the bed is risen, the walls fall, and t.D.).

      We are treated and recovering

      When the diagnosis «measles» accurately installed, the main task of parents — In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, measuring the body temperature of the child, to ensure that the crumb keeps the bed and nutritional mode.

      Common events.

      • Mode. Baby, sick cortex, registered strict bed. This is not a simple recommendation, but a necessary rule that will help avoid complications. You can get up only 2 days after the temperature returned.
      • Light. If earlier it was believed that the illness is harmful to the child, now it is known that there is no particular danger. Therefore, focusing windows in the nursery only in those cases if the light annoys the baby.
      • Air. Watch and so that it is not dry — Moisturize the air in the room by all available ways, the most elementary of which — Cheer on batteries wet towels.
      • Communication. To walk and play with other kroch children can only a week after the appearance of the rash, provided that the cough and other symptoms of the cold completely disappeared.

      Features of nutrition.

      • Do not attempt to feed the temperature to the cooler. In such a state it is useful for him plenty of drink. Well, if it is mineral water without gas (up to 800 ml per day), stupidly brewed tea with sugar, fruit juices (except citrus), compotes from dried fruit, decoction of rosehip.
      • If the baby has appetite appeared, offer him a rubbish, liquid and semi-liquid food: fruits, vegetables, berries (in the form of mashed potatoes), porridge (well-strained), meat (twisted through a meat grinder) and t.D.
      • In the period of recovery, practice the principle «fractional nutrition» — 5-6 times a day, but small portions.

      During illness, the following products are recommended:

      • low-fat meat varieties (beef, veal, rabbit, chicken) preferably in the form of a boiler and meat meatballs;
      • boiled low-fat fish (cod, pike perch, sazan, navaga, pike, etc.);
      • porridge (rice, manna, oat, buckwheat);
      • Cream and vegetable oils (better corn, olive, sunflower).

      Refrain feed crumb:

      • any new products for him or those with whom you just started to acquaint him;
      • citrus or juices based on them.

      Prevention primarily!

      And we have quarantine! MeaslesFortunately, measles virus, in contrast to a different influenza virus, one on the whole globe. This means that at any point of the Earth, it causes the same disease, and children have the opportunity to protect against measles with vaccination. Vaccination must be done twice: first time — in 1–1.5 years (depending on the type of vaccine), the second — at 6–7 years (revaccination). If the child was vaccinated a year, and did not spend the revacitation, then the baby remains unprotected from measles and risks to get sick.

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